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Droid Razr HD XT926 Screen Replacement

Droid Razr HD XT926 Screen Replacement

Today we are gonna replace the screen on a Motorola RAZR HD XT926. and here you can see this one is pretty badly
beaten. the glass is broken the LCD is also
damaged but that doesn’t really matter because the replacement screens are
going to replace the entire front on the phone lens digitizer and LCD. it’s all one
piece all sealed at the factory so if you break one of them you’re basically
gonna replace all three at the same time. the good news is this isn’t too
difficult to repair. we’ve got just a couple t5 torx screws at the bottom of
the phone and we will take these out first of all
and then the one tricky part is actually getting the screen off which you’ll see coming up here in the
next couple sections but first of all we’ll get these
two t5 screws removed and then on the side of
course we have a sim ejection tray and for some reason this
thing just doesn’t always eject properly. it comes out kinda part
ways and if you have trouble getting it all the way out you can actually use
your pry tool which we will see shortly. I’m not sure why but sometimes these things
pop right out and sometimes they don’t like to. it could be some sort of damage
on the inside. in any case if we get stuck just take a pry tool and very carefully go along the side and you should be able to maneuver this out of the housing and that will remove your
lte card. then if you happen to have an SD
card that will be located right next to where this tray came out. so make sure you go down and take a
look. if you have a card here, this you can easily eject it. just push on it
and it will pop right out of the phone. now what’s supposed to
happen next is you slide the entire panel the front
the phone straight up towards the top and it should release
although a lot of these can be very stubborn so what I’ve noticed at least for me
works best in you can see her I’m kinda pushing up on it if you have a lot of
broken glass your be really careful don’t get your hand cut in the process but what
I’ve ended up doing in this particular phone is kinda prying down the bottom
you’ll have two tabs on the inside and once you release those two tabs just
kinda pop them out a little bit any it’ll make this a lot easier just to slide this whole thing up. once you do that be very careful in
the process as there are two flex cables connected on the inside so I’m gonna try to get this an angle so
that you can kinda see where I’m working with but we’ll have some tape that goes over
these connectors- the FFC connectors on the
inside so make sure you get this heat resistant tape removed first of all and then we will want to open up those
latches that release the flex cables and as you can
see this flex cable is already kinda coming out but don’t worry about that too
much. but we go to put the phone back
together you’ll notice that it does slip out of position it’s not a real secure mechanism and the tape doesn’t really
hold in place there so that one is kinda tricky to get it in and if you put the phone back together
in your LCD is doesn’t turn on that’s probably why because it slipped out the
process so not a big deal you can always go back in in re insert those and over here I’m gonna use the proper tool to open up the gate and then we can pull
this other cable out. And you see how that’s kinda put together
on the inside here so what we need to do now is just
separate this assembly from the metal housing that goes right
behind the LCD and in order to do that we’re going
to heat up a couple cables and feed them through the bottom of the
phone and then you’re just gonna pry a lot of glass out so don’t worry about the screws at the
top I was actually just kinda checking out how we could remove the earpiece at
the time all you have to worry about is heating
up this bottom cable and taking that and just peeling it off of
the metal piece there which you’ll see I’m doing here probably
more carefully than I need to this one is damaged it’s definitely gonna go in
the recycling bin but just for the sake of practice we
want to try to get the stuff off as cleanly as possible so once you’ve pried that big cable apart
from the metal you can actually flip the phone over and
you will want to use some heat there is adhesive the goes mainly on
the top and bottom a little bit on the edges and this one is going to be pretty messy
because it’s broken into so many pieces but you’ll see that between the glass and
the plastic frame here you can kinda pry and this is gonna be a little time consuming
depending on how bad the damage is to your screen but you’re just gonna have to heat this up
take your time work your way around and what we want to do is remove all of the glass and all of the adhesive
thats underneath the glass so that we can install the new piece. if you get one little
splinter of glass trapped in there and you put pressure on your new screen it
is possible to damage it you want to be really careful and make
sure you get everything removed from here you can see I’m prying the top piece
apart and want you lift that away from this metal piece you can just come slide those cables through and from here it’s just gonna be time
patience and effort removing the old glass from the
frame so you see that once I got the majority of I’m
gonna continue to use my heat gun and what I like to do is take a flat
object- this is not a sharp razor blade, this blade is
has actually been purposely dulled so that I don’t do too much damage to
anything while I’m kinda scraping this stuff also be really careful
obviously when you’re working with sharp objects but we want to try to get under not just
the glass itself but also underneath this adhesive
that’s kinda underneath it you’ll see here I got the glass off of it but you’ve got
this other adhesive and we want as clean a surface is possible before we
mount the new lens on so that things don’t get loosened up later on down the road so just go over
this will take you sometime I’d say probably about 10 15 minutes at the most to clean this
up and have it looking like new which you’ll see coming
up here shortly and this is what we want it to look like
before we apply the new screen you can see everything’s been removed from the
perimeter and I actually applied new adhesive to the part that we’re gonna be
installing make sure that you do not cover up any
of the windows that are built into the
lens at the top you’regonna have your clear
spaces for your proximity sensor you also have a round holder for your front
facing camera you want to make sure you don’t go over
any of these windows with the adhesive. that can cause you some problems. It’s gonna be real noticable when you go
over the camera but if you go over the proximity sensor windows your phone is
not gonna shut the screen off you make a call so
you end up touching it with your cheek and hanging up on people or dialing
different numbers you can see I’m pointing out those two windows and now we will just go ahead and feed the cables through the bottom here make
sure those don’t get snagged and I like to install it from the bottom we want to make sure most importantly
that the cables are routed properly and then you can kind of start pushing this
down onto the adhesive just work your way around the edges obviously do not
put any pressure on the LCD itself in here you can see
the hooks in the frame that actually latch into
the housing in the phone when we put it together and a little bit of adhesive on the back these cables will allow them to stick
down into the same place where the old ones were removed from and now the tricky part we have two
different cables facing opposite directions that we need to plug back into the phone this will take some
manipulation I’m gonna try to keep this in the camera shot he can see how those
plug in you cover em up put the tape on top
hopefully to hold them in place again that but this bottom thick one here it’s just really awkward and really tricky to plug it
in it will take some practice maneuvering but you want to make sure that inserted
all the way into the connector otherwise your LCD is not
gonna be operating so once you get that pushed in all the way
you wanna shut that little latch down in this must be
absolutely straight if its crooked at all you’re not going to have functionality of the LCD so again you have to work with this
a while if you put it back together and you can see the screen this is most likely the reason why this
cable likes to slip out of position so whatever it takes to hold it in place is
what you need to do and then we can put this back together and it does kinda- you’ll see how the little hooks inside
latch in slide it down then it should lock into
position and we’re just gonna go and hit the
power button make sure the LCD is functioning and if everything looks good from here we
can go ahead and put our T5 screws back in the bottom of the phone and then of course you can replace your
SD card and your Ltd card and you are good to go if you found the video helpful hit the like button,
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42 thoughts on “Droid Razr HD XT926 Screen Replacement”

