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FAKE iPhone 6 Plus BEWARE

FAKE iPhone 6 Plus BEWARE

Hello everyone and happy New Year! This is
Ed from Techvarium. It is not an unboxing video and it is not a review. This is a fake
iPhone 6 Plus. Friend of mine gave me a call this weekend and said he purchased this phone,
you know, from someone of Craigslist. This is how the box looks like. At the first glance
it looks real. It looks like it is real Apple device. It’s says 64Gb. The font is not the
same. This is a sticker on the bottom. I don’t know if it is legit sticker from a legit iPhone
6 Plus that was put on this box or what the deal is? Let’s open the box and see what’s
inside! Let’s set it aside. So, first of all, what the fuck is this? What new iPhone comes
with a screen protector? OK? So, this is not… This is your first indicator that you probably
got a fake one! No Apple device will come with this. This is also fake. This is not,
this is one of the first indicators that you are looking at a fake device. This was definitely
made in China but it was made on a third party factory. This is not a real Apple, Apple device
as we will see in a minute. Another sticker on here. As you may know a real Apple device
does not come with these. Let’s go ahead and turn it on. See the Apple logo. An as a comparison,
I will be using the 6. It is definitely much smaller device as you know. You will see it
will operate a little bit differently. Icons may not necessarily look the same and the
operating system will not be as smooth as on this one. Alright! So, let’s take a look
at this! First of all, let’s go back to the box. Couple of things to mention here. I guess
that looks OK. We look at inserts here. It has been a while since iPhones were supplied
with this little SIM card removal tool. So, that should not even be there. I will not
even get into the details of what paperwork is inside. I will set that aside. Third of
all, that’s a stylist! Alright! That’s not, not supposed to be there! Another thing
is, if you look at the… Alright! So, if you look at these, these are real, these are
real Apple accessories. That comes flying at me! So, the quality of the cord here is
very obvious, it is very sturdy, it is very hard. It is not rubberized as a real one that
comes with iPhone. Second of all, there is no Apple logo. The one on the left is a fake
one, so as you can see that’s, that’s that right there. And I will set that one
aside. Nothing, nothing more to say about that. That should not be there. If you look
in greater detail here, the font is not the same. So, this is absolutely fake! That’s
not, that’s not the real one. And obviously the same thing with the cord here. That’s
a fake one! Not the same high quality materials that you will find in a real Apple device.
OK? So, let’s set all that aside. Stylist, this is ridicules! Let’s take a look at
the interface. I hope that you saw that little bit of a delay when you turning it on and
you are looking at all of this. First of all, let’s go to settings and take a look at
about. And we will find the serial number here. Now, when we check the serial number
on the Apple’s website this belongs to a 32GB model. What I have in my hands is claimed
to be a 64. Well, what we have in here is 32. Obviously, it does not make a difference
because it’s a fake one! The IMEI number, the IMEI number does not, does not belong
to anything. It’s just doesn’t when you check it on the website that doesn’t generate
a legitimate response. That number is nowhere to be found. Alright! OK, so, then as you
may know when you hold… when you double click this. My apologies! I do not even know
what that this? Alright! So, let’s try it again! There is something else in the background,
reminders. Alright, so, let’s go ahead and take a look at what the… there you go! That’s,
that’s a glitch! Let’s try it again. Let’s see what’s in the memory? I can’t even
get that screen to show up. Alright! There you go! First of all, what in the world is
launcher? Alright! So, that’s another indicator that this device is not real. Hmm… Some
of you might be laughing right now and thinking that, you know, it is so obvious that you
would not buy it but believe or not some people are not as tech savvy as you may be and it’s
for some people it’s going to be easy to mistake this for a real iPhone. I don’t
know why this is doing this? I don’t know what IRIS is? Ahh… Settings, launcher. Alright!
Anyway, so when you go back to your desktop, you can’t really see it on the camera in
this video but there is a lag and all of the icons before they show up they get really
blurry. This, this does not show up on your desktop by default at all either! Alright!
So, let’s get out of the way. Now, that’s a camera. Let’s see how that does? Major
delay! You are looking at about 2 seconds right there. Ahh… Very not focused. Another
glitch I have noticed is when you click, ahh, if you go dipper into the menu, to like notifications,
sometimes its sits there for a while and you goanna click on settings to go back. But,
it will be stocked over there but it is not doing this again but its… I guarantee you
it did it for me. There is a little bit of a delay again. Yehh… It seems to be working
right now. Obviously, ahh… You don’t have a fingerprint scanner of any kind in here.
So, you just looking at a button. You probably would not be able to hear this, but this button
makes a noise. It does not happen on a real one! Very quiet. As you know, this is the
feature on new iPhones. That’s does absolutely nothing! Alright! Here is another very interesting
difference. Your of and on button for your audio alerts and notifications. This thing,
sits sideways. This is something that I actually noticed first, straight out of the box. And
also, this phone comes with a screen protector, so once you peal the protective… I am not
even going to give my best what it does… But, when you peal this off, there is another
screen protector on here that just doesn’t happen with real Apple devices. And, I not
even going to talk about this… How do I get rid of that? Just like that! That’s
pretty much it. I am not, I am purposely not plugging in my user names and passwords in
there. Ahh… I have no idea where this phone came from but it’s absolutely illegal to
sell this kind of staff in this country and anywhere in the world but we are not going
to get into that discussion. There you go! Now you know what to look out for. Now you
know what to expect when you are buying a fake iPhone, especially if you don’t know
if it is a fake one. So, after reviewing this video now you know what to expect or rather
how to prevent buying a fake iPhone. Like I said, you know, some of these differences
are very, very obvious for those people that had an Apple device before, that are tech
savvy that can tell the difference. Some people wouldn’t and those of you who can’t, I
hope this will help prevent anything like this in the feature when you are buying a
phone on Craigslist. This was Techvarium! I will see… How? How did that happened?
I have no idea? This was Techvarium! I will see you soon in my next review! Thank you
for watching!

