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Yes greetings, all of you are welcome. In this part I will examine the Iphone XS Max. We got the Iphone XS Max. Thank you, she comes with the sheath. He comes in with a headset. There are also those coming from within the headphones. Not giving you a headset We’ve chatted with a friend on the phone I said, my son, what is this headset? Well, he said most of these Iphone XS Maxs said the headphone jacks are like shit. The tone does not give the man smart. That’s why we’re giving you the headset. in fact we are not thinking about you bring it back to me, I’m not satisfied Don’t cry, she said. That’s why he makes sense. This is gone. Looks like AirPods. There’s a battery in this, that is, it could explode. Anyways. That’s why we’re throwing it from here. Come to the device. What’s going on in the box? This nano sim adapter comes out of the box I’ve even asked you how many have been sold I said in Turkey from this device? He said 400. He told me you’re the 401th idiot. Thank you. 400 friends in comments of this video If they eat, we can meet and have tea. And if it was opened Yeah. Our apple logo came, Normally this logo is not lit up the opposite? you know, black around, doesn’t the apple have to burn white? It’s a little late. Or it won’t. But we’ve opened it before so I’m a little did something. Yes, I have ‘Wireless networks’ halal Let’s move a bit like this. I’m shifting up Sliding … Gone #! €! You know, this thing is going down a bit. I don’t know if you understand, but I will. rattling What about this thing? We’il do the antutu test. What happens when the lan went into the camera. It’s a stone let me take a picture of you. When the sound came in, where did the image go? Doesn’t he have to get out of here now? Let me tell you something … (WhatsApp notification sound) What did you set up on this WhatsApp? (Laughter) Whatsapp notification came but so does WhatsApp or something. Yes, move … such a zoom is not done alone. Look, I’il put it twice. microsurgery. So here’s a self he tried to make stone with textures but of course he was bad. Although this light is very good webcam bad. Already could not be expected to be good.
Now Come on to this phone. This wire. Is that what this sound? (WhatsApp notification sound …) Who’s writing my son? We got this phone for $ 1,000. Now let’s have a look at the device first. It comes with unbreakable glass so it’s a little thick they covered themselves with glass. They did everything. Look, we’re gonna cut it from behind have apple logo. Hoopp’s here. Here’s the Iphone. This is the gold color of Normal XS Max. Of course, this is a little more dull, It is more like this than a matt, such a lively, brighter. What about F # @ K! Now let’s take a look at how many sim cards are in there. Let’s not throw it away. This will be necessary. Started playing am * k now is the normal normal Since the button is not muton, there is a virtual button here. You’re doing everything with the virtual button. Let me tell you this from the beginning not a device to be taken. With a dual sim card input but do an antutu test and look at the full features inside. This isn’t working right now. Now that we’re here, the Apple Store writes. This They’ve done the Apple Store flash, they’re well dressed. This is a completely Android device don’t look at it Appleydi or something I will not get up here and examine this device until morning. You know our business. And with some technical knowledge of this device. For example, what did I learn today from this lighter? He said something to me Sar values ​​are very … Look, she wrote Face to Face or something. Apple Store and so on. This is, of course, the burial thing. They will never change. It’s on line. Line left @ * # $ This phone is currently in 2013 or as the head of the 2014 is now. Anyway he said abi we are selling them to anything We are selling to young people between 18-25 He said we’re selling to men over 45. 18 – 25 and we’re getting on the table No matter what the hell is going on or if he wants to work. 45 above, he said Is he calling? Calling. Eee, I’m gonna take it. Of course it’s coming without prepaid because IMEI is not registered. Lightning wrapped in a beautiful way from the box A cable comes out in a well turned out adapter. NewOn writes on it Here it is eee incompatible with the case color, irrelevant grinning I say. I can’t swear here. Go back to the melody. Such as Y ** AK is grinning over here. She’s got a headset on. What about the color here? looks like metal but I guess this is a metal environment and not so like a little shiny, hard plastic now We’re gonna get into this tool. Look at his photo, his video test … Let me see? Let’s see if we can take two pictures of that. Let me show you I’m not going to tell her so. Here’s the melody. See this SAR value This is you, okay? Sar value is coming The value of Sar goes. The Sar value is coming. He’s gone. Came. Gone. Look like that. What happened then? It’s a broken tool. You understand, Ezgi? -I did not understand Beautiful Let’s continue to understand what I mean anyway I say that your child is not your child If you carry a lot of high Sar devices in your pocket, Do you understand now? Hee says now see, Ezgi. But they say the value of Sar is slightly reduced.