  1. Thank you so much! I was able to use this to help me change my cracked screen. Note to others: I tried to replace just the glass but i ended up breaking the digitizer while trying to separate the glass. I ended up just buying a new digitizer/LCD with the frame from ebay. If i would have taken it to a cell phone repair shop the price was around $280.00 us dollars. I was able to do it myself for 190.00. 

  2. when i order a screen off ebay, What exactly do i need? Bc i think it's my lcd screen, not the glass. Dropped it two feet on my floor (carpeted, also had an otter case on it) and it won't display the screen.

  3. What type of adhesive do you use for this? I got to the point where I have the screen is off and have the 3m double sided 2mm tape I put it on the top and bottom but it is sliding off. Any ideas what I can do?

  4. What did I do wrong if the phone randomly turns off? Plus the screen will turn off on its own. Both of these problems are really frustrating, but I thought I followed the directions perfectly. 

  5. Can you tell me why the phone keeps turning off on its own? Also the screen will close randomly on its own too. What can I do to fix this? I thought I followed the directions perfectly.

  6. I had a cracked screen, so i  put my phone into an otterbox defender case (so it wouldn't cut my fingers or easily brake). A couple months down the road, I forgot my phone was on my lap and stood up, and my phone fell. I picked it up and the screen was a purple tint, really faded and unresponsive. It eventually went totally blank. Do you think it could have been that bottom cable that came loose, and i can just plug it back in, or should i need a replacement screen?

  7. I see on ebay and amazon you can buy just the glass for this phone, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper (like 13 bucks). Most people are selling and buying the full assembly like you have here. What's the deal with the glass only pieces? Are they junk?

  8. And also you're video is much better than all the other repair videos and Ill tell you why. You are much more informative especially about the reassembly process. For instance the tape over the FFC connectors, it was good to know you have to be careful when reassembling, and that if the LCD didn't work it was probably because the cable isn't seated correctly. Thank you!

