100 thoughts on “Emails Show Discussion Of Withholding Ukraine Aid After Trump Call | NBC Nightly News”

  1. I still have no idea what was wrong with the Ukraine phone call. He's the president, what did he do wrong?
    Wasn't that call about that corrupt Biden and his Son closing deals with millions of dollars on issues he had nothing to do with or whatever.

    I…I dont get it

  2. 90 minutes with held is very minor compared to Joe Biden video of a bribe to Ukraine. You Democrats are trying to run with a nothing burger. This issue has no legality.

  3. Trump did a service to our country when he asked the Ukraine to look into Pedo Biden's corruption. Trump's impeachable offenses are supporting red flag laws, signing democrat spending bills, bringing in muslim refugees, continuing Obama's NSA domestic spying and allowing muslims access to our military bases.

  4. In what legal system is new evidence not allowed to be introduced into a trial? in none.
    In what legal system is the accused allowed to block key witnesses from testifying? Only in third world autocracies and Putins Russia.

    Pelosi is absolutely correct – as long as McConnell is working with the White House to control the process instead of doing his job which is to run a fair trial looking at ALL the evidence she should continue to hold her ground . While the House investigation was on going, Mcconnell said he is not watching the proceedings but that the Senate would look at all the evidence when they get it. Now the shifty snake is boasting that he will see to it that Trump is not impeached.
    Where is the Supreme Court and John Roberts in all of this? The Congressional Republicans to a man are taking an oath and then promptly violating it and no one more than McConnell. Is there no system of justice that actually works in the US?

  5. I hope Trump has donated his body to science so his brain can be studied. We need to know what mutant genes could create such an evil, corrupt, amoral, deviant, disgusting, habitual liar as he! To make sure no one else has it!

  6. You still do not have the Moscow Mitch and GOP “PERMISSION” to see or hear that ANYTHING was “wrong”… and you forgot to ask “Mother May I?”.

  7. I don't understand after everything that Trump has said & done how anyone could stand up for him. Please don't say it's all fake news.

  8. There is no such thing as public integrity! You people elect people who f!!! and snuff children to a 50 foot owl statue in a redwood grove! Where they cremate their care for the American people… You people are total willfully ignorant trash!

  9. Explosive! Bombshell! Titanic!
    The MSM & Democrats are always making big statements!!!

    For 3 years FFS!
    Please excuse …

    All this nonsense has to stop!

  10. Trump's such a Disgraceful Con man, Tell he often Con's himself Literally, And inflicted great Disastrous Consequences ! 😳

  11. Democrats are bunch of losers we have been spending over four trillion dollars in the past few years. we are rebuilding other countries where our cities are falling apart our children play basketball in the street you know Detroit, Chicago Baltimore just name a few, rather than having recreational center to swim to play basketball we can't afford wasting money anymore on the foreigner governments

  12. So they're still saying "the aid was released"?
    What's Fox saying about this? Are they informing viewers that it wasn't released until a day after the secret withholding was discovered and about to be investigated by the House?
    And even while the WH is still making this claim, they're trying to scratch aid to Ukraine in the current spending bill!


  14. Did the secret service interigate Kathy grifford for posting a picture of herself holding a sevard head and implying it was the President? The secret service interigated Ted NUGENT just for calling obama a criminal! And Obama is a criminal!

  15. Why isn't the secret service interigating these criminals? Schiff,bidens,nadler,pelosi,schummer, Maxine Waters, Comey and a list of others? They interigated Ted NUGENT just for calling Obama a criminal! And Obama is a criminal! Go figure!

  16. Republicans say they're not supposed to hear any new evidence in the Senate trial. As I suspected from the beginning, this is probably why Pelosi is holding on to the articles. New evidence of corruption is still coming in, and there will probably be more. The House can amend the abuse of power article or add another one as more damning evidence emerges. Then take another vote and send it to the Senate when they feel there's enough. There's still a lot we need to know about Giuliani, as well as the recent revelation that the WH is trying to scratch aid to Ukraine in the spending bill for next year.

    Rick Perry should be investigated, too. They need to call him, Giuliani, Parnas, and Fruman in to testify, pronto! Thank god we have the House, since Barr certainly won't investigate any of these things. Ironic, isn't it? Trump alleges a bogus claim of corruption concerning Biden pressuring Ukraine to get rid of their corrupt General Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, while we have our very own Trump-appointed version of Shokin as Attorney General of the United States.

    what do we do about #2RUSSIANassistedSUPREMECOURTJUSTICES AND #143MONARCHYfederalistsocietyJUDGES

  18. "I imagine the voter between the two candidates as the buyer of the toothpaste hesitating between the two tubes. The variety that will be best imprinted in his head will be selected."
    Rosser Reeves (creator of the first tiled movie advertisement for presidential candidate Eisenhower).

