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Galaxy Nexus Screen Repair and Charging Port Fix

Galaxy Nexus Screen Repair and Charging Port Fix

Alright, so today I’m going to show you
how to take apart the Galaxy Nexus. There are six screws all around the outside. I’ll
speed this up. Also keep in mind this is the Galaxy Nexus, not the Nexus, not the Nexus
S, or the Nexus 4. This is the third Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus. Google’s gotten pretty
creative with their naming system. Anyway once those six screws are out just take your
pry tool and slide it around the outside of the screen and it will…there are a few different…there
are a few snaps on either side of the phone as well as along the top and bottom. And once
those are out the screen lifts out of the back casing. Here you can see the three pins.
There are also three water damage indicators. To take off the bottom part of the phone,
there’s only one screw and then the whole plastic piece just kind of snapped into place.
So wiggle it a little bit and it will pop right out. It also has the little ribbon cable
as well. One thing I really like about this phone, with all the new Samsung phones they
have the charging port as it’s own part of the phone and it’s not connected to the
motherboard. The ribbon cable is…the first one is to the charging port the second one
is to the screen, and this is the third one. So right now I’m going to lift off the motherboard,
you can see on the side of the phone there is another cable that’s attached right here
that needs to be pulled off. And then those three ribbon cables and this one wire cable
are the only things holding the motherboard in place. Just kind of wiggle the motherboard
out. The camera is stuck inside a little plastic slot so you just got to wiggle a little bit
to pull it out. Right here the front facing camera can be detached; you just flip up this
little lever, you can pop the camera out, slid it back in and then clamp it back into
place. So if you ever need to replace your camera that’s how to do it. I’m going
to show you how to remove the charging port cuz usually that’s one of the main things
that go out in cell phones. So there is sticky tape holding it down into place and each one
of those little segments has a little kind of guiding hole that help it fit onto the
screen itself. And this is also held on with sticky tape. So just kind of pry it away.
Then to put it back into place just make sure it hits each of those guiding holes so it
sits right where it came from. I’ll try to post a link in the comments of where you
can buy these just in case yours does go out. Those are the guiding holes. To put the motherboard
back into place there is this little ribbon cable that attaches to the bottom of the motherboard
so clip that on first. Then you can fold the motherboard over, making sure to keep the
ribbon cables on the outside. The top of the motherboard does need to slide into place
first; there are little plastic brackets along the top of the phone that hold the motherboard
into place. So right here I’m kind of wiggling it and pressing it in underneath those brackets
so that it will sit tight against the phone. There shouldn’t be any wiggling room. One
more cool thing you can see right there underneath my thumb, there’s the scan disk, like that’s
where the memory is, the built in 32 gigabytes. I wonder if they’ll ever come out with a
64 gigabyte where you can just swap it out. Looks pretty simple kind of like a permanent
SD card. I’m just going to clip this wire cable back in place. All the ribbon cables
and wire cables are kind of like Legos; you just put them into place, they only fit in
one direction and you just got to snap them in. And then this wire cable has guiding brackets
along the side as well that I’m going to push back into place. You can reattach the
bottom plastic piece with the correlating ribbon cable and snap that in. And then push
the back into place as well, making sure to go around the outside of the phone and press
all the little clips which attach the screen to the back housing. Then all that needs to
be done is just slide the screws back into place. And that’s it. Relatively simple.
Samsung is usually pretty solid with their design. Anyway, if this helped you don’t
forget to “like” the video and don’t forget to subscribe. I’m usually pretty
quick with getting new phones showing you how to take them apart. Thanks for watching.

39 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus Screen Repair and Charging Port Fix”

  1. Thank you. Mine was very slightly different, but very close. If like me your volume and power buttons fall out, get them back in (volume on a small peg) and tape them in. Again, nice work.

  2. My phone says it is charging but now won't turn on …any advice or do you think maybe the battery is super dead?

  3. I fixed my phone with this video. My Galaxy Nexus wouldn't charge anymore when it was turned on, but it would charge when turned off. So, yeah I'm an engineer now…

  4. Thanks, that was easy until I plugged it in and nothing happened.  I checked the connections 5 times but can't get anything to work.  I noticed in the device manager when I first plug in the USB that a device pops up that says OMAP4440 but goes away 2 seconds later. Any ideas?

  5. Great instructions, just what I needed. First-time phone disassembly & part replacement successfully completed with your help. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the video. Somehow my galaxy nexus a bit different than yours. I had to unglued power and volume button to remove mother board and also little round thing at the bottom left of motherboard. Just tough letting you know. Mine was bough on Rogers in Canada. It show i9250m.

  7. I am determined not to give up on my GNi9250. I was charging it when it fell with the cable  still connected and it stopped charging but I could still access my media  only it wont charge.The phone works fine and so I take out the battery to charge it externally but this is a hassle. I had the port replaced by a tech but it still wont charge!! I love that phone and I want to fix it myself. Any Idea what else could be wrong?

  8. @3:09 what is that exact item you are holding in your hand. Mine burned out on my phone, like as in almost caught fire :S

  9. Worked! Thanks for posting.

    For others reference, some nexus's are slightly different and have a round metal thing on the bottom left, which is glued to the charger. You need to pry that off, then proceed as the video shows. Happened on both my phones, might be a Canadian thing.

  10. Great demo for dis-assembly. Changed out the charging circuit in hopes that was my problem but still the same condition. It shows charging but does not actually charge. Any insight to what the most likely cause of the condition would be?

  11. Thanks for your help! I fixed my phone! Seems to be working but I might have done something that messed up the screen because after fixing the charging port, the screen has lines on it. Wonder what I did.

  12. Thanks so much man you help me out and probably u saved me few Hundreds bucks. I just spent only 3$ for the tools and 
    $4 for the charging port and they asked me $100 to fix it

  13. Just used your guide to repair my GSM Galaxy Nexus. I followed your below advice and as I type my phone is charging next to me. Awesome job – thanks!

  14. bro need help whenever i on my phone it suddenly turned off.. what maybe the problem bro? thankyou 🙂 and what should i do.. thanks bro

  15. Thanks very much for your clear video instruction and easy to understand step by step narration . It gave me the confidence to repair my Nexus charging port cable. Excellent Job!!

  16. Perfect video. Not too long, or quiet, or blurry, or fast.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. When I was att he store the guy said I was wrong, it a Google Galayxy Nexus. I tried ot explain that this was the first version ever released before Samsung sold the phone off to Google. Had to pop it out of the case to show him the Samsung logo. I think this is why my guts look only slightly different than your video. I have an extra ribbon cable beside the power that is underneath, so I had to ensure I folder the mobo over instead of complete removal. Also I had a small speaker from the mobo overlapping the USB port (also stuck with tape).
    I finally got my port in and all back together and the reason I bought the replacement was due to the pc not recognizing my device any longer. Sadly this issue persists, and as bad as the old charging port looked it seems functionality was not gained. I need to connect to pc to try and rollback/reinstall an older OS as the new Cyanogen mod I updated kills the battery in less than 5 minutes and drains the battery even when turned off.
    Thanks again for your great video and if you have any suggestions fro me I'm all ears. Next step is to try and get a full charge on external charger and see if I can factory reset within those 5 minutes of grace.

  17. Wow indeed a nice video. I guess i'm going to fix up my old Nexus then… wanted to try to root it a long time ago anyway. Cheers bro

  18. Hejda, i have questions. Why does my nexus "hard shuttdown" when i drop
    2. why does the battery and my hole back form my nexus smell like coconut

  19. Tried this on the international version of this phone that I got in Costa Rica. Phone is totally different inside and this destroyed the phone.

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