Of course I didn’t believe it was a separate issue. How much is sar? I don’t know what $ $ I got an answer. Correctly. The test of this is because every father can’t make it brave. There are two or three laboratories in the world. If we had a search on time, it’s not a test of anything. Now let’s take a photo and video. We’il come after him. By the way these screws also make the color of the screws something bari. you know, it looks like they didn’t paint the top. I’m gonna take out the unbreakable glass. maybe you’re blocking this unbreakable glass. You know, you’re not breaking up. Look. Not the same thing. Same goes down. We’il do an antutu test. I’il take 1-2 photos at least let me show you the quality of your photos, videos or videos. After that eee what we missed so much, 4 years expected friend is now a return DO THIS Yeah, I’m coming in two minutes. We just went, took a picture, took a video eee The video performance is already crap. Photo eeeh so first how we take photos 4 years ago it can still be put on the internet Yeah, that sounds like the outside. Fastening the Iphone XS MAX I’m turning like this, the building comes on my screen. But nice so, oil paint look at a beautiful work of art Do I also do a zoom with the finger? It’s not done. I mean, it’s like a matt or something. like a shitty job. And I went while I was touching my hand, I did a drop test. I dropped it from a pocket, I fell from an ear level or something. no shit. Only this front one output I’ve already shown his details to the camera something came out of here front side. Display. It worked when it was pressed back but the phone is overheated. I took 25 seconds and maybe 25 seconds. It’s not gonna hurt like this. When it’s not ready, let’s take a look at the last time. What is in the adjustment section Let’s see about it. I took 0, 2 videos of photos, songs. I’m gonna publish one. Photo 7, capacity 64 GB, available 40 GB. Good thing if it’s true. What did you do with 24 GB? Version 12.0 Of course not android. I don’t know the model. We couldn’t do an antutu test. I’m doing a test now. He says you say buy it from the market. directing you somewhere Your device is not compatible with this version and you can’t test antish. So this is what the device is seeing We’re signed in to a Google account, It says something with Gmail Was Samsung saying s8 +? S8 + sees but S8 + not of course also inside. S8 + just entered the name so something Samsung saw something else The device that sees it as XS Max. He’s completely random. That’s the beauty of Android. You can work according to your head a * ınakoyim here you go. Let me kiss. What happened? He did not break. broken. tamaam after that As Let’s see if it’s glass on the back. Let’s just hit him a little bit like this. It’s not plastic at all. I’il sell the glass, the mirror, and the mother. They did it pretty well. Battery the battery here before this g There is a beautiful world clock. Let’s just go like this. He’s not pissing! Can not Drill! It didn’t, but it burned it. Yeah. We couldn’t get out after him. Let me put this stone on it, or I will do it. I’m gonna pierce the stone now. Halal. The tip of the drill fell or something. I’m trying to make sure there’s no harm to the stone, but we can do that. What’s up with my son, why don’t you get me back? We’ve drilled half a dozen in the meantime. Let me get this behind you. Anyway, there’s nothing to drill. The cleanest is the old way. I don’t need to say try it at home now. any idiot doesn’t do that. But still don’t try because crippled and dangerous event. Let me buy these glasses, let’s play comfortably with this. This gold color is exactly what it is rich like that girl phone so I will take I don’t buy goldunu. I’m going to get something like that if I already paid 14 thousand pounds I think I get XS Max If he sold 400 units in Turkey I’ve told you that XS sold 100 of Max’s. It is very expensive because it is. Let’s just take the windows one day without a disability. Now there’s actually one camera here. One of them is fake. The cost of this phone is between $ 100 and $ 120. around I’m talking about one-to-one premium flashing phones like this. Let me show you Aha is the lens This place should be fake. He’s gone. This is the fake part, this is the real camera. Imitation at the bottom It makes you feel like you have two cameras. thing. The battery is a chip. Ooo not a minute, soldered the battery here. I mean, like a normal phone. not. The cables of this battery are We need to get it safe and secure It will burn. Normally, these are going to be. Let me cut this down. I’ve burned one before. hopefully it will not burn. This battery conversation so pay attention. This isn’t a joke. Your g * will burst in your valley. Okay, we did that. Like I said, these ridiculous cables belong to the battery. And there’s a metal sheet heavy layer. Probably the phone should approach its real weight. They put. Where have we been? We’ve just been up to the metal. Like the screen of the whole thing they get the phone again as soon as Iphone XS Max because it lowers it in a way that it does not wear the case or something Because she’s rich, she doesn’t need sheath or gelatin. I hope so all of you a day to your Iphone case and gelatin rich enough to wear. They use this phone as broken. You go for the phone is OK as soon as you leave Think Iphone XS Max comes out, launch 2 weeks later, he takes the phone and you When you meet with a girl for example, you see the phone as broken. I don’t care or it doesn’t matter