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Galaxy A50 and A30 Review: Finally, Great Budget Samsung Phones!

Galaxy A50 and A30 Review: Finally, Great Budget Samsung Phones!

This year, Samsung has come back with a completely
reimagined idea about its affordable phones: the J series are gone and replaced by a brand
new A series. Hello guys, my name is Vic Christoph with
PhoneArena and we have two of these new A series on hand for a review: the Galaxy A50
and the Galaxy A30. While these two differ noticeably in price, they share the same screen
size, the same battery size, and the same interface, so we decided it would make more
sense to review them in one place, mentioning the differences along the way. So… let’s get started. Both the Galaxy A50 and the A30 look well-made
and elegant: they are thin, they feature a slightly curved back, and you have minimal
bezel around the screen. The back of the phones also reflects light and transforms with it
in all sorts of interesting patterns, adding further style points. Look closer, though, and you will notice that
the back of these two phones is not glass as it appears from afar, but is instead plastic.
We were extremely careful handling these phones yet despite all the care, the Galaxy A50 that
we used without a case quickly gathered a few scratches, so we are not sure how well
these phones will age. Two features worth mentioning are the presence
of the good old headphone jack, so you don’t need any clunky dongles, and the lack of any
form of special water protection. Now, if we had to pick just one favorite feature
in Samsung phones, this would without a doubt be the screen. And the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy
A30 both come with excellent displays. Both have the same 6.4-inch 1080 x 2340-pixel Super
AMOLED display protected with Gorilla Glass 3. These screens are an absolute joy: they
are sharp, they come with rich, vibrant colors, they get plenty bright, and they just look
good, significantly better than the screens on other rivals. One of the major differences between the A50
and the A30 is the fingerprint scanner. The A50 has a fingerprint scanner embedded under
the screen, while the A30 features a traditional fingerprint reader on the back. So… the
A50 should be better, right? Well, not really! The optical in-screen fingerprint feels like
a bit of a disappointment. It often fails to get a proper read and you need to try unlocking
the phone a couple of times before it finally works. On the A30, on the other hand, the
traditional fingerprint scanner is fast and works reliably and accurately every time. In terms of interface, both phones are powered
by Samsung’s latest One UI based on top of Android 9 Pie. This is the same software that you get on
the flagship Galaxy S10 series, and it’s the best version of TouchWiz so far. It feels
less cluttered, a lot of things are optimized for easier one-hand reach and you have a few
useful new features like a dark mode for night use. You also get the option to switch to the gesture-based
navigation that can replace the traditional three-button Android nav, which is nice. Both the A50 and the A30 are powered by octa-core
Samsung-made Exynos chips, but different ones and there is a tangible difference in the
actual performance. The big takeaway here is that neither of these
two phones feels very fast or smooth, but the A30 specifically often feels a bit sluggish.
You commonly see dropped frames, animations are not as smooth as on many other phones
and so on. For us, this is one of the major downside of affordable Samsung phones, and
these ones are no exception. There is one more big difference between these
two phones and it’s in the amount of on-board storage. You have a generous 128GB of on-board
storage on the A50, while the A30 has half that at 64 gigs of storage. Both phones also
support microSD cards for memory expansion, should you need more storage in the future. Let’s get this out of the way: while technically
you get a triple camera on the A50 and a dual camera on the A30, there is not a huge difference
in terms of actual camera performance between these phones, and that extra camera on the
A50 is a depth sensor that is only used for portrait mode shots. During the day photos have pleasing colors
on both phones and the difference between the A50 and A30 boils down mostly to the amount
of detail where the A50 has the upper hand. The ultra-wide angle camera on both phones
is a useful addition during the day, as it allows you to capture some interesting perspectives. In low light, neither one is great, but the
A50 captures sharper photos, while the A30 photos look mediocre. As to the ultra-wide
camera at night: you’d be better off not using it at all on both phones, the photo
quality really is not good enough. On the video side, video recordings max out
at 1080p at 30 frames per second, but the bigger limitation is that you cannot switch
between the two cameras, so once you start recording with the main camera, for instance,
you cannot switch to the ultra wide one midway. The lack of 4K video is also a bit strange,
especially on the pricier A50 model. On both the A50 and the A30 you get a single
bottom-firing loudspeaker. The A50 is the slightly louder one of the two, but the sound
on both lacks any form of depth and is very, very tinny, piercing the ears as you listen.
Again, we don’t have sky-high expectations, but sound quality via the loudspeaker was
still a disappointment. On a more positive note, we did not have much
of an issue with the in-call speaker on these phones. The earpiece is located right above
the front camera and you get a sufficient amount of volume and a decent amount of clarity
during calls. The best thing about the A50 and the A30,
however, might just be their battery life. Both come with equally sized 4,000mAh batteries,
and they both last a long time. The two scored great on our proprietary battery
test with results close to the 11 hour mark, longer than most flagships by a good margin.
In real life, this should translate to close to two days of use on average. You also have
support for quick charging on board. The chargers that come in the box with both phones output
a maximum of 15 watts and it takes around an hour and 40 minutes to recharge the phones
with them. Just as you’d expect in 2019, both new A series come with a USB-C port,
but there is no wireless charging support. So… let’s sum things up. The new A50 and
A30 are basically the same phone with the same screen, same battery life and same reliable
Samsung experience, but with slight differences in cameras and performance power. The Galaxy A50 costs around $300 and the Galaxy
A30 is sold for $230, and both phones are available unlocked at retailers like B&H. Is it worth paying the extra money for the
A50 considering that the differences from the A30 are not that huge? Yes, if you care
about gaming and performance, but for everyone else, we are not convinced you should spend
the extra cash for the very slight upgrades that you get. And this rounds up our review
of the new Galaxy A50 and A30. Thank you so much for watching this, thumbs up if you liked
it, subscribe for more, my name is Vic Christoph and I will talk to you next time, right here,
on PhoneArena.