100 thoughts on “FAKE iPhone 6 Plus BEWARE”

  1. The iPhone 6 plus i bought is like this but the only difference is when you habanate to see your opened application it doesn't show Apple logo. (U said if it showed that means is fake) I also check the serial number on Apple website and it shows is an iPhone 6 plus. Please what do you think ??

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  3. Hi everyone! Here is a NEW video with FAKE iPhone Xs Max vs. REAL Apple iPhone Xs Max (in this video I am also doing GIVEAWAY for one FAKE iPhone Xs Max). This is why you should not buy a fake iPhone XS Max and this video explains how it compares to a real Apple iPhone Xs Max. Enjoy and please let me know what you think! ===>

  4. I am holding my fake iPhone 6 Plus watching this video!! I don’t know what to do I wondered why it was switching off often times hahaha sad!

  5. I rather buy a fake iPhone than real iPhone because the real one are so expensive and the fake iPhone looks like an iPhone and when you unbox the fake iphone there's nothing wrong with that..

  6. Swiping right to unlock the phone. Considering that function isn’t available on iOS 11 (and onwards) which every iPhone 6 comes with that should be an indication that it’s a fake. Correct me if I’m wrong here but that’s just my observation

  7. Anybody having problems with Iphone 6S Plus in that the one I am calling cannot hear me but I can hear them? I tried turning the noise reduction off, still. I tried the voice memos test and it works fine even when I breathe, the microphone on the bottom is picking up even my most quiet breathing. Could it be the factory plastic cover on it which I did not remove since I want a screen protector over the Ear receptor and all screen and including the back aluminum and antenna bands and light flash. It seems to only have problems in speaker mode and sometimes the ear microphone volume is really low, probably because of the plastic factory protector? Any ideas?

  8. Dude. Desktop applies to computers. Its called a home screen when you are using gadgets like iPhones, iPads, tablets, smartphones, etc.

  9. It has imei and serial number then it’s not fake then, it was apple all along.. only it has been reassembled, logistic boards of iphone6 was assembled in iphone 6plus that’s it. .. RECONDITIONED/REFURBISHED?? Remodeled?? Iphone 😂😂😂😂 not fake at all.. still iphone..

  10. The fake iPhone is actually Android! They modded it and made a launcher to actually make it look like iPhone 6s plus! But nice try for the person who made the phone look real

    Btw watching this in my iPhone 6s plus real

  11. At the end of the day, they are all phones. They have the same use. And you should be great full for anything even if it is fake

  12. Actually some of them come with screen protectors but people take them out and sell them to make more money but I guess you wouldn't expect that

  13. If anybody needs or wants a cheap used iPhone 5s I have on on Offer up (which is a app where you sell stuff) for $45 and I also have it listed on Merceri (Another selling app) for $55 if you want any other information about the phone just reply to this comment (I am saving up for a new phone so please just think about purchasing it if you really need one.) Bye! Have an amazing day!!

  14. Hahahaha! I dunno if you're making some jokes. The screen protector with another one was the heaviest joke ever!

  15. i think that's an oppo it's look the same in my oppo the wallpaper too hahahahaha smart person who made that fake iphone

  16. I watch these types of videos to see if my phone is fake or not and at the end i was so happy i got a real phone not a fake one

    P.S My phone is a Iphone 6 Plus

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