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Folding Phones – I Now Believe

Folding Phones – I Now Believe

GET OVER HERE! There have been a lot of folding phones shown at events over the past few weeks. AAND these are phones that look pretty cool.👌 Like we’ve seen Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. We’ve seen Huawei’s folding phone Oppo’s Folding phone And, they look cool but ever since the idea of a folding phone has been presented to me I’ve always been skeptical of how useful they really are Like the whole question of ‘why?’ Why do we really want folding phones has been something I’ve never wrapped my head around And the argument of like ‘multi-tasking’, we’ve seen that argument been made and Samsung showed this at their event. Where they had this dude who was watching a video and using a chat application And he’s kind of switching between the two and kind of multi-tasking But that whole scenario feels a little contrive Like no one’s watching that video and thinking ‘hey, that’s me! That’s what I’m missing in my life’. I’ve always wanted a tablet like device so I could multi-task But, I saw this video and you know what, I’ll just let it play Right?! Isn’t that cool? Like, I look at that and my mind just starts to spin It’s not because I’m huge on mobile gaming Like, I know some people think mobile gaming is the future And a ton of my favorite developers are pouring crazy amounts of money into mobile gaming Which is a little bit controversial

100 thoughts on “Folding Phones – I Now Believe”

  1. Non of these will be significant until they become corporate desktop replacements. Otherwise they are just expensive toys.

  2. Well, I'm old so video games don't appeal to me, but the ability to have a bigger screen when wanted is very appealing. Tables are nice, but they don't fit in your pocket.

  3. Yeah maybe in the future but for now you buy a top of the line and an tablet for the price of one MateX.. hopefully the price will be more reasonable soon.

  4. I didn’t need to see the unfolding and playing games on the bigger screen thing.

    Because I’ve already been imagining that from the get go of folding phones.

    But to see it in action OMG please let me be alive for the next few years to get to touch folding phones at least👌

  5. I've never liked gaming on a flat screen be it mobile or tablet…no tactile feedback makes it a bad experience

  6. Just saw Huawei execs pull out a phone from their jackets, unfold it and start reading a press statement for their new court case. That made me believe, no more need to hassle with a hefty tablet. the phone is large enough to read a presentation from it.

  7. They should make foldable tablet instead of phone. Most people don’t want forcefully carry a phone that has double thickness and weights twice as much EVERYDAY. But a foldable tablet will let people carry their tablet more conveniently.

  8. Gaming didnt take off on an ipad in the last 8 years why will it work on an android foldable screen now?

  9. for me it's change nothing , the problem with touchscreen is you don't have the same tacticle feedback then you would if it was a gamepad or a keyboard so you still have the problem of having to look at your fingers to see where your fingers are pointing.

    then for the price these devices are you can just get a tablet for the few time you need an bigger screen Instead and you probably still have enough money for a bluetooth keyboard like a logitech k480.

  10. I hate big phones but when I'm not near a computer or large tablet what do I do ? This is a question that the iPad mini once answered when I was travelling but it is no more, this looks like it may be the ultimate crossover. No the gaming aspect does not turn me on at all but the screen real estate for maps etc does. This will appeal to older people like me who hate squinting !

  11. I really like the idea of gaming in it! I would buy a folding phone if they got down to like 800$. Can't wait for the technology to get cheaper!

  12. 那么经常打游戏不如带个掌机。需要各种生产力不如带个surface 。手机这么厚这么沉这么花哨,不喜欢,真的也没必要。手机这些有的没的所谓的创新,为什么笔记本电脑都没怎么用,因为电脑再贵没人买了。所以这些只是提高手机售价的噱头。

  13. Well its back to 2005 whit the folding phones y,y next thing they might bring out will be a phone whit buttons, but that's way too crazy to think about.

  14. I'm still not really impressed with foldable phones. I do not see the point of a tablet in my life in the first place, and a foldable phone is more or less a pocketable tablet.

  15. 其实王者荣耀的操控很好,体验也挺好的,主要是里面的对局太糟心,匹配系统太垃圾。

  16. hey guys i am karim shakur 17 years old from Cairo – Egypt and i just want a simple camera to shoot some short films and music videos to get some money for the college please this will change my life for ever .. too many things in my life is depended on the camera please that will be so great from you … if you even could send me your old camera if you dont want it anymore or you could send me your broken camera and i will try to fix it please … H E L P ?