if it’s for me or something. This puts the poor as we are. That’s where the drill punched. This is the screen, this is a glass. Rough, let’s take this. Speaking of a rich girl, I’ll tell you something; You know what you’re doing, you know what? with all men, all of you like your friend you say stalklayacağım Of course, we didn’t do it when we were young so who is this girl’s lover there is no looking This is my brother, this is my brother. He writes Ashkitsi in my brother’s shoes. And I see the elements that these girls call my brother. sometimes right on the left, in the baby, in arnavutköy this p * pleasure is not cold. I paid attention to him the other day. I’m sitting there in the coffee house, g * from the cold so all freezes my bokum is frozen. Guy The jacket is only on the top of t-shirts. And it’s not cold. Well, he’s happy with his life. He was smoking in front of the door or something, I’m in. my ass is freezing. After I noticed it, I thought of something Why are the rich not cold? He tripped on me. These riches why is it so cold Let me write. Money is really hot, huh? Escobar didn’t waste money on heating her daughter out for nothing. You’re saying you take care of this guy. new furry jackets t-shirt You’re saying that you’re alayım montu Zara’dan 250 – 300 pounds have entered the discount or something you are taking your coat lan t-shirt I’m wearing g * all freezes, I can’t wear the coat. I’m wearing a sweatshirt bi sweater on e tshirt I’m wearing a hoodie on top of it i’m wearing coat over it I’m wearing a scarf on her I’m still cold. And I’m like the Armadilo ta ** network, so dress up like this If you have what it says on Armadilo Let’s look for a network with Armadilo. Let Armadilo go through the week’s calls. Authorities on Google get shocked * In the meantime, I’m trying to show you his chips and stuff. since morning or so Anything like that hard and dented plastic or I’m afraid I’m going to cut my hand, I’ve already cut. Now I’m breaking this again, then again you say that if you give it to someone in need and so on. Brother, this phone is fake. I want you to keep a close eye on this phone You get very good handsets for 1000 pounds. 2. You also get zero if you also get a thousand pounds. There’s a lot of newcomers coming from Android. Already android. Come on, I’ve been through it. You can’t even make an antutu. Give me $ 1000, So 1000 pounds, such as soksan soksan more useful. That’s what I’m saying. So don’t buy! And so on I wonder what MediaTek is trying to find his processor. because I can’t see in the thing Aha selfie camera. Hehe. This is the main camera. I was going to find exactly what this device looks like, but Antutudan full features I couldn’t find a shit. Let’s see if we can get their own chipset or something like this. On MediaTek ARM MT6580A had arrived. We found the ones from the processor of this device So one-to-one counterparts probably have the same processor Alcall S1 BLUBOO MAYA 336 TL so this device is actually without makeup these devices. Exactly. BLUBOO, Doogie What about DOOGEE? Jesus Christ blackview Phones like OUKİTEL or 304 pounds are also available There are 250 pounds, and so on. Sold on Aliexpress Let’s just say so, we don’t have 1000 pounds of phone processor. That is because it is very old so consider the phones like the Indian entrance market. Yeah. It was such a device. There’s not a lot of work on the stone. Next time I’ll break something bigger. Come on. Let me tell you, by the way, beautifully packaged. They’ve evolved or I say on time … Chinese 4 – 5 years to put in the middle of the look they’re doing something they did not. The Chinese have been playing with the shit and the comments. Look what happened. Currently the largest phones on the market both of the two brands are Chinese. Android industry. In the best-selling world, I would say the biggest. Others are also sending a * inakoyim product after being received. What do I say? What is this? the newo Newton tried to write it, but it seemed like he’d given up at the last minute. So Gone. Yeah, come on, take care of yourself this week. Remember to like the video, subscribe to the channel. We could not use the stone too much, but Search Armadilo. So, yes, we say that you are like Armadilo stone network. And it’s not such a blasphemy. You know, you’re like a little girl. an armadilo tide comes polite. That’s why Use Armadilo. Yeah, I cut my arm again. We’ve broken the table a * vere the last vieoda. I I noticed that when we broke it. I’m throwing the last stone or it’s breaking in there, I looked at the table IKEA table 175 pounds He’s been in there all night. Come on, look at your cat, I’m gonna make a drill shock to a camera, bye, bye. It’s like that. It’s never been a joke. You know, this is the way a man puts this in everything. When it comes to the beginning of a home renovation or something like this, then it does not happen and then remains. Come on, take care of yourself. See you in other videos. Goodbye. Mr. Bay. If the content comes to your mind, such things as flashing or something or something even unrelated like the last one came My Instagram address says below, I’il wait for DM. Don’t come to the discord group that doesn’t use Instagram Contact one of the places somehow. The worst type on Twitter. Come on, take care of yourself, see you. I’il see you next Friday. I don’t know what the hell is going on. See you in other videos, bye, bye. Yeah, what do we say? Armadilo ta * network!

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