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Foldscope Viewing: With your phone camera

Foldscope Viewing:  With your phone camera

To, capture images on your phone with your Foldscope… Take a third magnetic coupler and attach it with your phone using a ring sticker… or cellophane tape… whichever you prefer. I’m going to use a ring sticker, so I take… Another ring sticker, and make sure your peeling off the actual… Double-sided sticker like this and you might have to really… Nudge it so that it’s sticky on this side. Now… Put the sticker… around the camera… like this, and… peel off… The top layer so that now a sticker is around [the camera]. Make sure you’re facing the black side, and… Then put the… magnet coupler… So that the center hole is aligned with the camera… Like this, and just press it so that it’s securely in place. Now let’s mount your Foldscope onto your phone! After you’ve… Attached the magnet coupler onto your phone, all you have to do is… Attach the Foldscope, like this. Then now you can move around easily… Then focus your image using the focus ramp And take pictures whenever you see something very beautiful and interesting! Or alternatively you can take videos… And record your explorations… And your thoughts. You can also… Use a digital zoom like this and take an even closer look.

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  1. Some Issues to consider:
    1) THERE IS NO 3rd magnetic coupler on the foldscopes i got, so i used one from a second foldscope.
    2) for some reason, my iPhone 7 lens is somewhat magnetic and repels the magnetic coupler and it gets shaky while viewing and eventually removing the coupler from the phone
    3) android phones with two or more rear cams and uneven camera surface

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