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Fried Fair Food Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

Fried Fair Food Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– Triple-decker hamburger
made out of a doughnut. I’m going to make Steve eat one of those. Steve’s going to eat a
triple-decker hamburger out of a doughnut. (upbeat music) – All right, where are we going, Colin? – We’re going to the
Los Angeles County Fair. – Are you going to win me a prize? Excited? – [Colin] I’m excited. – [Freddie] Whoo! – [Steven] Oh my God! – I already see, like,
nine things I want to eat. – Doughnuts, cookie dough, now you know. – We’re going to play a
little game of telephone. We’re going to go to one booth, – Eat that amazing food, ask them what their favorite booth is, go to that booth, – And then we’re going to go
on, and on, and on, and on, – And by the end of this, I plan to have what everybody
has at the end of a fair, a sunburn and a stomach ache. – Let’s go! – Our fair chaperon suggested
we start at Chicken Charlie’s, which sounds fine to me,
I always can eat chicken. And look at that booth! Woah! I think we have to get a
Totally Fried Guacamole, the triple-decker burger, and I think we need some fried Oreos, too. – [Steven] Are we going to eat all that? – [Colin] Yeah! – We’re at booth number one guys. – Fried guac – Oh my god!
– Fried guacamole is awesome. – It’s literally just guacamole with a layer of dough around it. – It’s kinda healthy, right? – The crispness of the fried batter is really, really on point. – This is maybe the grossest
concoction I’ve ever seen, and I love it. – Triple-decker burger
with Steven’s favorite, Krispy Kreme doughnuts. – Glazed, I don’t need you
anymore Freddie, I’ve got this. – It’s sweet, it’s savory, it
tastes like a heart attack. – The meat and the doughnut
are the same texture. I will say this is a
balanced meal, though. Like we have the meat,
we have the veggies, and now dessert. – I’m not mad at it. – Wow.
– I love it. – I was expecting, like,
to crunch into the Oreo, but look at that, they
somehow made the Oreo into a soft, gushy, pleasant surprise. – If you were a 10 year old,
which would be your favorite? – [Steve] Fried Oreos.
– [Freddie] Fried Oreos. – If I was 10, I still
think Fried Guacamole would be my favorite. – You were one of those kids. – 10 on the 10-year-old scale for sure. – Totally. – Heart attack variable, 10. – Yeah, I’m going to have
one in, like, 20 minutes. – 11. – Creativity? – I give them an eight. – Total score 28 out of 30. Almost perfect, but we can get better. – If you weren’t going
to eat at your booth, what other booth at the fair, do you think would be where
you would get your food? – I keep hearing a lot
about fried watermelon. I do not know exactly
the name of the place. – A fair legend, I like it,
okay, fried watermelon it is. (upbeat fair music) – [Steven] You alright there? – Yeah, just covering up. It’s like the Sahara out here. – We’re on the hunt for the
booth with the fried watermelon. We don’t know the name of the booth, we’re just rolling with the punches, seeing what we stumble upon. – Do you guys have fried watermelon? – Argh! We’re going to have three
sticks of fried watermelon? Should we get pineapple, too, guys? – [Colln] Let’s do two
watermelons, one pineapple. – [Woman] The best upside-down pineapple. – That is crazy! – [Woman] Here is the
queen of the deep fried, it’s the deep-fried watermelon. – [Freddie] I don’t even have words. – Fried watermelon? It’s like, you’d think
it would melt, right? – No, still super fresh, still– – They picked this
watermelon out yesterday. This is fried pizza. – Cheers guys. – [Steven] That’s how you make pizza. – [Colin] Uh huh. – [Steven] Why is this not done more? – That’s weird, I like it. – [Freddie] Super flaky. – It has the taste of a pizza, and the texture of a glazed doughnut. – If I was 10, I would love this. – Heart attack, this is not going to
