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Galaxy Note 10+ ضد iPhone XS MAX .. المقارنة الشاملة🔥

Galaxy Note 10+ ضد iPhone XS MAX .. المقارنة الشاملة🔥

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs the iPhone XS Max. These are the most powerful devices in Android and iOS. Let’s make a comparison between them. Peace be upon you all, this is your host, Faisal Alsaif these are the two most powerful devices in both operating systems. The first one is the biggest and latest one from Apple, which is the iPhone XS Max. There is a year difference between the iPhone XS Max and the Note 10 Plus. The Note 10 Plus was released a month ago with specs and features that are not existent on the XS Max. Let’s start with the comparison between both of these devices, which every company thinks it is the best. Let’s start with the design. The Note 10 Plus design is different than previous generations. It is made from glass and aluminum with curved screen and a cutout that houses the front facing camera. And for the first time, it comes with 4 rear cameras, and the design is vertical. The iPhone XS Max is the same design as the X. It is made from glass and stainless steel with a notch up top that contains sensors for face recognition. The sensors can be used for additional features. The frame is from stainless steel with dual rear vertical camera set up. Who wins the point? Design is a personal matter. Both devices are very elegant, and it depends on you. If you prefer the notch, go with the iPhone, and if you prefer the cutout, go with the Note. For me, I will give a point for each device. The screens are clearly different between both devices. You will notice that the iPhone has small bezels, but the Note comes with smaller bezels. The length of both devices is different, resulting in a bigger screen in the Note. Not having a notch is a win for the Note. The Note only comes with a camera with no sensors. What are the numbers? “The Screen” The Note comes with a 5.8″ Dynamic Amoled Infinity-O Display, and it occupies 91% of the front. The resolution is 3040×1440. It also comes with 498ppi, supports HDR10+ and has an in-display fingerprint sensor. The iPhone comes with a 6.5″ OLED Super Retina DH display, and it occupies 84.4% of the front. It is nearly 6% smaller than the Note. The resolution is 2688×1242 with 458ppi. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 True Tone, 3D Touch and 120Hz touch input. Who wins the point? Both screens are made by Samsung. Both are great, but the Dynamic display on the Note is better. The screen is bigger with the device getting bigger. The screen is bigger with better PPI density. It also occupies more of the front of the front. The point goes to the Note with all appreciation to the 120Hz touch input in the iPhone. To be honest, Android and iOS are the biggest two OS with huge adoption. Let’s not forget the UI of every manufacturing company. 5 years ago, the situation was different. But now Samsung, Huawei and other companies make sure that their UI is the best for Android devices. It is true that they try to develop their UI, and you can see it in the sidebar, S Pen and all the Note features. The huge gap between iOS and Android have vanished in the past 2 or 3 years. Let’s check if both operating systems are similar or not. “Operating System” The Note comes with Android 9 with One UI from Samsung, which is considered a clean, light and practical UI. The OS supports Sidebar apps and S Pen shortcuts. Let’s not forget that this time, the OS supports S Pen gestures. For example, if you open the camera app, press the button on the pen and move to the right, you will change the photography mode. If you move the pen up, you will switch between the cameras. By the way, the gestures are supported in apps like Youtube and others. More apps will support it in the future. This time, the Note doesn’t have a Bixby button, but you can summon it using the power button, which also can be customizable. Bixby button has now become the power button. The iPhone comes with iOS 12, which solved the problems with the previous iOS 11 version. Notifications has been modified and the Shortcut app has been added, which can change the way you use the device. Who wins the point? Both operating systems have their own features, but you will have dive in to get to know them better. That’s how you can choose the more suitable OS for you. If your current device is an iPhone, you will feel more comfortable with the iPhone. And if your current device is an Android, you will feel more comfortable with the Note For me, I will give a point to each device. Both operating systems are sufficient, especially with the UI from Samsung There is one year difference between both devices, so are the CPUs. Both of them are built on 7nm. Samsung was late, but now the Note has a 7nm CPU. Samsung also included the NPU. What is it? It is the Neural Processing Unit. The unit enables AI on the device to analyse the commands in a quick way. With this unit, the camera will be able to recognize the scenes. This feature made the device more smart. For me, the NPU is not that sufficient and users wouldn’t profit from it in a direct way. It just enables AI, but you will not feel it as a user. It will feel like the AI is doing the tasks. Let’s see how the CPUs compare with each other. “The CPU” The Note comes with the Exynos 9825 with 8 cores and 7nm built. It offers a great performance. It supports AI and NPU. This unit uses AI and machine learning. It enhances the camera functionality and recognizes scenes and the OS in general. The iPhone comes with the A12 Bionic with 7nm built. A series from Apple are known for their performance and fluidity. They’ve always won the CPU performance. In Geekbench 4, the Note scored 4485 in single core and 9996 in multicores. The iPhone scored 4801 in single core and 10895 in multicore. Who wins the point? Both CPUs are great and offer high performance, but still the A12 Bionic leads the numbers But the NPU and the Machine learning makes the Note win the point. The CPU of the iPhone is powerful, but the Note CPU offers better options for the users despite the geekbench