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Ep 8: Positive Current | SEARCH ON

Ep 8: Positive Current | SEARCH ON

– I often look at the news to find problems around the world. I heard about the Zika virus outbreak, and I wanted to use
gene editing techniques to help prevent this from happening. And then I heard about Malaysian
Airlines going missing. So, I created a blackbox finder. But then, I found out about Flint. Which was one of the biggest
problems I’d ever seen. My name is Gitanjali Rao. I’m
a scientist and an inventor. Google presents Search On:
An original documentary series Positive Current
Episode 8 In 2014, Flint switched their water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River, which caused lead contamination in drinking water. The part that hit me the
most was that there are all these children who don’t
deserve unclean water to drink. I wouldn’t want that to
happen to me or my family. So, why should it happen to them? Denver, Colorado I saw my parents testing for lead and other contaminants
in our drinking water, and it wasn’t reliable
or it was inconvenient. – The current test for lead
could take up to two weeks. That is quite expensive and is very laborious to get a result. – So, what I wanted to do was to create a lead in water detection tool. I came across this new technology using carbon nanotube sensors and wanted to expand the idea to detect Lead in drinking water. In the beginning, I wasn’t even sure if this idea would even work. I needed guidance and I needed a lab. Denver Water Company – When I met Gitanjali, I thought that she conducts herself pretty much like an adult. She’s combining the skills of an engineer, of a scientist, of a designer. So, we decided to partner
up with her because we have a common goal to provide
safe drinking water. – When they offered me the lab space I come home and I start
screaming my head off. It’s like “aaghh!” or something like that. I was so excited. I knew that if I could get this to work, I could help so many residents of Flint. My device is named Tethys after the Greek goddess of fresh water. To create Tethys, I went through
a lot of different versions and now it’s a 3D printed,
fully wired device. In order to test for lead
in the water, using Tethys, you attach a disposable
lead sensor cartridge specially treated with chloride ions. If the water has lead, it
sticks to the chloride ions and causes resistance
to the flow of current. So, the more resistance, the more lead. To display the results I
wanted to create an app, so I used Android App Maker
because that’s what was easiest for my first time creating an app. I connected the device to
the phone using Bluetooth, and I could see my result of either safe, slightly contaminated or critical. – She’s just amazing,
she’s taken advantage of that knowledge and that passion to build something that is
for the benefit of humanity. Flint, Michigan – Coming to Flint just makes me want to work harder. People are lined up for hours
waiting to get bottled water, which won’t even last them a whole month. I know my device only solves a small part of this huge problem, but if people can test
their water themselves, that gives them the power
to do something about it. – Society tells you that you can’t do certain things because you are a child or
because you are a female. Seeing someone like Gitanjali, so eager, so smart, so prepared. She’s pushing the envelope,
not only for herself but for other generations to come. To all those building a brighter future Search on.

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  2. This was a add to a video I was watching. This is amazing I feel so inspired! She is so smart and inspiring. We need more people like her in this world.

  3. why does she think she invented gene editing or gene editing to fight zika theres digital lead tester on amazon for 11 dollars

  4. I’m from flint and my family moved when I was a little kid before all these problems with water broke out, but this is absolutely amazing and you are a genius I mean I’d never be able to think of something like this.

  5. I love this I’m only 12 and this inspired me every since I was young people told me that I can’t do stuff because I was a child. #bestadever

  6. I’ve been inspired for making a video game because of how powerful people can be, weather it be science, coding, or business, I am working on something big. But some people take power to the next level, in negative ways, like Stalin did.

  7. Belief can make you succeed.
    Belief can make you rich.
    Belief can make you powerful.

    Why, with enough belief, you can even cheat death itself!

