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Elizabeth Debicki Has Mick Jagger’s Phone Number

Elizabeth Debicki Has Mick Jagger’s Phone Number

-I have to ask about the film,
but let’s just get to the fact that in the clip,
it’s very obvious to all of us, that’s Mick Jagger.
-It is. -What was your Mick Jagger
experience like? -I mean, it was pretty wild. -Yeah.
-I mean, I feel like Mick — There’s only a few select humans who really have
that legend sort of status. -Yes. -Like, I mean,
and he is really one of them. He’s like the upper echelon
of, like, icons. So you just don’t ever think
you’re really going to meet that person in the flesh.
-Sure. -Sure. But I knew
I was going to have to. And I knew it was going
to be really awkward. Like, whatever happened, I knew
it was just going to be — -It was unavoidable.
-Unavoidable. -You were going to blow it.
You know? -I was gonna —
And I’m a blusher. Like, I knew
I was going to be beet red. And I was just going to be,
like, a puddle. So, I met him
like halfway through the shoot. And — And we all knew
he was coming. I mean, the whole cast and crew
of this movie — I mean, not the whole cast.
The whole crew were Italian. We were shooting it in Italy. And so it’s, like, Italian sort
of whispers all day. Like, “Mick Jagger,
Mick Jagger is come –” I was like, “Okay, Mick Jagger’s
coming today. He’s coming today.” And then
it was lunch, I remember, and I was getting
some touch-ups done. And I was looking at — My hair dresser didn’t
speak English very well. I love you, Samantha.
[ Laughter ] [ Speaks Italian ]
-There you go. -There you go. The only thing
I can say in Italian. And we hear this voice
next door. And I, like, at the same time, we look at each other
in the reflection of the glass. And we’re like, “Mick Jagger!” And I was like,
“Okay, it’s Mick Jagger.” So then I’m like, “I got to
do it. I got to break the ice.” So I kind of scooch
around the corner, and he’s standing there —
And I was like, if I — I’m going to do it first
so it doesn’t sneak up on me and I, like, really
embarrass myself. So I walk into this room. And Mick, like, swivels around. I’ll never forget it,
because he was sort of, like — He was, like, hopping
on one foot to the other. And he was eating
a chocolate chip cookie. [ Laughter ]
And there was just this, like, the strangeness of the imagery,
you know? And then —
And he was like, “Hi. I’m Mick.” And I was like,
“I know. Anyway — I know you’re Mick Jagger.” And that’s how I met him, yeah. -That’s fantastic.
-And he’s just — He was amazing to work with.
-That’s really great. And now is it safe to assume you
have Mick Jagger’s phone number? Is that — -You know, I do. Yeah, yeah.
-That’s great. [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s really good.
That’s like a, “With great power comes great responsibility”
sort of situation. -Right, yeah. I feel that. And I actually — You know, probably — I can’t — Now I can’t remember
how the exchange — Like, I don’t remember
who asked who. I like to think, you know,
which way that went. -Yeah.
-But I probably asked him. -I should say I’ve met him,
and I don’t have his number. -Sure. Well, some of us are
maybe better at it than others, right? Yeah.
-Sure. [ Laughter ]
-And so — And so I had his number
in my phone, which I had forgotten about, and I went along
my, like, plebeian life. And then I was — I remember — I remember it
really clearly when I remembered that I had Mick Jaggers’s number
in my phone, because my sister was with me
in my apartment in London. And I was, like, sweeping
the floor or, like, mopping or, like, taking out the trash
or something. -These are things that none
of Mick Jagger’s friends do. -I don’t — I wonder when
Mick Jagger last swept a floor. I’ll ask him. But — But my sister, I remember
she, like, walks past. And it was like, I don’t know,
dinnertime or something. I’m probably, like,
sweating over a stove or, you know, real life. And then my sister goes,
“Your phone’s ringing.” And then she goes,
“Does that say Mick Jagger?” [ Laughter ] And I was like — And then I go
[Clears throat] “Hi.” [ Laughter ] -As you would.
-As you would. -As you would. That’s fantastic. [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you, guys. -You mentioned
everyone’s Italian. You shot in Lake Como.
A beautiful place. Do you get to enjoy it at all? Did you have a fun time there?
Or — -You know, I mean, not to give
too much away about the film, but it has some darkness in it.
-Mm-hmm. -And I tend to — I was thinking today
I tend to have this habit of taking these films or projects,
like “The Night Manager,” that shoot in these incredibly
beautiful places. But for all I know, when I’m making the thing,
I might as well be on the moon. Like, I don’t — You know,
so, occasionally, I would, like, look up from this world
that I’m, like, swamped in. And, like, Mick Jagger’s,
like, eating al fresco. And Claes, my costar in it, is, like, hanging out a balcony
looking, like, suave. And I’m like, “Oh, yeah,
we’re in Lake Como.” But I — You know, I don’t — Yeah. And if somebody
said to me, like — [ Laughs ]
No, this is terrible, really. ‘Cause, like,
I visit these places that are, like,
these amazing destinations. And then if someone was like, “Hey, do you want to go
to Lake Como for a holiday?” I’d be like, “No. I absolutely
do not want to go there.” -This is —
You were in “Guardians.” -I was.
-And this was — As looks go, this is
as fantastic a look as you could possibly have.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-And I know — I know they’re so — I know they’re top-secret
about plot twists and what characters you play
in the Marvel Universe. But is it true that they even — It was top-secret what color
your character was going to be? -That is correct.
-So gold was a secret? -Gold was a secret —
a big secret. -Was it a tough secret
to keep from people, that you were going to play
someone who is gold? [ Laughter ] -You would think I would be able
to keep that secret. -Sure. -I had a friend of mine
who shall not be named who — Nick. [ Laughter ] He’s very into Marvel. And I feel — I can’t remember
the circumstances. I feel like I kept sort of — We shot it in Atlanta,
and I feel like I kept sort of flying from L.A.
to Atlanta and doing camera — I mean, this is, like,
you don’t wake up like that. -No. I can imagine this is as long a hair and makeup
as you’ve ever had. -It’s definitely the longest.
-Yeah. -But in — I mean, I learned
very quickly you cannot complain because Zoe and Dave Bautista
are in hair and makeup for double whatever you do.
-Yes, sure. -So you just do it and enjoy it. And also it’s worth it,
’cause it looks incredible. But, anyway, I tried very hard
to keep it secret. And Nick kept saying to me — I get back, and he’s like,
“What color are you?” I’m like, “I’m not
going to tell you.” And we’d let it go. And, like, months passed.
And I was being so obedient. And I wasn’t telling
anybody anything. And people sort of gave up. And then one day,
I was having lunch with him, I remember,
and we were sat at the table. And I was mid-sentence
talking about nothing, probably. And he goes [Gasps] “You’re gold!” And I was like, “What? What?
What are you talking about?” He goes, “You’re gold!” And
I was like, “How do you know?” And he goes,
“I can see it in your ear!” [ Laughter ] -The dead giveaway! -It was dead giveaway. -The dead giveaway.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. -Very good snooping by Nick.
-Very good. -Hey, congrats on the film. And thank you so much
for being here.

