100 thoughts on “Ellen DeGeneres Makes Fun of Jimmy Kimmel’s Phone Case”

  1. Enough with Ellen being the “teacher” the “interviewer” , give jimmy credit come on! He is by far one of the best interviewers of the u.s.

  2. "Every time you click the subscribe button, one of your enemies gets destroyed."

    Me: Clicks it once to destroy an enemy, clicks it again to unsubscribe and destroy another enemy.

  3. “There’s not that many if you here I could have brought you everything.” lmfaooo!! She’s so sly! Loved this.

  4. “There’s not that many of you, I could have brought everyone one” …. I feel like she threw in some shade in there and jimmy didn’t exactly catch it lol

  5. John Wolk is self luminous. Sort of like those deep ocean sea life creatures. Truely the Man of the Future. Gotta hold on to him Jimmy 😉

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