  8. i once forgot how to make ramen and she’s over here making a system for clean water so i’m able to make my ramen

  9. I've heard of Gitanjali before because she won a Google Science Fair and though, just another successful kid. I kept seeing more and more of her and realized what a wonderful, inspiring person she is. She's doing so much for the world! I'm also 13 and wish I was smart enough to do such great things, but for now, I'm rooting for Gitanjali 🙂

  10. Things like this used to makes me feel terrible, but for those who are like past me, do not worry about it. You have no idea what the differences between this girl and you are, and you do not know all the details of how she came to these advancements, nor how much time it took, and you are only meerly seeing the end product. You should not feel ashamed for doing “so little” to help the world, because in your own little way, and you probobly don’t or can’t understand how, you have changed the world for the better

  11. Dude, I remember competing in the Colorado Science and Engineering fair early April with this girl. She was so amazing, at the awards ceremony almost every other name called was hers. I can see why! This is truly amazing and innovative, not just some knock-off project that's already been tested like what most people do. Props to this girl for leading the way!

  12. দিস নট নেভার সাইনটেছ মানশন নো মেমোরি পরবলেন_ অনলি মানশিওন ইজ _ ছি ইজ মারিড টাইম _ বাট এনিওয়ে ডনট লাইক উইরে বিকাউছে সরট_দান এনিওয়ে ডনট লাইক_ দান ছি ইজ টেনশন/ বাট দেয়ে ফারচি

  13. okay as a kid myself I say we should bring together the smartest and most intelligent minds on the planet to solve almost every problem, i'm 17 and I think that with the right equipment and sponsorship, this new generation can really change the world.

  14. Wish y'all cared this much when I was falling head first through your educational system all because my mental condition was so little understood back then, non of you really give a damn about educating anyone y'all just sit here and pretend your doing all you can to help but your no better than thoughts and prayers

  15. I hate how people say they feel bad for the kids without clean water in the flint but not for all the Africans…

  16. This girl is incredible! I live pretty close to Flint and it's scary to think about your family's safety with drinking water. One of these devices could change lives and help so many people!

  17. Brooooo she was in my engineering class at stem. I was never super good friends with her but I talked to her a little bit. It's super cool seeing where shes at with this project now

  18. So she used Arduino (a electronics kit) 3D printer, and a app maker (Arduino has a Bluetooth component.) I mean it’s cool and all, but it’s not very practical. Smart kid, hopefully she sticks with it. I expect great things within the next 10-20 years from her.

  19. This girl is in my social studies class and she’s my partner for our project and I thought she was gone all the time because she was having family stuff going on I never even thought about her out there changing the world I’m literally speechless I was just on YouTube and I saw an ad and I heard a familiar voice and it was my SOCIAL STUDIES PARTNER. Like she out here changing the world and I haven’t even finished our project yet

  20. She is a great girl, the children that I know only take charge of using the technology just to play and to ignore everything that happens in the world. Although I do not blame them.

  21. 13 years old? I'm sorry a 13 YEAR OLD DOING WHAT SOMEONE WHO REQUIRES YEARS of university and not to EVEN MENTION FINSH SCHOOL does? She has a script 100%, theres no way she can remember and learn all this. She hasn't even passed puberty for goodness sake's.

  22. People say that you can’t do things because you’re a female 👩🏻, you’re not smart 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️, you’re old 👵🏻🧓🏻, or you’re a child👧🏻👦🏻, but if you work strong 💪🏻, you can do things like this girl right here. You can do so many incredible things!

  23. People say you can’t do things because you’re a female 👩🏻, you’re a child 👧🏻 👦🏻, you’re old 👵🏻 🧓🏻, you’re not smart 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🤦🏻‍♂️, but if you think strong 💪🏻 enough, you can do soooo many things in life just like Gitanjali!


  25. I never believe stories like this, and trying to pass off 13 year olds as genius scientist and engineers just undermines the work of real scientists and engineers.

  26. 1) be rich
    2) have a kid
    3) send them to elocution classes
    4) pass them off as some kind of savant
    5) kid lands a job at google/facebook/apple at 18 as some kind of manager and never works a day in their life
    6) repeat

  27. After seeing this video I thought why?
    What is the point of a lead detector? It certainly doesn't get rid of the lead in the water, so what would be the point?
    I have to say, it does say whether or not you're going to be poisoned if you drink the water, but it doesn't help make fresh clean water.
    It's like having a map when you are stranded in the middle of the ocean. You probably can tell where you are on the map, but it doesn't help you to get where you want.
    It's great to know, but it's not useful in the sense of helping to get to the end goal.

