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Fuji Guys – Fujifilm Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 – First Look

Fuji Guys – Fujifilm Instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 – First Look

Welcome to the Fuji Guys channel my
name is Billy. Today we’re going to talk about the new
Instax Share Printer , Fujifilm’s Instax Share smartphone printer SP-2. This little
device allows you to make prints directly from your phone or tablet via
the Instax Share App and allows you to print it on basically Instax mini film. So
if you’re interested to learn more about this product and how to make prints from
your phone or tablet keep on watching! Let’s take a quick look at the hardware
itself. Now the share SP-2 printer of course comes in two different colors
you got the white with the gold trim, there’s also now white with a silver
trim. So in the instead of last year’s SP-1 which is really a glossy all white, the finish itself is more reminiscent of
some of the new luxury, you know, cell phones out there in terms of its color
design. It’s also shaped or it’s a little bit
more, modernized not as round like the original. Now the side of the device
itself or the printer itself has the power button of course, you got a little
reprint button on the side just like the Sp-1 printer, so when you do send print to the printer itself from your smartphone or tablet, it memorizes that image and
whether you even turn it off turn it on if you want to make multiple prints you
could and this is, of course, very beneficial when you’re at a party and
you have taken you know a picture of with three people in it and you want each one to have the exact same print, you can do that, you know, where as as the Instax you know, cameras themselves whether it’s the Instax Mini 8, the
mini 90 or the mini 70, your first shot is always going to be that original you
can’t really duplicate it. You can take another shot but it’s not really the
exact same shot so again they repent but is useful for doing sort of group shots
and kind of sharing your prints. The printer itself includes rechargeable NP-
45S batteries the same type of lithium-ion batteries
are included in some of the Fujifilm Finepix camera so it is rechargeable.
That is new for this model compared to the SP-1 which used CR-2 batteries which
is a one-time use so that’s really great. There is a charge port on the side here you can see and basically it’s a micro USB. It comes with a micro USB
cable. the only exception of course is that it
doesn’t have that AC wall plug so you’re going to have to take the AC wall plug
that comes with your smartphone or tablet and use that to, of course, charge the printer itself. In addition to
that you can get an external wall plug charger which is optional if you want to do
that just like some of our other Finepix cameras. On the bottom of the device
itself you have the battery door you can open it up as you can see that
is a slot to insert the NP-45s battery there’s also even an indicator in sort of a
yellow / orange little tab to kind of match the insert so that you have the
batteries inserted correctly. OK, looking at the top of the printer of
course is whether film ejects on the back of the printer itself you have the switch to unlock the film
door now there’s a button that you have to
hold down and then slide, and then it allows you to open up the back of the
printer. As you can see it takes, of course, instax mini film when you open
up this package you’ll notice that you want to match the yellow little tab here
to the yellow indicator that’s on the film itself to that you have it inserted
correctly. If you try to insert it incorrectly you notice it jams up a
little bit you want to be very careful in doing so. Once you have that closed
for the very first time, the printer automatically will eject the protective
cover that goes in front of every single film pack to prevent you know a
incorrect exposure on the very first frame on the front of this little printer you
got some LED lights you got for little LED lights for, of course, the indicator of
how much film is in it because it takes the 10 packs. You have ten little LED lights and as
you, of course, make prints that will, of course, decrease, that information can
also be seen when connected to the Instax share app itself which we’ll talk
about later in this video. Now there’s also an LED indicator for
the battery charge so when you plug it in it does change colors to indicate the
level of charging and of course when it’s fully charged it will show up in green to let you
know that that’s the case and really that’s really the the major
differences in terms of hardware. We’ll talk about later the print quality
as well as the print speed. So just keep staying tuned! So whether you’re looking to upgrade
your SP-1 or you’re buying your very first instax share printer, there’s some good
improvements over the original SP-1. The sp2 in terms of press speed is now much faster up to 10 seconds in order to make
a print we’re in the past it was slightly slower so if you want to take a
look at this you can see some of the print speed compared to the SP-1 versus
the SP-2. The image quality has also been boosted up to now the resolution of 800
x 600 but what’s more important is that the DPI is now at 320 dpi. So it’s going
to give you a bit more contrast and a little bit more finer details so that
the images when you do print from your your phone or your tablet it’s going to look a little bit more
sharper than compared to the original share printer. Now there are some new updates to the
app itself in terms of some custom filters, you have brightness and contrast
controls now, you know, whether you did that before through a separate app on
your tablet to adjust the image before you send it to the printer or you
actually use the Instax Share printer app itself to make you your color
corrections, that little feature has been added There’s also a new template in the app
itself which we’ll show you that allows you to split the image so that if you
wanted to make you know a picture with two prints it’s going to separate that one image
and allow for two prints to come out and as you attached together you kind of have a little bit of an
enlarged print. That’s a nice neat little template. Of course you have you know the
constant templates through the year for Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, stuff like
that as well as the things like, real-time templates, that take
information, weather information and location information from your tablet or phone and embedded and create that and print it
out onto the Instax film itself. Ok so that just really just some of the
new improvements over the SP-1 Let’s quickly talk about the Instax Share app. The app itself is available for iOS and Android devices and, course available for
free. So when you click on that app it opens