send you to the hospital. – Six – Creativity, I give it an eight. – Yeah, I mean, it’s pizza, fried. 10 plus six, plus eight, is 24. We gotta ask them where we’re going next. – If you’re not eating
at your own lovely booth, where else in the LA County
Fair do you like to eat? – Well, let’s see, we’ll eat at Pepe’s, which is over on Palm. – [Steven] You ready? – Pepe’s it is, let’s go! – [Steven] Go. You guys are standing there, let’s go. – Hi, I’m Lola. The number
one item that I sell, I started with the fish
tacos, the grilled fish tacos. It’s healthy, guilt-free. – This straw is for Steve,
I don’t want his cooties. – [Steven] You guys ready? This is like Taco Truck all over again. – Day one guys, it’s a throwback. This taco is for you, Andrew. (inspirational music) – Cheers, Colin you always jump the gun. – I always forget the cheers. – Yes! – The best part, not fried. – [Steven] If I worked at the fair, I’d probably eat here a lot. You just get so tired
of all the fried food. – You don’t get tired of fried food, you just have to stop
eating it or you’ll die. – This place gave me a
whole new pep in my step. I was starting to feel a
little weak at one point. – Yeah this is a good,
like, palate cleanser. I think our rubric should be scratched. This is our intermission. – Because on the heart
attack scale, it gets a one. – And you don’t need a heart
attack to have a good time. – We were told that the best
funnel cake at the fair, is at the Mad Hatter. – Funnel cake, scary animal, let’s go. – We’re gonna get one Holy
Moly Double-decker Funnel Cake. We got chocolate-dipped bacon, and a double-decker funnel
cake with strawberries. – [Freddie] This is my cutie for the day. – What is going on? – Cheers, guys. – What do you know
about chocolate, Steven? – I know absolutely nothing. – I’m not a fan. – Me neither. (laughs) – It just tastes like
chocolate-covered paper. – Ew. – It’s not bad. – Funnel cake, it’s why
they invented the fair. We’re going to give you a heart attack. – This isn’t your normal funnel cake. – Nope.
– It’s so light. – It’s not actually a heart attack. – It’s not crazy sweet. – It’s starting to look
like a heart attack though. That’s for sure. – 10-year-old factor, this is a 10. – This is a 20.
– 10. – You find me a 10 year old
who doesn’t like funnel cake, I’ll show you a very, very sad kid. – Creativity? – It’s sort of light and feathery. – It’s different. – And it’s also a double decker. Which adds a new element. – For me, nine. It’s a visual heart attack, wasn’t exactly a heart attack though. Fried guacamole, that was a heart attack. This is, yeah, like a seven. 26.
– Yeah. – Really good. – Solid score, funnel cake. We made it.
– We made it. – We made it.
– LA County Fair. – We learned that the fair is a great place to go once a year. You go more than once a year, you’ll be on your back. – I’m going to explode
right now, actually. – Should we get some more,
uh, fried guac on the way out? – Yes! Peace. (jazzy upbeat music) – You do not want me behind
the wheel of a car right now.

100 thoughts on “Fried Fair Food Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad”

  1. I'm from the south and we have really good fair food…..

    But the rest of my family is from the north and they have THE BEST fair food I have ever tried!

  2. Well, I am a sad child. I don’t like funnel cake (every time I eat it I feel like I’m gonna vomit) and I literally have depression 😂

  3. Fair food is the food equivalent to alcohol. It’ll screw you over, you shouldn’t eat too much of it, it can definitely kill you or wreck your health, and school encourages us not to have it, but yet we love it anyway and have it when we wanna have fun.

  4. Their first stop was a chicken stand, Colin commented on how he can always eat chicken, and they didn't get chicken. They got a burger, fried oreos, and fried guacamole. wat.

  5. Mmm! I love fair food. Elephant ears, elotes, curly fries, corn dogs, chicken gizzards, fried pickles, fried cheese curds, kettle corn! And that fresh squeezed lemonade!

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