results. The Note takes a point for the high efficiency and NPU, and another point to the iPhone as it leads the numbers in Geekbench. Since Samsung ditched the front sensors, the front camera still enables you to unlock the device but it is not secure. Unlike the iPhone with the security of the Face ID. Unlocking the device has more options on the Android and less on the iPhone. You either use a 6 digit passcode or face recognition. The Face ID is highly secured, and the passcode is less secure. If someone learns your passcode, they can unlock the device, but they can’t use your face to unlock it. On the Note, there is an in-display fingerprint sensor, and it is really hard to remove a fingerprint. It also supports passcode, and pattern. Don’t use face recognition, though. Let’s compare the two. “Secure Unlocking” The Note offers a number of options, like the pattern, passcode and face recognition. I don’t advise anyone to use face recognition as there are no dedicated sensors. And for the first time in Note series, this phone offers an in-display fingerprint sensor with great performance. Let’s not forget that this device doesn’t have IRIS scanner and face recognition. The device also supports the Knox software, which protects your device. The iPhone offers two option, which are the passcode and Face ID, which is hugely developed from the first gen in iPhone X. It works really well on the iPhone XS Max. You can use it with other apps. Who wins the point? For sure the point goes to the Note as it offers more unlocking options. It is also the first Note device to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. With all appreciation to the iPhone as it offers Face ID, which has been hugely developed since the first gen. Twins can still unlock the device, but not all people have twins. For those who watched my coverage of the Note event, for sure you have realized how much Samsung spoke about the cameras and photography. The Note series isn’t only for businessmen, it is also great for videos and photos. After you take a number of photos and compare them on a computer screen, you will notice that photo processing on the iPhone is great. On the Note, it is still great, and some people prefer it. But videos are really great on the Note. Imagine you want to focus on the audio while taking a video, the Note will do just great. This feature was available on the HTC before, but Samsung brought it to the Note and enhanced it with the rear and front cameras. It is a great development in the camera department. Let’s analyse both of them. You will have to check what’s better for you. “The Camera” The Note comes with 4 rear cameras. The first one is Ultra wide 16MP with an F/2.2 and 123 view degree. Samsung considers it as a human eye view. The second camera is a wide lens 12MP with interchangeable aperture from F/1.5 to F/2.4. It supports Super Speed dual pixel with 77 degree of view. The third one is Telephoto 12MP with an F/2.1 aperture and 45 degrees of view. The forth one is a VGA sensor for depth and isolation. The cameras come with OIS and support HDR10+. The front facing camera is 10MP with dual pixel technology, F/2.2 aperture and 80 degree of view. The iPhone comes with dual rear cameras, the first one is 12MP wide with an F/1.8 aperture. The second one is telephoto 12MP with an F/2.4 aperture. Both support OIS and Smart HDR. The front camera is 7MP with an F/2.2 and supports Smart HDR. Both devices perform great in HDR, but this time, the Note performs better as colors and brightness are better. In low light, the Note also performs better. It also offers Night mode. In Portrait mode, both devices are great. The Note offers a dedicated lens for depth, resulting is better Bokeh photos. In still photos, the iPhone offers warmer photos, while the Note offers colder ones. The colors are more natural on the iPhone. The Note offers wide and ultra wide photos. This will enable you to take capture more details than the iPhone. Which only supports wide angle. Both devices support 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. Both devices record 4K videos with 60fps and the OIS is excellent on both devices. Yet, the Note offers the Super Steady feature, which offers better OIS while moving. In videos, the Note offers to change from normal to wide to ultra wide lenses. In low light scenarios, the Note will perform better, but the video is still unclear. WIth the iPhone, it will draw less light and there will be noise. The front facing camera is better on the iPhone as it deals better with colors and brightness. The lightness on the Note is better but the colors on the iPhone are more natural. The Note photos are still a little cold, but it is up to the user to decide what they prefer. It also offers AI photography, where it gives you the best settings for the scene. It also supports Mic zoom. It focuses on one thing and tries to isolate the sound coming from the surroundings. It also supports AR in videos. It also supports auto focus in videos. This is one of the styles it offers. You can make great videos with this feature. This black and white style is als supported. This is also the Bokeh mode. It also supports the Bubble mode, which process it directly. It is only available on the Pro as it has the fourth camera. This is a video test of both devices. Both are in 4K 60fps. Notice the smoothness and the great angle in 4K. This is how both perform in natural light. The options for the 4K video on the Note are way more. It supports Mic zoom, better OIS and more. Let’s change to FHD 60fps and see how both perform. I changed my mind and decided to go with 30fps. But why? The Note doesn’t support auto zoom on 30fps. But now, I can change between 3 lenses on the Note: the ultra wide, wide and normal cameras. Maher, can you come here, please? I will also you something and you answer me, ok? What do you think of the reviews of the Note 10 Plus? It is a great device with lots of features. But the size of the device is too big as I prefer it one-handed. But I might enjoy using the Note 10 not the Plus version, as I could use it one-handed. – This was a test of the mic zoom. Thank you Maher.
