22 thoughts on “Fastest Phone Upgrade with T-Mobile App feat. AskDes | T-Mobile”

  1. The main reason I am a T Mobile customer is because I can purchase virtually any phone (non T mobile branded), pop in a sim card, and call it a day. Back in March I upgraded to the Xperia X and loving it. I don't think I have ever purchased a T mobile branded device in the 6 years I have been with the company.

  2. Would be nice I’ve been a customer for 4 years… mine says I have no device available to jump…every person I talk to through T-Mobile doesn’t seem to know what’s going on nor do they know how to fix it….So yeah kind of sucks. I have to call now for iPhone 10 Pre-order I’m probably not gonna get it lol…Thanks T-Mobile 😒

  3. Use my code 15527D, in the referral rewards promotion in the Samsung Pay app before you make a purchase to get us both $5!

  4. Don't get t mobile I had it they said I only had to pay 60 a month my bill was due on the next month then they sent me a message saying it was 83.50 I have to pay this month on 25 my mom said she can't pay this because of Christmas but luckily we have wifi # T mobile sucks😒😞😠

  5. I want to buy a Note 8 on T-Mobile , but I hear some people telling that I can't upgrade when the new Note 9 or Note 10 comes out , is that real?

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