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Facebook Publishing Phone Numbers

Facebook Publishing Phone Numbers

they stuck in a little bit of trouble
because of the fact that they are now publishing the phone numbers of its
users and what happens is if you have ever user smartphone to download the
face but gap what happens is extinction your online face pic account with your
phone right so face book automatically has access to your phone number now if
you go to your friends list if you go to added friends and then you go to
contacts you’ll see all of the mobile phone numbers of all of your friends man
a lot of people didn’t know that they started this face but then release any
type of statement if they did they do under wraps so most people were unaware
that now all the sun and the truth is coming up at all these phone numbers are
being published in everyone is in a panic so let me understand img i’m on face
book kanye can they get my number if i sink
it with my life of have slowly but i didn’t authors you did authorize
it colorado what happens when you download
an apt and prior to downloading it you know that there’s an agreement that you
have tipped press ok for r_n_d_ agreement says to
you know um… you are allowing this apt access your information and blah blah
blah de yuba city ca croquet so can they then access all the pictures and on my
voting go up on too bad i’m really surprised that they could
haven’t done that yet don’t condemn any ideas right amin let alone everything else so
good the emails on your iphone longevity you let us on your appetite you
authorize an if you can read every single i know that that was your fault now everything starts and acclaim okay their response to all this
controversy there saying wheelers claiming that our phone contacts are
visible to everyone on face book our faults dot state ms completely false
they are visible you can go look at it right now um… our contacts list formally called
phonebook has existed for a long time the phone
numbers listed there were either added buyer friends
themselves and the invisible to you know or you had previously sync your phone
contacts with face book well then why did my remarks transparent about it if this really happened a year ago why
wasn’t there something that was posted on the front page of face book so
everyone knows hey your mobile phone number is now accessible to everyone on
your friends list the analyst weekly rate so it’s not that your friends phone
numbers of your phone numbers appear to the public no it’s not in the public but if your friend who somebody let’s
say you’ve got you know fared too i t_v_ viewers that our friends on your it’s possible to get that they would
then see your phone number and your friends phone numbers and sarah when using the data bs telepathic is faced with is not the first time this
happened they’re constantly over sharing event
going wants caller they are and in all using realism in new york remission everybody
up orono but you know what that these fucking is
in a bad place and i’ll tell you why the reason why they’re so profitable is
because it’s this great social etc networking service that’s for free right
that’s what everyone can use it that’s where they have so many people on their
our website now how did they monetize that they
monetize up by selling our personal information mhm okay so our personal information art
interest the things that we like the things that we do on our from during our
free time this is all information that’s compiled by face book and information
that is sold to a third party now here’s the thing that that they swim
right in my opinion his never quite got right that there’s a line and and they seem to
cross that line all the time so for example if i write that’s on my wall
that hey i really like coke for whatever reason that which i do and then they shoko casimir so that
whatever it might be by finally some and getting most people
find it doesn’t look like is this great in an publish my phone number one idea when
they asked me and i said i didn’t put up for number there when i got on the face
book everybody’s anything that’s over the
line right away and you can’t do it without people
checking off the box if you say that hey you know what be careful here if you want your phone numbers for your
friends to see et cetera check out this box in the book and then everybody then
they agreed to it was transparent up i don’t see why they can see that line
right after it did to me it’s a little bit of too much green they’re like
there’s a hundred different ways to monetize it we get the you gotta make
money off it in fact if i was at my probably sell to serve more as to be
honest alone is it that many ads on face book that because you but we get it it’s a
business no nobody’s naive about it right he’d keep violating people’s sense of
privacy who eventually must say what i want to be here uneasily doesn’t really help you either under the word lou waters for facial if this is our government around saying the child out actually well you know my number you can do that specificity picked up

100 thoughts on “Facebook Publishing Phone Numbers”

  1. I hope that Anonymous takes Facebook offline, at least for just one day. It would be hilarious to everyone freak out.

  2. The phone numbers of people who have shared are only visible in Face book, Not just by downloading the app…I have downloaded the app and synched and my number is not published…People who have shared there phone numbers in the info section are now listed as contacts and Facebook's response is correct. This story is just a rumour started by people who got frightened by seeing the contacts section…..please recheck the story TYT

  3. It's a matter of settings. I had to go into my settings and change the settings in order for my friends to be able to see my phone number.

  4. They can't see it because they don't want users to "think" too much.. They'll hide it behind seven pages of legal mumbo-jumbo.. They make money off your personal information, simple as that, the more personal info you input the more they make..

  5. People need to learn how to use their privacy settings.

    As for Cenk saying that facebook is constantly overstepping, he's crazy. The whole point of facebook is to connect and communicate, share and network. Every time facebook makes it easier to do this, people cry about their privacy. Then don't fucking use facebook.

  6. well i think you guys dont truly understand it. you can download the app and it will not show your phone number if you dont want to. for me what happened was i downloaded facebook app and something popped up ASKING would you like to sink your number with facebook. and if you have your facebook set up where only your friends can see your profile you are fine. its not a big deal. its your fault for accepting and for alowing strangers to see it.

  7. @JCiznum1 controversy is that people are not aware that their phone number is visible, because they didn't post it! option 1 is that on of your friends did post it or the app did it. And now all those "friends" have your number. The average facebook user has about ~100 "friends", do you really want them all to have your phone number? it's nice that you can turn it off, but automatical option promotes oversharing of personal information.

