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Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Phones are amazing,
for taking photos, downloading apps, and getting these,
and these, lots of these– [SNEEZE] –and even that. But phones get full of stuff
you don’t need anymore. [COMPUTER BEEPING NOISE] That’s why we make Files Go, the
clean-up app from Google that helps you free up space. Files Go learns
what matters to you, and gets smarter over time,
with suggestions to delete the files you don’t need. [FIREWORKS] And easy ways to find
the files you do, based on the kinds
of files they are, giving you the space for new
files, new apps, and more of these and these. And when you want to share
them with friends nearby, do it right from the app,
without using your mobile data or worrying about security. Transfers are fully encrypted. [MUSIC PLAYING] So free up space with Files Go. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 thoughts on “Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone”

  1. "Phones are amazing"


    Amazingly enslaving.

  2. Google is disgusting. They show me ads and recommendations of naked women, of sex, of peverted songs and of anything that goes against my values.

  3. The spanish version of this ad annoys me
    "Is your phone getting full?"
    "Is your phone getting slower and slower as time goes?"
    "no skips ad "

  4. If anyone wants just enough space to download this app then clear your chache on the storage setting.

  5. My friend told me that is app is good but I can’t download it , it send me to google play and I’m apple and when search it in the App Store i can’t see it. Can some help me

  6. I read a review that this app has suspect permission requests and wrecked their SDcard. Is this still a risky app to download?

  7. All the top comments here are literally the same lame joke rehashed over and over.
    Anyway, another brilliant app by Google

  8. We are looking for the AI feature to delete only images which has text in it for example goodmorning, good night etc.

    I repeat, Only images with text not other images!

    There should be some tags which helps to get rid of such messages.

  9. Can I use Files Go to move my pictures and videos on my Google Pixel XL, to a flash drive plugged into my cell phone? I need more space; I'm right at the 32gb limit.

  10. Horrible can't even show you where most your data is. you have to go through endless files to find what's taking up space. but no they can't add a simple search button of what's taking up space. Like your Google. Y'all are all about functionality.

  11. This is by far the best APP Cleaner ever.. No freaking tons of ADS. With a simple File App Share feature. Download now

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