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Finding the serial number of your navigation device

Finding the serial number of your navigation device

Finding the serial number of your device The serial number for a TomTom device consists of twelve characters starting with at least one letter You can find your serial number on the outside of your device on a sticker which also shows a barcode The location of the serial number is different depending on your device and might be found in one of the places shown now

16 thoughts on “Finding the serial number of your navigation device”

  1. What a joke, how complicated can ConCon make it to simply update FREE LIFETIME MAPS? Funny my 820 does not have a serial number on it and the box is buried! Anything else you want to leave out? Already added all of my details when setting up an account! Time wasters, no wonder why TomTom sales are dropping out at such a rate, guess it will be easier to download a free service on my iphone rather than updating this out of date crap!

  2. Useless video!
    My gps device displays 5 numbers, non of which are marked as a serial number, and I cannot use the support web site after trying for a long time!
    So much for support from TomTom!

  3. Incredible!
    It's quite eazy to find the two letters of the serial number but it is impossible to enter the rest on the page.

  4. if tom tom can offer me a better deal on map updates,i'll see what that is,but im not paying $85 for map updates when i can buy a new device for $149? no brainer!

  5. OK, you have to be pretty dumb not to see a sticker with the serial number on most of the devices, however, what if the sticker has unglued and is unreadable, can you get the serial number from the device itself through TomTom Home? That would be the logical thing, otherwise, my device now has NO serial number!!

  6. Actualizar estos navegadores es un timo y un calvario. Según la casa , es enchufar y listo. La verdad es todo lo contrario.

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