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Fix an iPad screen for 40 bucks with parts from Amazon

Fix an iPad screen for 40 bucks with parts from Amazon

So right now I’m going to show you the quickest
way the fix an iPad (the original version.) There are a few videos online that are super
long. I kind of shortened it down for you. The main thing is if you’re going to replace
the digitizer. The digitizer is just the glass part. There’s no LCD underneath. There’s that one ribbon cable right up there
at the top that fixes it, or that connects it. Um, all around the outside of this frame there
are little clips. Right here you can kind of see the little
plastic parts that kind of poke into the metal thing to keep it all intact. I will show you those as I replace it around. The version I have does not have the plastic
frame or the home button, so I’ll be showing you how to replace those as well. So as far as getting the screen de-attached
from the frame, you can kind of see that there’s a metal part here and there’s a rubber part,
and then there’s the actual screen itself. And when you pry, you’re going to want to
pry between the metal and the rubber, and not the rubber and the screen. I just took a screwdriver and used a guitar
pick to kind of separate or put a little bit of a gap right in there. Then the screwdriver fits right in. You need to have something, you know, that
is substantial. Hopefully you have one that’s a little bit
thinner than this, but it needs to be able to not bend or give at all when you pry it
upwards. And the wider the head, like the more width
it has, the better. So you can kind of see where I’m at right
now. You can still see the little plastic clips
all around the edge of the frame. There’s another clip right here around the
outside. It looks like this one actually broke off. Didn’t need that one anyway. So basically I would just kind of lift it
up, spread it open a little bit with the pick, put these little guys in there, and then use
the actual screwdriver as my main prying tool. If you did buy the digitizer with the frame
around it, you won’t need to worry about the old frame. So I’m just going to go ahead and continue
opening it up, just prying it up little by little all the way around the outside. I’m not going to lift it completely off
yet though because there are some ribbon cables underneath that I need to detach. Now we have the iPad lifted up a little way
from the screen itself and we’re going to take apart the digitizer cable. And right here is where the digitizer cable
comes into the main board and there’s this little lip right here at the very end. You have to lift this up; I’ve already done
it right here so you can kind of see that it’s up in the upright position. Then once both of those are up you can just
kind of pull the ribbon cable out and it looks like that. This other one right here is already coming
apart. So this is for the speaker at the top. And this is more of a clip on so it’s kind
of like a Lego piece. This snaps onto this right there. So they’re pretty solid. They’re not that hard to take off and they’re
pretty durable so they’re not going to break very easily either. Just make sure you don’t put a whole lot
of pressure on the upper part of this cable. So now that we have the iPad pulled away from
the back casing, we’re going to release the LED…the LCD from the frame. So what I’ve done is I’ve taken out these
screws right here. They’re little torque screws…little like
the star head screws. And there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…7 of them
around the outside. And now I’m just taking my little pry tool
and I’m going between the LCD and the frame and just kind of lifting it up right here
all the way around. And you can see that it’s kind of getting
loose. You can heat it up if you want. I’m just going really slow and lifting it
up without the heat…it makes it a little bit simpler. So here we have the old digitizer and frame
and you can see the glass. I tried to pick it out away from the frame
right here at the bottom, but it was almost impossible so even heating it up with the
gun it still wouldn’t do it. So what I had was just the old replacement
glass but it seriously would have taken me a couple hours just to separate the glass
from the frame there. So I ended up just spending the same amount
of money and getting a digitizer attached to the frame already. This one has the home button already installed. All I really need to do is transfer the camera
from this digitizer to this one right here and it will save a whole lot of time. So buy the frame with the digitizer and you’ll
be a much happier person. Okay so the digitizer and the frame has a
piece of plastic that’s covering up the top of it, so we’re going to take that off
and then take the LCD that we’ve gotten all the dust off of, and then very quickly
put it right down on top of it. So with the camera there’s a heavy duty
tab at the bottom you just got to pull up. And there’s some sticky stuff around the
lens and the LED, but all you have to do is just take it to make sure that little hole
is cleaned out….there’s no dust or anything down in there…and then just place the camera
back in that slot. So we have all the screws back in around the
outside. We got the front camera ribbon cable attached. All the other cables….the digitizer cable
is still taped to the front of the screen. So now everything is ready to go. All of my pins…all my brackets are set and
ready to rock. All I need to do now is connect the 3 cables
and then press the screen down into place and let it clip in around the outside. There we go. All you really need to do it just line up
the right side first. It kind of slips down inside of these little
grooves. Then you just gently press in around this
other side and then it evens up perfectly with everything else. Anyway, if you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments. If this video helped you don’t forget to
“like” and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Tape works great, you can get a roll from amazon for just a few bucks. If you dont have access to that you can use glue. Using glue just makes it harder to replace again if you ever break it in the future.

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