  19. Billions of dollars to ISRAHELL ,Ukrain,and God only knows where else ,WTF what about using the billions of tax payers Dollars to help Americans who are suffering poverty,poor health care,education and Vets suffering mental health and homeless people.

  20. if the large amount of evidence previously exposed and testified to under oath is not enough to convince a rational human being of trump's guilt, it's not likely that more evidence, no matter it's source or content, will.

  21. Russia, if you're listening … I hope you're able to find the missing White House emails, I think you will be rewarded mightily by our press.

  22. All this RIGHT AFTER Mueller testified. Throw away all the other evidence. Now we dont Even need the other witnesses testify. This is all you need when shown in time sequence. Impeach, Remove.

  23. The duly elected President of the USA was introducing himself to a newly elected president of what is considered to be the 3rd most corrupt country in the world in the midst of handing over $400 million of military aid. I would say this President had every right to manage this affair according to his own judgement – after all, he is the ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE USA ! You Americans are weird ! Your president has no right to make his own judgement call in anything !

  24. Why don't you cover the money laundering operation in the Ukraine by Dems??? All kinds of new evidence and money trails.

  25. Ukrain is Russian enemy…POTUS helped delay military aid per Putin s request…at the end he wanted to please his master!

  26. Now they are desperate to find anything to keep the nonsense going. Why the secrecy? This was LETHAL AID, not the MRE's and blankets Obama sent.

  27. There are a ton of cover up. A perfect call that impeached him. That thing about preventing witnesses to testify says a lot about that perfect call.

  28. THIS fake impeachment don't mean a damned thing until its tried in the Senate AND SO FAR THE CHARGES DONT HOLD WATER . the charges are like a submarine with a screen for a window

  29. These clowns are trying to take down America hide their corruption lie to the American people tax you into Oblivion killing babies if they are willing to do that it is easy for them to lie and cheat steal from us wake up America and get a grasp of reality

  30. Nobody cares except the Democrats go fuc yourself go start your own f**** country. Everybody's getting tired of this s***

  31. Timing is everything. Him officializing his request "I would like you to do us a favor THOUGH" coinciding with them withholding aid, along with them releasing ONLY PART of the aid just 2 days after the whistleblower complaint was filed is pretty derp de derp. Add that to the amount of people concerned about them withholding the aid, going to WH lawyers etc, and those key individuals that would be able to testify if there was anything right or wrong about it being barred from testifying.. this is a slam dunk case.

  32. Take a good look at it. In three hours the Democratics have changed there wording three times. Still no direct mention to the hold up. nice try Democratics I'm sure your simple minded supporters will go for it.

  33. The House should be entitled to force the Senate to allow any and all witnesses that trump had refused to allow to appear during the inquiry. By the way you nimrod republican pukes, trump's refusal to allow witnesses to testify and not to supply documents is obstruction. He should be removed from office, transported to NY, and spend the rest of his days on Rikers Island waiting for trial in NY.

  34. Trump is Life, Trump is Love, Accept Trump as your own personal Trump and he will take you to Trump Tower when you die. Viva La Trump! Trump 24/7! Name your new baby daughter Trump. If you're a rapper, call yourself T. Rump.

  35. Phone call or no phone call- the bottom line is that President Trump is acting like a fool- a bull in the China shop, and if he did think anything was wrong with Ukraine- he has Mike Pompeo and the Justice Department to do their jobs to investigate..period. What I don't like it this man using the highest office in the land to degrade and slander Congress men & women like a child. Does anybody seriously want a President acting like this? I must admit- as someone who voted for Trump and has supported him in the past, I am embarrassed by this behavior and DO NOT want him to set any precedent for our future Presidents to come- that lashing out on Twitter is the way to go. It is not. He needs to slow down, and do things with precision and wisdom, or I will support his impeachment- period. What is with all those indictments the Q team has been listing anyway- nothing will ever get done as long as Donald Trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth. I say- let him go- there will be others. America was not built on one President, and if we are still standing after the wrath of Obama- God will see us through. Give Mike Pence a turn at the wheel. It's time for Trump to go… sorry.

  36. Trump supporters are ignorant, uneducated, and lazy and sometimes all three. Sometimes they are educated and just ignorant and lazy though. A college educated friend of mind didn't even know who Lt. Colonel Vindman was because all he listens to is Fox News who rarely showed Vindman.

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