100 thoughts on “Galaxy A50 and A30 Review: Finally, Great Budget Samsung Phones!”

  1. After the system updates the finger print problem is gone, I just got an A50 and after all the updates the fingerprint scanner is pretty effective

  2. As usual a paid channel. So much cover for these lousy phone that full of gimmick and bashing xperia 1 before the release and now Xperia one releases but no cover. Lousy paid channel

  3. Despite mediocre processors I will always buy Samsung phones, because it lasts for years. Chinese phones may have amazing specs but they won't last.

  4. Бихте ли направили клип за Galaxy M20. Видеата ви са доста приятни! :Д

  5. Can either phones play 1080p60fps or 720p60fps without a problem? I currently have the j3 Luna pro and it constantly goes to a black screen and the audio still plays when it switches to 720p60fps

  6. Both seem to be great and good looking phones, I will buy the a30 to my mom as a present for mothers day. Thanks for you review.

  7. I think most Samsung budget phones – except high end – have inferior speakers. A sad thing, though the technology is there.

  8. Watching this on my Coral Orange galaxy a50. It's not pink! It's Coral Orange ! And it's beautiful.

  9. J series are replaced by the M series not A ones , Also the indisplay finger print problem is solved through an update.

  10. I have sold A30 becoz of its speaker… Now using oppo F11. it has a decent speaker.. But I miss amoled screen.. so if A50 has better speaker than A30 then i will go for it… I hope u have reviwed both. so can u eloberate some difference in speaker of A30 and A50.. by the way pls for reply.. its Ali from Pakistan..

  11. Guys who have the A50,
    Is the fingerprint that slow? Or can you fix it by adding multiple fingerprints for one finger? And some say it has been solved by an update just recently, is that true?

  12. Thank you for helping me to decide on which model to get. I love the review. Keep up the good work =D

  13. In the same price range.. which other 2 phones would you prefer.. considering the 3 main points: Plastic back, bad camera, poor gaming

  14. Have the a50, thought it was the best value in the A series range with the triple cameras. Love this phone its perfect besides one thing. The power button is on the same side as the volume buttons and they feel the same so often when i go to adjust volume i hit the power button and put the phone to sleep which is so annoying.

  15. PhoneArena does not take this review properly. They always say more downsides of the phones which are not even true. Speakers are great. Scanner is great. Camera is super good. Everything for them is a downside

  16. Its sad to see that a phone reviewing channel with 1 million subscribers doesn't know anything about phones, the A-series has been there since 2014 and the M-series replaced the J-series. And BTW One UI and touchWiz are completely different things

  17. I purchased the A50 for my son, he loves it. A very nice display, above average cameras, a 4000mamp battery, 6to7hrs SOT, not to shabby. Micro s/d support & headphone jack. I picked it up on Amazon for 296.00 after taxes. He loves it!

  18. This dude should never do any Samsung reviews or attend any the Samsung note 10 event after that dumb article posted by him on the website. How is he going to suggest removing the s pen from the note line?

  19. How do I change the charging animation? When I plug-in my A30 it covers the whole screen but I want a minimalistic animation for it. Can you help me out?

  20. Does anyone know which networks work with the A30 and A50? I want to purchase one of the two but not sure if they will work with my network and apparently you have to bring the phone in for them to tell you??

  21. Samsung after 2016 is low quality phone . My phone 2017 and 2018 Samsung broken lcd after repair is badly and no life lcd . No buy Samsung no no . I buy Nokia and enjoy my life Nokia 6.1 is better for people with big finger

  22. The back has made glastic but it's called plastic not a glastic because samsung are put shiny put a reflective back to look like s10 plus glass back

  23. I don't really trust gaming reviews for phones. It all depends on how much apps you are running, storage,graphic settings. He may be running the game in high settings you don't know that's why its slow. I think I'm gonna get the a30 very similar to the a50 I don't think it's worth the extra money. 💵🤔

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