44 thoughts on “Elizabeth Debicki Has Mick Jagger’s Phone Number”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in Guardians of the Galaxy, hopefully they didn’t get rid of her character

  2. Pathetic. Really, really pathetic. Having Mick Jagger’s phone number is a prize? I just vomited in my mouth I think.

  3. Ooh, she’s gotten better at this interview! She’s funnier now. She’s always been great onscreen, but she’ll gain more fans this way!

  4. Not a criticism at all but I will say that she sounds like the kind of guest that has practiced word for word her anecdotes multiple times. As a fan of Seth’s show I prefer the more seamless natural interview. (That said I’d be the exact same as her lol)

  5. Like, how annoying is, like, saying 'like' a thousand times in the wrong context? Like, Valley Girl, like.

  6. I mean……….. you can't tell here, but this woman is 6-foot-freaking-2. We have a beautiful tall woman at my work and she just commands any room she's in.

  7. the first time I met people who were even slightly famous, they introduced themselves, "Hi I'm Christine, Hi I'm Sharon" and I'm like " I know !" it's the most cliche way you can react and I never did it again! From then on I just shake their hand like anybody else and say "Hi really nice to meet you", even if I'm fangirling inside

  8. Lovely lady,but I must say ,one of the most boring stories you can tell in a talk show is "how I met this really famous person" stories.
    You always see those questions of hosts:"Oh,so you met Oprah" or "You met Barack Obama"
    What a waste of time,just interview the person,ask them about themselves. Let us get to know the person.
    Who cares who he she met?
    Not just here with Meyers,but on other late shows as well.

  9. I had no idea who she was but now I don't like her. That was a super phoney story and a super phoney interview overall.

  10. She's a bore and so is Seth Meyers. "like, like, like…" Vocal fry. Why are so many young women today average and boring. Please bring back Audrey Hepburn style of ingenue.

  11. Ridiculous how this society overly venerates people who entertain us. Anyone associated with Doctors without borders is many times more important and epic than mick jagger.

  12. If she had to tell an interesting story to save her life, she'd be dead a few times over in this interview. Excellent at her day job, tho

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