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Fossil Q Smart Watch Teardown – Repair Video!

Fossil Q Smart Watch Teardown – Repair Video!

One of my favorite Smart Watches is a watch
made from an actual watch company, the Fossil Q. I’ve tried other Smart Watches but their
cheap feeling face and bands always leave me feeling like I’m not actually wearing
a real watch. And, well, now it’s time to do that thing
I do with every piece of tech that I like – take it apart. [Intro] As always I’m going to turn the watch off
first and then flip it over to the back so I can remove the 4 small Phillips head screws
that hold the metal band to the brains. It was surprisingly easy to separate the two
from each other. It’s literally just the 4 tiny screws doing
all the holding. Watches generally aren’t abused too much,
so the 4 screws will definitely be efficient…I was just a little surprised there wasn’t
more. Now the back of this watch is plastic – this
is because the wireless charging doesn’t work through metal so it’s plastic out of
necessity. You can see as I pull the black back off it
has some yellowish glue and a black rubber gasket. This Fossil watch has an IP67 rating – same
as the original Apple watch, so huge thumbs up for water resistance. You can see the metal contact points from
the wireless charger on the inside of the black panel. These just rest up against the two motherboard
pins to transfer power. And then from the motherboard the power goes
onto the battery. There are 3 ribbon cables here. The top two are for the LCD screen and the
digitizer. And then the bottom tiny little guy is just
for the battery. These are the same Lego-like connections that
we see on every single cell phone. There are two T5 screws holding the board
down. Remember, I always link the tools that I use
down in the video description. So if you want one of these tool kits, click
there. I’ll link the watch down there for kicks
and giggles as well. Now this board is soldered onto the watch
frame. This could be a way to ground the board like
you see in all the iPhones, but it is slightly unfortunate because it brings reparability
down a notch. Either way you can still see all the important
things from here and I can keep my watch functional as we review it. Down at the bottom we have the microphone
hole and its ribbon connecter. It just gets plugged into the motherboard
when the motherboard gets pressed back down into the frame. On the bottom of the motherboard we have this
battery. It is a 1.52 watt hour and 3.8 volts. And the little spinning doohickey over here
is the vibration motor for your notifications. As it spins you get the vibrating sensation
on your wrist. Now the gold part you see here with the ribbon
cables is the back of the LCD. It looks like this is the type of screen that
if you want to replace, you have to break the old one out of the frame first. I did a brief search for replacement parts
and I didn’t find any, but I’ll keep the video description updated if they become available
in the future. The button on the side of the watch has 3
golden contact points on the inside and you can see the motherboard also has 3 pins that
rest up on these contact points. So it can receive the signal from the button. I’ll push the motherboard and the battery
back down into place and make sure it clicks into the microphone plug. Then I’ll get those two T5 screws back into
place as well. And then clip the battery ribbon and the two
screen ribbons down like little Legos. At this point the watch can turn on…if it
doesn’t, the watch might need to be charged up for a few minutes to restore power to the
motherboard. Make sure that the plastic back of the watch
is lined up with the two charging contact points on the motherboard before putting it
down into place. And then the whole contraption can be put
back inside of the thick, heavy metal watch band and screwed into place. If you want to see one of the first Android
Smart Watches ever built that I took apart a few years ago, go ahead and click that link
on the screen. And hit that subscribe button if you want
to stay on the bleeding edge of tech reviewed from the inside. I took apart the Apple watch as well. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “Fossil Q Smart Watch Teardown – Repair Video!”

  1. How did i miss this video even with the notifications on. You make repair look easy /: hopefully more people get to know your channel and get their devices self-fixed

  2. Could you possibly tear down the magnetic steel charger for Apple Watch? The look of this watch reminded me of it and now i really want to see how it looks like all opened up.