  17. I could buy a Microsoft Hololens for $2K. The problem with the phone, smartphone, iphone whatever is 1. broken neck syndrome 2. walking blindly into traffic syndrome 3. texting and driving syndrome 4. getting a new iphone every year syndome 5. switching between iphone and android (because it's not about the platform or the operating system it's about the app store)
    Also, the problem with a million different phones and operating systems while it drives change and growth is difficult for manufacturers to streamline production.
    And seriously, gimme interactive holograms in a shield in front of my face ALL DAY BABY!!
    and my thing with the touchscreen gaming, is it's not so much the platform, but app developers need to provide HAPTIC feedback when you are TOUCHING the BUTTONS!!! how hard is that? like if i can't FEEL the buttons I'm pushing, then how helpful is that in a video game where I need to FEEL the BUTTONS!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dave Lee, you should try and play pubg mobile with gyroscope always on, and put the gyroscope pretty sensitive. It plays fantastic! I never play pubg on pc anymore.

  19. I think its possible that the double sided smartphone will be crowned king over the foldable phone. it makes more sense as foldable phones will experience image issues over time due to the nature of the folding screen. Who knows though, something will eventually come along that makes smartphones look like old tech.

  20. I am all on board. I prefer the internal fold of the Samsung, but the full screen of the Huawei. I was using my iPhone the other day and was just thinking, you know for certain things I could see how it would be super cool to just open the phone up and have more screen. Especially if apple managed to add pencil support when opened up.

  21. Basically, a folding phone is the answer to not have to buy both a phone and a tablet, when you can have only one.

  22. I think that is really the wrong way.
    Phones should be back at being simple, reliable and especially important small so they are comfortable to carry around.
    If I want a big screen device I either use a computer or a tablet.
    How often would you be playing those games that it makes sacrificing the most important things in a mobile device which you carry everywhere?
    The iPhone SE was the last decent phone made.
    Good as a communication device, good enough as a camera, reliable, small and cheap.

  23. Naah. There will be reliability problems. The screen will need to have 99.9% to survive 5 thousand open/close cycles to really feel robust. I just can't see that. Failures on high price devices will be highly conspicuous and will scare off the second wave of buyers.

  24. I have only one question, Dave, and that is what kind of lights are those in the back and how are they outside a shell? I swear I can not find a type of these lamps that can be outside and function as a separete lamps. Thank you xD

  25. I still want the ROG phone, im not into Mobile gaming much, I just love how that phone looks and the specs 🙂

    Is it for sale yet?

  26. Personally i love the compact phone, but now when i look at the folding phone may be this is the nightmare for the developer and the gamer because the folding phone is not a compact phone anymore…
    now i use poco phone about 2 years, and the size of the phone is for me is good…
    thats what i thinking about this massive innovation

  27. Reading documents and articles on larger screen is better. But the tablet doesn’t fit in to my front pocket. I couldn’t care less about video games or multitasking. But for now, I have iPhone and iPad. Folding device will replace both.
    But I’m going to wait 3-4 years before I get one, prices are too high right now and tech is too new.
    Plus, how would screen protectors or cases would work??

  28. Hi can you please tell me what the tube lights you have in the background called and where can I find it thank you so much your channel is amazing and everyone should subscribe because you put a lot of research into them.

  29. I think multi-tasking is in fact a really cool thing, i can definitely see myself using it, my phone is in split screen mode 90% anyway, so if a cheaper option becomes available ill definitely be switching to a folding phone. Gaming aspect of it is also kinda neat, but the support will probs be trash.

  30. We need a folding ultrabook like yoga book c930 but with all of it being the screen then you could actually have 2 sizes of laptop in your bag. A small durable 13 inch touchscreen ultrabook and a massive screen to stop by connect an external keyboard and watch a movie or play a game with a big screen or you could just open it and start to draw! the only problems is the aspect ratio 😅

  31. i don't see the problem with foldable phones its quite interesting to see the feature thats why i like techs i don't see any big problem in it i mean its better than having to buy a tablet and a phone for example you can disagree if you want but i find it interesting in my opinion.

  32. I was so convinced by the multitasking like that guy watching YT & doing whats up.&use the browesr… That is what i need in my life sometimes you are watching videos & somone wants to talk to you on viber or tele or what'sup & you keep coming & going between the apps… It is just a torture & disturbing to me..when huawi foldable goes down to like 250to 300 i shall buy if i lived to that day… P. S i really hated samsung fold model… It is retarded & useful

  33. Does anyone wanna eat the folding phone? I don't know, when I see the picture of it I just wanna put my teeth inside of it..

  34. this would be cool if screen will not break or appear wrinkles or smth. Reading or editing documents wouldb also much better experience on bigger screen.

  35. Too bad mobile gaming is the most disgusting p2w bs. Even games where you could argue they're fair (compared to the rest) like Clash Royale, that game is still p2w.
    Being away from my PC and wanting to play games, I find myself looking for games on my phones, but god damn it is toxic.

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