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Finding Personal Information : How to Find the Owner of a License Plate

Finding Personal Information : How to Find the Owner of a License Plate

Hi, this is Richard Goms, in Salt Lake City,
Utah. We’re talking about how to find the owner of a license plate. Let’s say you were
driving down the street, and you saw a car that was for sale, but you couldn’t make out
the sign, it was too small, but yet you could get the license plate number, and you wanted
to look up the person, and give them a call. There’s a number of ways of doing this. There’s
a number of providers on the internet, that for a fee, will provide you with that information.
These public service providers are the same ones, that the police department, law enforcement
agencies use, and that’s another option, is to contact the local police department, see
if they might be willing to help you out.

39 thoughts on “Finding Personal Information : How to Find the Owner of a License Plate”

  1. OH my gosh, I thought his "title" was "Finding Personal Information : How to Find the Owner of a License Plate " …

    Go ask a cop is his answer.

    I would think he would have taken the time to put a web site up, or directed you to a website that does this search. Oh How I Was SO Wrong.

    just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching this video and commenting on it.


  2. I did all those (and more) than what you dribbled out. You know nothing about state laws,
    You are a complete idiot. Stop "Helping people"

  3. Wow you people are dicks, this guy looks like a really nice guy, so what if he wasted 50 seconds with 0 information, doesn't mean you can bully him. I hope you all get throat punched in the near future.

  4. It's funny how brave people are while sitting behind a keyboard. These no good doers are true cowards… I bet 99% of these bully tough guys don't have the balls to say these things in person. The net is loaded with these keyboard cowards, and unfortunately a large portion of these classless punks are adults. No wonder kid bullies are in such large volume. They lack role models with character. Don't get me wrong, sometimes when I read some of the BS posted on the net my initial response is to stoop to their level and really sock it to them. You know, out wit and cut them to the bone in the hope that they see the ignorance of their ways, or maybe even hurt their feelings to the point where they shed a tear because an absolute stranger just served them a hard dose of reality. Again, my initial reaction… However, I refrain do to the simple fact that I refuse to be sucked into their insecure and pathetic world of BS. I firmly believe in the Golden Rule and am a very happy individual as a result. Unfortunately, I know of no way to stop these ignorant and cowardly punks from preying on others emotions. We all know it is their insecure and weak way of trying to make themselves feel better. So I ignore them, or sometimes laugh at them. Laughing at them usually does the trick! Just remember, you can't have an intelligent conversion with stupidly!  In closing, hey asshole keyboard cowards of the world, go ahead and spew your hateful and disrespectful gibberish. Go ahead, karma will catch up to you. Karma always wins…   Have a great day! 🙂

  5. 0:30 Well can u list a few reputable ones? How do I know they're not going to just take my money and fuck me over?

  6. The fact that there are currently TWO HUNDRED SEVEN "thumbs down" (207), ought to tell you s/thing dude.  It's not possible "expert".

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  8. Congrats! You won "Stupidest Video" for the month of March 2018. Let me know your address to send your epoxy coated turd trophy to.

  9. Hahaha contact the police because you couldn't read the phone number on the for sale sign??? Can you imagine? Hi 911, Could you run a plate for me really quick? It's on a really clean Malibu that I want to buy. While you're at it, get a carfax report too.

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