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Extreme Conspiracy Call- Cspan

Extreme Conspiracy Call- Cspan

part of our spotlight and magazine series,
he’s also if you want to learn more the author of the end of money, counterfeiters, preachers,
techies, dreamers, and the coming cashless society. Lisa, go ahead, Danville Kentucky,
independent caller. Uh yes as she was stating, I’m gonna speak in some formats that are kinda
like going with the wind from here to there, but you will see the format that I’m coming
to. And uh some of my educated words are not too well, so I’m gonna do my best to show
ya’ll what I’ve been drinking. Uh Russia and Canada, and America; the Tri-Force. There’s
gonna be a different alignment. And America in taking over this world, not over this world
but taking over with the war, there’s gonna be a new leaflet formed. And out of this new
leaflet, ya know this goes back to the ancient Greeks and to the alignment of the pyramids.
It’s gonna form a new testament that will wipe away some of the certain zones for churches,
and some of the churches will end up in time paying their ten percent to the federal administration,
as well as the elite and the illuminati, and the governing of the stars, and bringing in
balancers, this will link us into universal link. And also it was portals in the ocean
that will bear more pressuring on the core which will cause earthquakes and reconstruct
the zoning of oil- Ok Lisa, I’m going to leave it there and move on

25 thoughts on “Extreme Conspiracy Call- Cspan”

  1. Can you call this crazy if so many people share in similar views? Answer: Yes. Because crazy should be defined by systematic dissociation from verifiable reality, no matter how many people that entails.That goes for the Tea Party too, starting with the fact that most of them believe their taxes went up under Obama when it actually went down. Either that or they are just racists. I think the latter is the simpler explanation, but you take your pick.

  2. I have a fairly good idea which christian church these teachings come from. This is just bat-shit crazy. how does this guy keep form falling on the floor laughing?

  3. "So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another—their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun." – Ayn Rand

  4. OMG, I lost it when she started talking about the "governing of the stars," thoroughly enjoyable. The guest shows a remarkable level of self-control, which is probably the best part.

  5. They give this lady over a minute for this conspiracy ludicrous
    But say "Building 7" and they shut you off immediately for "conspiracy"

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