  3. awesome teardown as always. I am wondering – do You have Pebble Time Steel lying around somewhere? I sunk mine and two of the resistors is burned down compleatly, but I can't see any info about them anywhere.. no schematics or just info. Is there any chancr that I could send a picture of resistors I need info about and You could send me this info, or at least send a pictore of this part? 🙂 thanks in advance!

  4. the heuwai watch is a really nice smart watch and one of the best I also like the new gear s3 classic for a smarter watch.

  5. i dont think you know what a lego is because you say everything is like a little lego when shit is nothing at all like a lego

  6. so you like smart watches but to look like a regular watch soooo you havent seen gear s3 clasic or maybe frontier

    ps sorry for the bad english

  7. zack, i am using the screenshot of this video (watch) to share this on real men real style page on Facebook.
    the purpose is to show that the smartwatch should be like that when it comes to style.

    hope you don't mind this and this will inturn give you more subscribers when i will mention your channel's name as a source.😃

  8. Hello there, love your videos!! That said, this is the version 1 of this watch, can you do this for the version 2.0?

  9. u should do the gear s3. almost no one tries to teardown that smartwatch and it's one of the coolest ones out there

  10. Hey Zack, will you also do a Tissot watch teardown? I know it's not exactly tech but there were some Tissot watches that you did a side by side scratch test with…

  11. From the thumbnail it looked like an actual watch that he was taking apart, no idea that it was a smartwatch.

  12. Were you able to determine the Intel Atom 34xx processor model? They conveniently leave out the last 2 numbers of the cpu in their listing. Thanks for the video.

  13. I have had a few smartwatches and I have found them to be a joke. Must be charged everyday, no GPS for most, hard to see in bright light, etc. To me an automatic watch looks much nicer too.

  14. I had a fossil q founder, it bricks just bcs i updated the software. I did claimed my warranty but still, it bricks after software update. Really not recommend it.

  15. Got a fossil Q watch 2016 and it´s now being repaired 🙁 Got the hybrid watch and the face stopped completely 🙁 Still my favourite watch. (excuse my english)

  16. Mine isn't holding a charge..
    Do you have a video on that, also
    Is that fixable?
    Or should I just get a new watch?

  17. Hi Zack my fossil q founder gen is not turning on or charging, any suggestions or where l can buy a replacement battery?

  18. Ight so my Qmarshal won’t charge..idk if it’s the charger or the Watch itself…can u please explain to me how to fix it? It’s always staying at Two percent

  19. Zack I know you probably won't see this, can you tell me how hard the screen is? Do I need a screen protector or is it like a 6/7 on mohs scale?

  20. So, if I wanted to coat the mobo with silicone conformal coating, I will have to desolder it? Thanks for this informative video.

  21. Ive got the same watch but i lost the little screws on the back, Where could i find the screws to buy them? Someone please help!!!!!!

  22. So for my 18th birthday I was gifted one of these watches, I love it very much but the crystal keeps fucking breaking. I thought it may have been my fault on the first one but it happened again a week after I got it fixed and i just cracked on its own. I hadnt warn it that week and I went to put it on and saw a bunch of cracks in it. It was $35 to repair.

  23. Hey Jerry is it possible for you to do scratch test for Fossil gen 4 explorist smart watch, it's new and has great features. but would like to know the durability of the watch

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  25. My Fossil Q gen 3 when im in display time it always show the "Swipe in another direction" & after that it goes to welcome to Wear OS… But i already set up the watch.. It feels like im always pressing the crown of the watch but its not… How can i fix this issues? Please help..

  26. I have accidentally pressed in power-on switch and it's stuck inside… now it is not coming out…how can I pull it out .. plz…help

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  28. my fossil Q explorist is not starting now..

    It was working fine since yesterday i am facing this problem..

    Its rebooting once the logo of Fossil appears

    can you please help me out with it..?

  29. Can you replace the actual battery of these watches? Mine stopped charging altogether and still want to keep it. Any help would be appreciated!

  30. i like this modular design like 4 screw you can change the case floating watch case like moto 360 1st to 2nd gen?

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