  8. OOOOOOOOOH, all the numbers I jotted down from all my facebook friends!!!!!

    I'm going to drunk dial a lot of folks!

  9. I NEVER SYNC ANY Application to my IPhone & My number was STILL there. SMFH . I can honestly say they did it w.o my permission.

  10. Cenk is confused. He thinks the Facebook App will search the contacts on your phone and publish them. WTF… Don't post your number if you don't want it shared. I love this feature

  11. The problem occurs when someone hacks into a facebook account and gets to see all those phone numbers. It is possible to disable synching mobile phone contacts and Facebook if you're so concerned.

  12. How is facebook crossing the line? They gave you freedom to customize your privacy. If you don't know how to enable certain features, then you're an idiot, not facebook's fault.

  13. Unfortunately Cenk, I disagree. If you keep violating people's privacy, they won't just say "I don't want to be here." Instead, they'll get used to it and it'll become just one more accepted and normalized violation of privacy.

  14. Are they going for the FOX news job? I'm a fan of Cenk and Ana and love most of their videos but this one smacks of scaremongering based on half-truths.

  15. @395235 If only you are allowed to see your own phone number then why the hell even put it up? You don't have to. You're just making it easier for facebook to sell your contact details.

  16. NOT TRUE……..Facebook app ASKS you, the choice is yours, weather you sync or not is upto you……I know facebook is sad on privacy but this sync thing is stupid argument…..GUYS THINK…….PLEASE

  17. " You know my name! Look up the numba! You know my name! Look up the name! You, you know, you know my name!" – The Beatles

  18. Anna, please never use that makeup again. the biggest controversy in this clip is the clownmakeup you gave yourself. please dont make that out of yourself. you have so much character so that if you wouldnt use any makeup at all i would still watch the videos only to hear your opinion on certain subjects 🙂

  19. If only all this data crunching actually gave better results than experienced business people making intuitive choices. Every bit of evidence I see, from the coupons printed on the back of my grocery receipt, to "suggested" videos from YT, argue against it.
    Once I clicked thumbs-up on a funny video of two girls removing Biore Strips that were left on too long.
    For 2yrs I had close-up videos of pimple popping suggested to me.

  20. TYT is great, but usually only on political issues. When it comes to technology, these videos tend to make me facepalm.

  21. …this has always been the case, you have and still do have the opportunity to make it private! Adding your phone number has ALWAYS been an option, along with keeping it private!

  22. @vegetta00
    It's all different with mobiles. You're not listed if you don't want to. And you can do more harm if you have someones mobile number, than you could do having their regular number. You should know that.

  23. To my knowledge, unless you choose to make your phone number available, it's not. Now, if you downloaded the Facebook app for your smart phone and it automatically added it to your own profile under your contact information, that I could see having a problem with, because even if they tell you in the "agreement"…fuck them and their lawyer bullshit. Otherwise, I think it's just people who were previously being irresponsible with their own information by leaving it public.

  24. There are risks and benefits with every convenience. If you're so lazy that you need a special app so immediately use facebook instead of just going to the site, well this is the risk you take. 4:29 In order to have a reasonable expectation of privacy, one must make a reasonable attempt at privacy.

  25. I deleted my FB a few months ago. I haven't missed it since. I had classmates not friends :-). My lonely life.

  26. As usual, all the information that facebook 'publishes' is information you gave it. Here's a thought… stop giving it information.

  27. i dont get why someone would put their phonenumber on a social network anyway. im not even registered anywhere with my real, full name because i dont want anyone who knows my name to see who i am in contact with or on what photos i am visible

  28. Now I first noticed this last year and informed all of my Facebook friends and most of them didnt do anything about it. A few people erased their cell numbers but most didnt. The phone I have now (Sprint HTC Hero) actually initially added all of my Facebook contacts and their cell numbers to my phonebook.

  29. Don't really care. As a process server I can find anything about you. Actually this has been useful. Emails have been available since the beginning. When I start getting cold calls then i'll care.

  30. I don't think people understand whats going on. I never agreed to sync my contacts or placed my number in facebook but my number has been published regardless thanks to agreeing to use the mobile app.

  31. 0:05 FB is NOT publishing numbers. They're already made visible or you have synced them. — 0:09 FB does NOT sync "If you have ever used the smartphone to download the FB app" — 0:36 This information has been available for over a year. FB is being more transparent by creating that page — 1:30 FB's statement is not false, I believe Ana misread it. Info is NOT shared with all, it's visible to YOU because of the reason 1 — 2:17 You can't share others #s

  32. Incompetence. You fools should verify facts before you spread the lies.

    I run the app on two devices and the only numbers on my facebook account is people from facebook. In fact, the contact number on facebook for a couple people is different than on my phone.

    I would look into why these people are attacking facebook. I bet there is a leftist agenda.

  33. @turboman8082 "the contact number on facebook for a couple people is different than on my phone."

    I did check and there is over a hundred numbers in my phone and only about 20 on facebook. The only numbers in facebook are what my friends posted on their pages.

    Maybe there is some feature you selected that asked if you wanted to sync contacts and you agreed to.

  34. Those who have put pictures of themselves, your friends or videos etc that belongs to facebook . They say that if you leave they will delete your information – yeah right.

  35. They aren't visible to everyone. When you go to the edit friends, contacts, it's only your friends. I see nothing wrong with it. I'm 16 and that's a very useful thing because my friends and I are constantly loosing phone numbers in our phones for various reasons. Rather than make a group for the new phone numbers, like most of my friends, I just use the contact list.

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