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Funtouch OS 9 Top 20 New Features | Vivo Funtouch OS 9 Based On Android 9 Pie | Updates | Changes

Funtouch OS 9 Top 20 New Features | Vivo Funtouch OS 9 Based On Android 9 Pie | Updates | Changes

Vivo Funtouch OS 9 Based On Android 9 Pie
Launched in 2019. According to Vivo the new Funtouch 9 has around
72 new features, 55 optimizations and 263 UI improvements, all these making a simpler,
smarter and more beautiful interface for better user experience. Here is the list of Funtouch OS 9, Top 20
New Features: 1. Very Low Power Custom Dynamic Style:
In addition to displaying the time, you can now choose a personality that matches your
personality, making your phone the same whether it’s front or back. The excellent AMOLED display now offers a
unique experience with a very low power custom dynamic style. 2. Brand New Stock Wallpapers:
In the design of wallpaper, it is no longer limited to a specific image, but a new form
that has never been seen before. It has a cloud-like shape as light and soft
as a petal, and has a translucent material that is transparent and shiny, while the thin,
flap-like shape gives it a richer layering. 3. Customizable Icons:
The simple icons make the whole desktop visually natural and comfortable, and the experience
is more efficient. The smart icons can automatically recognize
the color of the wallpaper and change the color to make the picture more comfortable. The shape of the icon can also be customized
by the user’s preferences for the square transformation. 4. Brand New iMusic with lots of Resources:
In addition to the massive music resources, imusic also provides a wealth of audiobook
resources, audio novels, comic dialogues, storytelling, emotional programs, knowledge
courses to choose. 5. Dark Mode:
In dark mode, you can feel more immersive dark visual effects. This is not a simple change of color, UI elements
are deeply adapted for dark colors, just to give you a more pleasing picture. 6. Jovi Voice Assistant – New Visual & Interactive
Design: With the new look of Jovi, your voice assistant
will change your face and give you a more enjoyable visual and interactive experience. 7. Game Countdown:
With this countdown floating window, you can boldly cut the game to the background and
do other things while playing the king’s glory and stimulating the battlefield. You can see the start or waiting time through
the floating window without worrying about missing the best time. 8. Cloud Photo Album:
Store album data in the cloud, manage your photos and videos anytime, anywhere, and save
a lot of storage space. 9. New Quick Center:
Functional actions that would otherwise require multiple steps can now be combined into one
shortcut, and clicking on the shortcut will automate this series of operations. You can discover more shortcuts such as a
friend circle, photo messaging, WeChat friends, and tomorrow reminders. 10. Scan It – Inbuilt Scanner:
Your life is so convenient that you only need to sweep it. No need for cumbersome steps, pick up the
phone and quickly scan the vehicle fault code, payment code, QR code and others very easily. 11. Smart Desktop or Sidebar:
Unlike other android OS, Funtouch 9 also get its own Smart Desktop or sidebar for quicker
access to apps, widgets and others. 12. Soft Gradient Effects:
Explore the trajectory of time on things expressed in fashionable design symbols. It helps to provide relax and cool effects
to user experience. 13. Shared Album:
Invite your family and friends to join the shared photo album and share photos and videos
in real time across the system. The moving pictures of baby growth, companionship,
and friends gathering are passed on each other. 14. Short Video Mode :
A short video mode that meets your multiple wishes at once, customizing your beauty, real-time
video effects, custom music, up to 60 seconds of shooting, and saving HD videos locally,
so you can’t stop. 15. Super Night Scene Mode:
Super Night Scene mode can bring you more stunning night photos, brightness and noise
are no longer the short board of night photos, give you more confidence to freely shoot your
favorite night photos. 16. Upgraded Time Lapse Photography:
The time-lapse photography function is upgraded. In addition to automatically adjusting the
double speed, you can also manually set different speeds to meet the shooting needs of different
scenes. 17. Wisdom Screen:
Long press on the screen, a magical magic ball will give you all kinds of surprises. Identifying image text, collecting article
and efficiently processing text using vertical services. 18. Jovi IOT – To Connect Smart Devices Seamlessly:
Seamlessly connect smart devices with Jovi IoT, set timing and location scenarios, and
let smart devices interact with you. Easy life, everywhere. 19. Jovi Wisdom Scene:
Jovi can provide a full range of scene sports services, in addition to helping you record
running and cycling data, as well as sports, weekly newspapers, sports target customization
and other services to help you plan your sports time and let you go in a more scientific way. 20. Revamped UX Design:
A large amount of white space makes the visual focus more concentrated, and the picture is
more refined and open. Vivo try to reduce the obstacles of all vertical
visual extension, and agree with the visual transparency of full screen. At the same time, the integration of more
brand colors makes this breath more clear and energetic.

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