  28. This was an ad before a ballet video I watched and I was completely tuned in the whole time. After the video was over I was sad that it ended. I want to see what happens next. But I litteraly searches for this ad so I could watch it again.

  29. at 3:46 she had a can of gasoline and she was filling it up too, i dong think she sould do this just let the scientists do their thing and you go do your homework

  30. Huh this is amazing I saw this as an ad and I immediately looked it up best one by far, she’s very inspirational and just wow! Hi from Colorado!

  31. HEY what is the name of someone with a job that they do the same thing as Gitanjali Rao? cause i would like to work a job exatly like what she is doing in this video! i really need to know cause i'm also in "Literacy Skills for Career Exploration" (AKA LSCE) and i'm doing a career search for it AND I REALLY WANT TO HAVE THIS JOB!!!!!! AMAZING JOB Gitanjali Rao!! You make me VERY proud & INSPIRED to do something like what you did! NICE GOING GURL! U SHOW DEM BOYS WE ARE JUST AS IF NOT MORE SMART (THAN) THEM! WE ALL CAN BE GREAT! WE ALL HAVE THE SAME POTENTIAL AS YOU Gitanjali Rao! YOU ROCK AND BE YOU AND DONT LET ANYONE PUT YOU DOWN OR TELL YOU THAT "Girls can't do that" OR "Kids can't do that" OR "You're too *young* " WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT WHEN WE WANT!!!!!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!!! oops sorry got a LITTLE to hyped there (Mabey MUCH to hyped) But JUST KEEP PUSHIN THE LIMITS Gitanjali Rao! YOU WILL MAKE A ULTIMATE CHANGE TO EVERYONES MIND SOON ENOUGH AND I HOPE OTHERS WILL START HELPING KEEP THAT CHANGE IN EVERYONES MIND UNTIL HUMANS ARE EXTINCT FROM EARTH! OR THE SUN BLOWS UP!!!!

  32. Never underestimate children and the creative solutions they come up with. This story speaks volumes about the potential for everyone, young and old, to see a problem and do something about it in a big way.

  33. I am thrilled to see the younger generation attack the real world problems. The future on problem solving for the real world will need such out-of-the -box innovation approach. The older generation of scientists and engineers have worked way overtime to make technology easily accessible to almost anyone who is willing to apply the tech. BUUUT
    With all this being said, one of the items that really gets me thought is the insane idea and concept that today's innovation can only come from someone who is ALWAYS younger then 20 years.
    Youtube is unfortunately in a lot of ways just like the news tabloids in that they crave for readership.
    Sooo the younger the inventor the waaay more appealing the content will be.
    As a multidisciplinary electrical and mechanical engineer, I have created zillions of problem solving innovations for the last 40 years and have a incurable appetite to keep on solving the every day technical problems that have begot our modern world. so lets also give some coverage to older inventors, as we are not all retired yet to the cruise ship generation

  34. This is brilliant. You are so inspiring, well done. I am delighted that we have people like you in the world. Never give up!

  35. The info google offers I don't need .I want to ask MY questions!!! Do not offer me your "one size fits all " agenda.

  36. Cost to end Flint water crisis: 55 Million
    Google's 2018 revenue: 110 Billion

    Maybe we should think about what a corporation like Google can actually do to help the crisis instead of leveraging it as advertising

  37. Sorry but a 13 does DNA tech, no way! I just dont believe that, how can a 13 even now anything about DNA let stand how to figure out techniques?!?!? SHe doesnt show up on google for that. Yet quite a big game she did for that Stint Water Plant

  38. 日本の水道は水道施設をとおった時点でかならず水質検査がされるから、安全な水道を利用できる。

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