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Fix Panasonic wireless phone hand free speaker / 修理樂聱牌無線電話免提喇叭

Fix Panasonic wireless phone hand free speaker  / 修理樂聱牌無線電話免提喇叭

Hi guys, I’m gonna share you how to fix the Panasonic wireless phone. The problem is……….. The hand free speaker doesn’t work This one sounds good This one no sound Lets go ahead to fix it. First, I’m going to take out the battery And then take out the clip Then loose out the screw They are Philips screw. And then There are no more screw. I use a special tool to open the casing. Let start from here This is a useful tool bought from Aliexpress. About a dollar This is the one I bought from Aliexpress under a dollar. The cable for speaker was disassembly when I figure out the speaker dose not work. We can see there are spots for the speaker to connect. We also can read the spot for red & black The speaker I already figure out it was out of order. I am going to turn off the clamp. Then take out the speaker. The speaker may be hard to buy a exactly same size. This one may be a little bit bigger Lets try it. This speaker also bought from Aliexpress They are a dollar for 2pcs. Oh, it’s fit. May be a little bit thicker Yes, it is thicker It is not a problem. The point is it have sound Ok, lets take it out. It have not show which is positive and negative but it is easy to figure out. We can match the position that the upper one in black is negative the lower one in red is positive. So I have ready my electric solder Seem to be not enough So I should get some more solder Wow, the magnetic Let use my finger to hold it Check how the cable has been solder. the cables seem to be connect short circuit lets soldering it back to the motherboard this one should be connect to red cable make sure get enough solder for red one nice and easy to solder them back to the motherboard It must be reassembly then can check It is very easy to reassembly it is tight enough use it to hold down the cables may use some tape to make it more stablize but it is unnecessary Should reassembly the upper part first for got the rubber cover too Lets to use the small tool upper part first then put the rubber cover back Okay reinstall the battery sound is not loud enough obviously, the sound is not loud enough but its 0.25W, it still work So, it is very easy to fix it, Then drive in the screw. The sound is quite low Thank for watch

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  1. Looks like the speaker wires were broken from the solder pads. Why not try to re-solder the original speaker and see if it still works?

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