  9. I've got an interesting situation here. I had a razr HD that decided to stop turning on for some reason, and so I decided to buy one that had a busted LCD and just attach the one from the old phone to it. When I did this the new device wouldn't turn on either. Thinking it had the same issue to begin with I attached the broken LCD back to it with the intention of returning it (as I was told it turned on). When I got it reconnected I accidentally pressed the power button and heard the device power on. Out of curiosity I connected the broken LCD to my old phone and it powered up as well. Could something have gone wrong with the old phone's LCD which would make it refuse to power up??

  10. do you re use the old heat resistant tape, or do you need new pieces because i dont want to spend 20 bucks on a new roll if i can just use the old pieces

  11. Hi, I just had a quick question. 

    My Razr HD has a cracked screen just like this so the phone is inaccessible and locked with a pin security key. I have a replacement on the way due to be in tomorrow. I just wanted to know if it would be possible to take the screen off like you did at the beginning and just replace the entire assembly of the replacement phone on the old phone to access it? Prob a dumb question but would love to hear back from you.  Thanks a lot great video. 

  12. I for the life of me, cannot find the Replacement part, I find a lot for just the glass, Which is all that's broken, but like you said break one replace all three, does anyone have a link to the part you used in the video?

  13. So I bought a replacement assembly and installed it. The screen comes on now but the touch screen still wont respond to my touch. Also my replacement assembly did not have adhesive on the back of the circuit part and there is what looks like the yellow heat resistant tape on the front of the circuit. Any ideas

  14. Hey thanks so much for the helpful video! I'm excited to get my phone back, and am so close to it. Is there any adhesive you recommend? I saw that someone else had asked, and you suggested they make sure the surfaces are clean. I can assure you my surfaces are clean but my.screen keeps slipping and feels so unsteady it makes me nervous! Please let me know.

  15. @Dana Grothaus 3M 300LSE. You can find it on Ebay or Amazon. Also on this page

  16. i purchased a new screen and i followed the video step by step, but when i was done the screen would light up and i could see everything but the touch function would not work. we checked all the connections and everything looked good so we sent the screen back and they are giving us a new one. does it sound like the screen was bad or did i install it incorrectly?

  17. I took my screen off recently and put it back on and the lcd wont work, I've tried probable 20 times. What do i do?

  18. Cracked my screen several days ago. During removing bad screen, I've accidently broken the bottom/big flex cable's latch. So, before I go and buy new replacement screen, will it hold in place?

  19. Have you ever replaced the power button on this phone? Mine has stopped working and it is a nuisance. I really would like to replace it before buying a new phone

  20. THANK YOU! So Much!! I am really Impressed with your video! it is clear and accessible to someone with minimal experience. In My experience; people with this type of technical information are so worried about 'protecting' it from those who are not 'Insiders', that they hide key points (and their own ignorance) behind Jargon and convoluted explanations until there is no intelligible data left for a self-educated Layman such as myself. However your video is just the opposite; direct and clear. but not "Dumbed Down". perfect. I look forward to watching your other posts!

  21. Oops. I should have watched this video first. Is that shiny metal shield behind the glass important? I damaged it pretty bad getting the old glass out. 

  22. Ok, so I installed my screen, but I dont have the adhesive tape yet so the screen wont stay in place, but I wanted to at least test it to see if it worked and the screen works but the touch wont work. Like I cant type in my password or click anything.

  23. Great video. Watch the entire video before you start because there some valuable tips and information in the later part of the video that may keep you having to take it apart again. Well done, very thorough and easy to follow. Thanks!!!

  24. I got a replacement screen and key pad but the new wire harness on this one doesn't have any adhesive on it to stick it to the metal frame.  Can I use the double side on it or ?  The unit lights up, but can't enter anything on it.  If I can use the double stick, should it be all over the outlined part as before?  Are there any contact areas that shouldn't be covered as in the window areas?

  25. I have a Droid Razr HD that was dropped in water.  After drying in rice it turns on screen seems fine, it's getting texts, emails and calls but won't recognize  touch.  What are the chances that replacing the screen/digitizer fixes it?

  26. @James Hays That might work but cleaning the connector might be all that it needs. I would try that before you buy a new screen.

  27. Great video. This helped me tremendously to fix my broken screen. It appears my screen was intact, but the digitizer was broken.

  28. good evening I would like the problem to my mobile phone as I have already changed the connector motorola razr hd my XT925 and there is loads more and more back on I want you to help me and you tell me or are the problem

  29. tengo uno de los mismos se me daño el displey si lo puedo conseguir lo compro si no lo vendo la targeta

  30. thank you very much for the video. i just installed one and turned it on to check just by connecting the two connectors, the screen worked, but the touch did not and i'll have to wait until it's out of charge that it shuts itself off. did i do anything wrong? i'm i missing something? please someone help

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