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ELDERS REACT TO iPHONE X (Facial Recognition, Animojis)

ELDERS REACT TO iPHONE X (Facial Recognition, Animojis)

– It unlocked! I can grow a mustache
and still use my phone. – Ahhh. ♪ (ragtime music) ♪ – (FBE) So today, you are
going to be reacting to… this! – What’s this? (chuckles) – Is this the latest iPhone?
X or something? – This is a bit bigger.
Is it the new one? Is it the X?
– Okay, this is what? The iPhone something.
The iPhone X? – Is this the iPhone X?
– iPhone X. I hear about this phone! Too bad it costs, like,
$12,000 or something, or I’d like to have one.
– (FBE) That is the iPhone X. – Oh my god.
Fire alarm, gotta go now. – (FBE) We talked about this
once before on the show. – We did.
– (FBE) But now we got the real thing. How’s it look?
– It’s so small. This ain’t no 10.
Are you serious? – I don’t need to upgrade
my 6 is what I thought. (laughs) My 6 works fine. I finally
learned how to work it. I don’t want to have to
learn all over again. – (FBE) So for the first time
ever on an iPhone, there is no Home button.
So to go Home, you have to swipe up
from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. Oh, no. Wrong way.
– Whoops! – Oh! Okay, there.
– Hit the side here, and then– okay,
and then there– yeah, and then okay, it’s–
– (FBE) It’s– (chuckles) You’re–
– (Siri) That’s what I thought. – (laughs) – (FBE) Obviously, one of
the most talked about features of the iPhone X is
Apple’s Face ID, which allows you to unlock the phone
by scanning your face via the facial recognition software.
– I did hear that. – It sounds great. I don’t know if
it will work all the time, though. – (FBE) So if you
go to the Settings, we can actually set up Face ID
and see if it recognizes your face. – Settings…
How do I go to Settings? Ah, there it is. Okay, I see it now.
I just need to look. – Set up Face ID. All right. – “First, position your face
in the camera frame. Then move your head in a circle to
show all the angles of your face.” Okay. Uh… This little arrow
is showing already. Oh, I see. Like this? – This is really cool.
– Done. So I hit “Done”?
– (FBE) So now, swipe up. See if you need a password. No password! It
recognized your face. – Ohhh. So that’s how you know.
Hmm, I don’t know. With all the zillions of faces
on this Earth, you mean this phone won’t ever make a mistake?
– (FBE) All right, it recognized you.
– That is pretty cool. – It didn’t ask me for anything.
– (FBE) Exactly. It saw your face. – Oh, so I don’t even have to
position certain things. It just automatically
knew it was me already. – These days, I do it with my finger
so what’s the big difference? – (FBE) Now it’s your face!
– Okay. (chuckles) – So far, I like
the feature, you know? I didn’t have much
of a problem the old way, but maybe this is
a split second faster, and God knows we need the time.
– (FBE) One of the things, if you recall from the commercial,
is that Face ID will recognize you kind of no matter what.
If you put on a hat, if you grow a beard,
any of that kind of stuff, it will still recognize your face.
– That’s right. ‘Cause I can look very different
if you remember what I looked like when I first started here.
– (Johnny) Who let the dogs out? – (FBE) To test this feature,
we actually have some disguises for you.
– Oh, okay. – (FBE) And we’re gonna
see if it recognizes you even with the changes.
– Okay. – Oh, how cute! I like that.
I look like the judge from before. Yeah, it recognized me. – Okay, now it opened
with a hard hat. So it knows me anyway.
– Yes, it works. It works just
as fast. Oh my gosh. – (laughs) Oh, goodie!
I always wanted a mustache. Oh, it did! – Not good, ’cause
I’m a different person, and it still let me use the phone. – It unlocked! I can grow a mustache
and still use my phone. Wow. – Aw. It recognized me.
(chuckles) Shucks. – Can’t fool this baby.
No wonder it cost $12,000. – That would be hard, wouldn’t it? How can it recognize me
with a mask on? – Ah-ha! So it won’t
do a full face– of course, there’s
nothing to recognize. – Mm-mm. That’s good.
– It didn’t. It didn’t. Good phone! – Ah. Voila! We got him. (laughs)
