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Emergency SOS On iPhone: What It Means & How To Use It!

Emergency SOS On iPhone: What It Means & How To Use It!

Hey guys, David and David here from Payette
Forward and in this video we’re going to explain Emergency SOS, a new iOS 11 feature that makes
it really easy for you to contact emergency services. Yep. So if you’re in trouble Apple’s made it very
easy to get help. So let’s take a look in the Settings app on
your iPhone and then tap Emergency SOS and they’re a little instructions here at the
top and it says rapidly click the sleep/wake button five times to quickly call emergency
services. Well, let’s let’s give it a go. Right one, two, three, four five. There we go. Great. So this is the default screen that pops up
and you may have seen this if you just tap the power button right on your iPhone. Um, you can see medical ID, which would go
to your medical ID, but you’ve already said it right and we have a video about that video
or playlist show you how to set up medical ID. And then if you swipe the Emergency SOS slider,
you’re gonna call the local emergency services, right? And that’s what’s really great about this
feature is that it will call the local emergency number wherever you are in many countries
all over the world. So if you’re traveling right and it right
you don’t know if you’re in China for instance, so it’s a little bit different. So when you swipe your going to get to uh
choose when I want to call police or ambulance or fire, right? Uh, but in the us where we are, it’s just
Cohen emergency services and then take it from there. Yeah. Now we really want to talk about this Auto
call feature. This is going to be interesting a lot of people
because I scared the Jesus out of myself by having this on in an airport. So, uh what Auto call does let’s turn that
on you’ll know it’s on which is green. And now when you tap the power button five
times just is you know, turn down the volume on your computer I have this is your warning
turn down the volume. So let’s go ahead and do it. One two, three, four five. Holy crap. Okay, so tap stop and then stop calling stop
and then stop calling you only got three seconds to do that. So right so, you know be aware. So I was in the airport. I just got off a plane. California and I was holding my iPhone walking
through the airport. Apparently I had this enormous tick that I
didn’t know about. Um, and I had been writing about this feature
on the plane. So I turned on auto call not really thinking
about it. I’m tapping my iPhone in the alarm goes off
as I’m walking, you know past McDonald’s in the airport and fortunately I was able to
stop the call in time, but I was not expecting that alarm to go off right and it scared,
you know scared. So we really want you to know about one more
thing we want you to know about is the countdown sound you do have the option to turn that
that beeping sound off and we’ve really recommend that you don’t I know, you know, your kid
takes her phone taps iPhone power button five times you’re done and you may not even know
you call the emergency services. So what happens if you accidentally Duke,
all right. So what’s say you act call them don’t hang
up, right? Yeah, if you hang up they’re gonna send people
to you because they will assume that something’s horribly wrong, right? Um, however, if you just tell them hey, I
accidentally called and I’m using sorry using this new future. Yep, everything’s gonna be okay. They’re gonna say thank you for letting me
know right no harm. No foul. Exactly. Everyone’s safe. Yeah just don’t hang up. So we definitely recommend keeping the countdown
sound on. What do you think about Auto call ya oughta
call is kind of dangerous. I would leave that turned on because then
it’s just one more swipe that call them have a kid or something or just anybody that’s
has access to your iPhone. That doesn’t know how this feature works and
they tap the power button five times then all of a sudden showing up in the phone’s
going off alarms. It’s like I have it off on my phone. If it’s off tap the power button five times
you swipe the slider if you need help and you’re done, so it’s not like it’s a difficult
if Otto is turned off. So that is Emergency SOS. It really does make it super simple for people. If you’re an emergency tap the power button
five times. You can call 911 or the local emergency services
and they’ll help you out. So there you guys for watching this video
give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more
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27 thoughts on “Emergency SOS On iPhone: What It Means & How To Use It!”

  1. What happens if my friend has accidentally called emergency sos on my phone? Should I be warned of anything?

  2. I have my emergency sos set up to not activate on 5 clicks, but a tip not mentioned in here is if you hold the power button and volume down button it will start the timer after a few seconds. The counter argument for not having the sound on is in the case of something involving you not wanting to alert someone to the fact you are contacting the services (mugger/thief etc)

    Hope my above tip can help someone 🙂

  3. I had a nightmare and I wanted to call the police without the bad guys knowing. So I remembered that I had read about this in settings and clicked power five times. Now I’m awake I realize it wouldn’t have worked because I didn’t have auto call on. Haha, I know that was random, but I figured I’d share it.

  4. so this work and if im not from usa? if i press it 5 times what option i have to do or just staight to call? sorry for my bad english im trying

  5. Accidentally did this while just gripping my phone too tightly (was trying not to drop it). Scared me and was nervous that I had called them, thankfully the countdown was on and only “beeped” once (so I’m assuming it stopped, was too shocked so I don’t remember how I stopped it). I heard they call back sometimes to clarify, so I’ve been nervous and checking my calls

  6. if you want to go extra, turn the virtual home button (accessibility button) into a one-touch SOS.

    i have mine set to either restart my iphone with a long press or SOS.

    this is such an unknown but extremely useful feature.

  7. I have auto call on because where I work, bad stuff(robbed) can happen fast. I was attacked by a guy and my phone went flying. Saying "hey Sirii" did not work. Either my voice changed during the attack or the noise drowned me out. My cell got knocked to the floor. I now keep it in my back pocket. Thank God for the Apple Watch.

  8. I have that Emergency SOS feature feature on my phone I think I should leave Auto call off because I wouldn’t want to accidentally call 911 because that would scare me 😟 and My Parents and My Brother Luke and my sister Isabella told me to only call 911 for emergencies only.

  9. Glad you guys said to not hang up if you ever accidentally call Emergency Services. I myself didn't know about that, glad I do now!

  10. I didn’t know about this feature and I had my I phone for about 2 years now. And luckily never came across it accidentally

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