up the share app now what you need to do is configure the app itself to find the printer so what
you’re going to do is turn on the printer and have it switched on, going to
the settings there’s a little bit different options
now with this latest update to the Instax Share app to support the SP-2 printer. You are going to select printer model settings and you want ensure that is selected to
SP-2 if that’s the device that you own which it is. Then you want to check out
other settings in here it’s going to search for the printer and automatically
connect to it, of course, which is obviously a Wi-Fi wireless connection so
that allows us to you know for up to eight different devices to connect at
the same time. Really good if you’re looking at weddings and wanted to share
your pictures, everyone has a smartphone and if they’re taking pictures they can
make some fun prints send it directly to the printer. you can also even password protect the
the printer itself. The default password, of course, is 1111 when you first
initially connect but then you can turn off the password or you can change the
password to what you like. Ok so once you have it connected you got
your app right here you can choose from images that are in your gallery. I have some right here and, of course, you
can make prints directly if you want to do no editing or you can actually click
the edit button on the top here. You can add filters from and a new intelligent
filter that actually uses Fuji’s Image Intelligence technology to
determine the scene to make sure that it’s bright enough and to make sure the subject properly exposed and that the colors and contrast are correct. You also got black-and-white, sepia,
filters as well that you can do. So if you wanted to do black and white you can
with the printer where with the Instax camera of course everything is in color. Ok now going back out of this you can
obviously add contrast and brightness so I’m going to just brighten up or darken
it down just a little bit okay in addition to that of course you have ability for different templates like I mentioned earlier. So you have you know
Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and some other templates are available and it’s
organized in in a in a unique way seasonal, limited editions,
which you can set 10 print and it will be 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10 or something like that. You can even photo split which I
mentioned earlier allowing you to take one picture and having it print two out.
So you know what let’s just give that one to tried to see how that works We’re going to connect-, click on connect and print, and it is going to search for it, connect and it should technically with
this new template print out 2 instax mini film of my one single image and
I’ll show you near the end of this once it’s fully exposed what the picture looks like, as you can see. So there you go that’s the very first
print that’s coming out that’s connected and then once that comes out we’re going
to take a look at the second one that should automatically come out because
this is that dual split option as you can see it’s still connected, sending the second picture as well so as
that comes out you notice of course this is where your picture exposes not on the
back and I see many people look at the back and waited 5 minutes and no image
came up. you don’t really need to do this (shake / dry) in fact, I prefer not to do that because the chemicals inside will react slightly
different so i would just leave it alone okay, you don’t have to shake it like a
Polaroid, if that’s what you want to do and as you can see right here, this is
the second pictures and once it comes out I’ll show you what that that
finishes. Ok again the app itself is not much
different but the design is a little bit more modernized. I really like the way
things are made now of course you can choose images that that on your facebook
page or Instagram and it will make prints directly from that site and give you
that Instagram / Facebook logo so it’s kind of cool to see and like anything
you can take photos directly from the app or you can just have photos either
on your camera roll and or From Fuji camera connected directly to make prints
directly to the printer itself. You also got a re-print option and
saves all the pictures that you have done so you can choose and automatically
send that print to the printer again. So that’s just a really quick look at the
Instax share app for the SP-2 printer. So my my last discussion was with the
printing of pictures to the Instax Share printer and I know that you can use your phone and your tablet using the Instax Share App, the new app available. Earlier
we took a picture that we kind of did a little double frame here as you can see,
it took one picture and spread it amongst two different pictures as you
can see it really cool-looking collage. I know some have tried to do
that separately by manually doing it but of course you know now you can have that
built into the template itself. It’s also very very fun little feature. The printer
itself has the ability to connect directly to our Fuji cameras that have
the wireless capabilities so if you take a look at the bottom of the printer
you’ll notice that there’s actually an SSID number that indicates, of course, the
the ID to connect to the camera. So on the Fuji cameras that have the
ability to connect to the Share printers you want to go into the the
Wi-Fi setup go into the Instax Share option and enter that SSID number that’s
found on the bottom of your printer. Once you have that set you can instantly
basically make print directly to the printer itself . Although it doesn’t
give you the flexibility that you have with the Instax Share App in terms of, you
know, change it to black and white or adding some fun filters but you know if
you’re on a travel assignment and you have this with you and you want to
really quickly send an image and give that to someone who use maybe taking a
picture of it maybe they’ve never seen a photograph before this is a great little
product to kind of do that and this is a great little feature built onto the
printer as well as Fuji’s wireless cameras that have that capabilities so
that you can share that print directly. And it’s a lot more enjoyable as
well so you’re not really taking from from them when you’re taking pictures
especially in in in third world countries where maybe again like I said
they’ve never seen a photo before and you know this is one good way of sort of
giving back before you leave that, leave on assignment from there.
So again that’s really just a first look overview of the Instax Share
SP-2. I’ll be doing more videos on this product so hopefully you enjoyed the
video itself. I hope you subscribe to our YouTube
channel and follow us on twitter @fujiguys Until then I’m Billy of the Fuji Guys channel.

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