– That is amazing technology. I think that’s fantastic.
It would be great if you could just
use your face for everything. – There are emergencies in life.
Do I have time for the phone to recognize my face
before I can call 9-1-1? – (FBE) I know the one feature
you were very excited about is… – (gasps) Animojis!
– I do use emojis. I don’t know how this works.
– (FBE) So if you see on the left, there’s a bunch of
different possible icons. You can pick whichever Animoji
you wanna try to use. – This one.
– Oh, that’s what my friend was doing the other day. She must’ve had an iPhone–
oh my god! The unicorn is talking. (chuckles)
– Is that a pile of poop? I like that one. (laughs)
– (FBE) So make faces, and see if the pig matches it.
– (laughs) Oh, (snorts). – Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Mm. Mm. – Ahhh! – I love that!
– (laughs) (laughs) This is fun! – Haa! Ehh! Eh-ah! Ahh! Well, it can really
only open the mouth. Okay, so– oh, no!
It does the eyebrows. – Now, thinking ahead,
can you send this as a message, a talking message? (gasps)
– (FBE) That’s what we’re gonna have you do.
– Oh my gosh! Okay. – (FBE) You can hit the little
red button the right, and you will record a message.
– This is the bear that you’ve always feared,
the kung fu panda! – Oh, okay. So,
how you like me now? – Hey, I’m a big pile of poop!
Isn’t that great? Ooh! Ooh!! And I’m stinky!
– (in deep voice) Hi, handsome. Want a date with a poop?
– ♪ Playa ♪ (farting)
– (FBE) So if you tap on the message that you just sent,
you should be able to hear your Animoji.
– Okay. And then? – (poop) Hi, handsome.
– (laughs) – (chicken) Hi there.
I was just wondering how you’re doing today.
– (laughs) – (pig) Well done.
You finally made the big time. – Ah. What are they doing?
With all the technology, they got you laughing at yourself! I don’t know if
that’s progress or not. – I think it’s silly.
(chuckles) I’m sorry. I can send just
a regular text message. It’s not for me, I think. – (FBE) Finally, when you
were younger, obviously, no one had a cellphone.
– Yeah. – (FBE) And now we’re at the point
where cellphones are cameras, people listen to music off them,
there are GPSes now, and now they can even
recognize your face. – It’s Star Trek
and all the sci-fi movies I loved back then, and Star Trek,
and all the– I mean, I’m waiting so I can be beamed up.
– A lot of times, I just grab my camera,
my phone, and start taking pictures, and the quality is like, what?
12 megapixels? Just as good as
the $5,000 camera I’m using. – (FBE) How do you think
you have adapted to all the different changes
that cellphones have gone through over the course of your lifetime?
– I’m still a dinosaur. I still struggle.
– I’m amazed by all of it, but no, I do not
keep up with all of it, ’cause I really don’t need to.
– I need it to be able to get people’s
communications on a dime. This is the way everyone
is communicating to me, so I’m gonna have to be able
to get the communication on the go. – If I didn’t have
the loving attention of my children and grandchildren,
I would be way behind. When I was young, I didn’t even know
what a cellphone was. I didn’t see television till 1950,
and look how far we’ve come. – Thanks for watching this
episode of Elders React. And thanks to Jason Smith
for watching last week. – If you want a shout-out
like Felix Jacobs, make sure to leave a comment.
– Hey, guys. Panda Ethan here from FBE.
Thanks so much for watching this episode of Elders React.
And if you’re here in the first 30 minute of any
of our new episodes going live, be sure to leave a comment.
You might just see it featured. Bye, guys.

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  2. All of these people may be "elders" (even though most look young as hell)
    but they're all children inside, every last one of them appreciated the tech. Thats cool af

  3. I would like to propose an episode of "elders react" to Florcita Motuda, a Chilean artist well known for his irreverence, as well as criticized and misunderstood as a result of his work.

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