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Easiest TYT MD-380/390 custom firmware and UserDB

Easiest TYT MD-380/390 custom firmware and UserDB

In this video I’m going to be showing you
an excellent piece of software by KG5RKI which allows you to update the MD380 and MD390 firmware
to the latest TyMD380tools firmware and apply the user database very quickly and easily. If you hadn’t heard of these things already,
let me give you a very quick explanation. MD380tools is a project to improve the MD380
and MD390 radios by adding features in new firmwares that you can download and apply to your radio
at home. TyMD380tools is a branch off the main MD380tools
project that has a few additions. You’ll see the term flash used in this video
and in the software. In this context the term effectively means
to write the firmware onto the radio. The user DB is a database of amateur radio
operators who use DMR. Putting this file on your radio allows the
radio (once modified with the firmware) to show information about who is talking by
looking up their DMR ID in the database. The software we’re looking at today allows
you to apply the latest firmware and user database to your radio with very little effort. So let’s get started. The first thing you need to do is download the software. I’ll leave a link to this in the description. Then open it up and extract the files. Double click the exe to run the software. So let’s update the firmware first. There are different firmwares depending on
which radio you have, so if you have a non-GPS radio then click on Download non-GPS, and
if you have a radio with GPS then click on Download GPS. In my case I’m going to click on download
non-gps because my radio doesn’t have GPS. It’s important to select the correct option
here because if you flash the wrong firmware to your device then it could cause it to stop
working. Once the appropriate firmware has finished
downloading, you need to prepare your radio by putting it into DFU mode. To do this, hold down the upper function button
and push the push to talk button while turning the radio on. The LED should start flashing red and green. Then you can connect the radio to your computer
and click flash to apply the firmware update. Wait for the progress bar to finish twice,
and it should be completed. At this point you can turn your radio off and back on
again, and it will now have the latest firmware. To update the user database, simply click
download update, and then once it has finished downloading, click flash. The radio does not need to be in DFU mode
for this. It can just be turned on normally. You now have the latest user database in your
radio. When you talk to someone who is in the database,
their information should come up on the screen of your radio, as will be demonstrated
in this video clip. So, thanks for watching. Consider subscribing if you haven’t already,
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58 thoughts on “Easiest TYT MD-380/390 custom firmware and UserDB”

  1. That's a neat flashing tool. Certainly a lot easier than it used to be! Thanks to this I'll flash this firmware and userdb to my 380. Very useful video, thanks! 2E0SEY

  2. Total novice question – is this specific user database download a worldwide database? My MD-380 is brand new. I will view your other videos for assistance with programming, which seems daunting. 73…

  3. That looks very straightforward. Where does the software download the firmware file from?

    I use to download the .bin files and the updater software with the Chinese font on the buttons.

  4. Very easy to follow and use. However, the volume bar no longer shows and even though I downloaded the DB so far all contacts still show their ID but not any other details. eg call sign/name. Is this just me or is DB not loaded?

  5. 2 Thumbs up! If I had more, you'd get those also. Excellent video demonstrating every step of the process – including the 3 finger press on power up. I had no idea… 73!

  6. you should make vidoe what all the settings do it might help out a lot ppl keep up the great work

  7. Hi a very helpful upload with a very useful bunch of applications for my MD-380 many thanks for sharing 73s

  8. TYT MD-380 not working need help any one know to fix is new keyboard is look

  9. I downloaded the software and unzipped the files…I got all the file menu shown in the video but my tyteraflashtool did not have an .exe with it….im using windows 8…can anyone tell me why?

  10. Thank you for posting this video. This is a very easy to get the firmware on the MD390/380. This makes this radio much more useable for the HAM DMR community. We all should donate to TY to keep updates coming. I do have a small problem in the contact database did not load. This could be a USA issue but I will work on what failed.

  11. Hello radiosifiction, just got an MD-380 a couple of days ago and your videos have been very useful. I flashed the custom firmware moments ago and noticed the backlight stayed on all the time. Here is what I did to resolve that – Menu, Utilities, MD380Toolz, Backlight, Backlight Tmr.

  12. brillant software..however after the latest UserDB in August the bin fail to download and install on the TYT ,and make the radio unstable unable to recieve in digital mode

  13. Where can I go to get the most recent and up t date copy of the userdb? I would like the ability to load the updated db once a month if possible? Great vid btw…… Helped me flash mine with no probs….. Thx

  14. I did mine today and it needs a password and I do not see anywhere it said to use password did anyone have this happen and if so whats the password

  15. I think my md380toolz is messed up, I flashed ty380toolz on it, but I dont see a change, do I need to revert back to stock and flash tytoolz again?

  16. hello very good, I wanted to tell you that I have the tyt md 390 with gps, does this firmware work with this walkie?

  17. Do think I would message you without reading your description,I have umpteen times,I have never had one of these radios before,all I was looking for one some help,obvious you not the person for that

  18. How likely are these things to brick up? And if they do is it just a case of start again? If something has gone wrong for what ever reason. As I'm planning of flashing it straight out of the box.

  19. Hello and 73. I want to inform you that on my MD380 it worked very well with the firmware that I post here on the channel. Here in portugal we are increasingly using the DMR. Many thanks and 73

  20. Followed directions, exactly. No gps. Used correct version. When done radio returns to home screen, with no controls working (knobs or buttons), then keeps rebooting. That's it. I can't do anything now. Tried re-flashing with v1.08, and still a brick. No matter what I try, it doesn't change anything.

  21. Where do I find your source code? Like to compile and flash myself using Linux (did work for me with original md380tools perfectly), but I don't like using Windows. There are nice additionally features in your software, but want to know and learn what your software is doing else before modifying, compiling and using. Even if md380tools doesn't demand it, it would be nice, to find your modifications open source! Thanks!

  22. After watching this video I thought it about time I learned how to do this myself , My radio had a black screen from previous attempts to right a codeplug and after doing this , my tytmd 380 is alive again , thanks heaps .        Rick ……VK2HFP

  23. Just flashed the firmware. The first try didn't work. I think a result of Windows 10 "Configuration" of the device when I plugged it in. Second worked like a charm! Neat with the home screen now showing more information! Thanks for showing me this. Might renew my interest in using my MD-390!

  24. Hi is it possible to restore radio to factory firmware? Can you still use the programming software to program radio after changing firmware?

  25. O.K., so I installed the TyMD380Toolz and followed your instructions. I have caller IDs showing up fine. Everything works great, but……….. One of the Talk Groups is called PARROT. What it does is retransmits your transmission so you can hear yourself – too loud, or too soft, how to transmit, but it showed me as an unidentified user I was wondering, just exactly how do you update the database?

  26. Vocal cords…use them. Dude you've got to lay off the vocal fry. You'll turn into a Kardashian if you keep it up.

  27. Why would this not work on my MD-UV380 with v17 firmware. When I upload the firmware to the radio it says it completed, but when I turn the radio off and back on, it stays in programming mode with no way to get it to boot up. The screen stays blank.

  28. Hi Great info video, iv been looking to but one of these radios, for my shop, we have shopwatch and using the Motorola SL1600, if I key up on the SL1600 will the info from that radio come up on the MD380 then press store? or doesn't work like that.
    many thanks

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