8 thoughts on “FreePBX 101 v14 Part 12 – Inbound Routes”

  1. Care to elaborate on why we shouldn't run faxes through FreePBX? I've been using Flowroute and Cisco SPA112's with FreePBX for faxing and it has worked flawlessly from day one.

  2. How does freepbx handle its MOH, 5 calles on hold, does it start playing its playlist from start for each new, or does it add them into an existing playing playlist ( like adding them to a radio) Which is my next Q, freepbx MOH with a radio/external mp3/CD player, input into a soundcard etc?

  3. Hi Chris, I think I have everything set up that I need to on the VOIP server, but I am having trouble with incoming calls. I have a Unifi network. Do I need to do anything specific to allow the outside world to connect to my VOIP server? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi sir, my phone call connected, but if receiver press number then only able to voice activated . like i call another extenstion, ringing –> attend the phone –> no voice untill i press any number send DTMF –> then i can hear the voice.. kidnly help me to solve the issue

  5. Hi Chris, If my site got 3 extension numbers (101, 102, 103) how to set inbound route? because the destination can select only one extension number. so mean every incoming call will go to one extension that selected right?

  6. Excellent video Chris! However, a question came up; would FreePBX allow for displaying a company name on the phone (provided the phone has a display) based on the inbound number dialed?

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