– Thank you too. Have you noticed the sound with Maher? I can zoom twice on the iPhone. This is the only thing you can do with the FHD. This is how both cameras perform in zooming. We’ve tested the 4K native and FHD 30fps. This is a test of the front facing cameras on both devices. This the angle of both cameras. The Note offers a wider angle lens, and this is how both perform with natural light. This is the difference between both of them. This is how smooth both cameras are. You can see the difference in angles by noticing how much content is available on the Note. This was a test of the front cameras. Samsung have fixed the stabilization so vloggers can use it to create videos. This is another positive thing on the Note. This is it. What do you think? I am also testing this watch. Stay tuned for the review. I have to try everything. Both devices support slow-mo at [email protected] The Note can record [email protected] Who wins the point? To sum it up, both devices will offer a great experience The iPhone is better with Snapchat and Instagram, but it is not from the device itself, it is from the apps. The Note offers more choices, which will enrich the photography experience. The point goes to the Note. The Note will also receive updates t the camera, which will make it even better. Samsung have added 4300mAh battery this time. Apple haven’t changed their battery system, but the batteries inside iPhones last for long. Especially with those who use the Max. Snapchat doesn’t drain the battery quickly. I haven’t used this device for long, so the battery isn’t equipped yet with the NPU and AI. But the battery size and fast charging makes it easy for you. Samsung include a fast charger in the box, but they don’t include the ultra fast charger with 45w they’ve announced in the event. I have to try to find the cons and pros of this step. It is not good that you don’t include the fastest charger, just just what Apple does. But to be fair, the iPhone comes with a small watt charger, unlike the Note. But at least, Samsung include a fast charger in the box. “The Battery” The Note comes with a 4300mAh, and the device supports charging up to 45w. But the charger doesn’t come in the box The charger that comes in the box supports 25w. It also supports fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, where you can charge Qi certified devices. The S Pen battery lasts for 10 hours, and it also supports BT. The iPhone comes with 3174mAh battery, and it supports fast charging and wireless charging. But it doesn’t come with a fast charger Who wins the point? It goes to the Note. The number leads to the Note. It is true that it doesn’t come with the fastest charger, but it comes with the ultra fast 25w charger. While the iPhone comes with a standard charger. The Note also supports 45w charging and reverse wireless charging. Let’s not forget that this might change in the upcoming 3 or 4 months. Which devices offers better connectivity and storage? “Communication and Storage” The Note offers 256GB or 512GB of storage with 12GB of RAM. It also supports another SIM card or an SD card up to 1TB. The iPhone comes with either 64GB, 256GB or 512GB with 4GB or RAM and it doesn’t support an external SD card. You can connect the Note to your computer using the integrated Dex feature. You can connect it to Windows or Mac devices. But this feature hasn’t been received yet. It also supports Link To Windows feature, which enables you to move your files and answer phone calls on your computer wirelessly. The Note supports WiFi 6 and both devices supports NFC and payment methods. You can use Mada Pay on the Note device, while you can use Apple Pay on the iPhone. Both devices support BT5 and cloud services and surrounded devices due to the maturity of both devices. Note supports connectivity faster than the iPhone. But it also depends on your carrier. Both devices support WiFi Calling and VoLTE, but it also depends on your carrier. Who wins the point? For storage and connectivity, the Note wins the point, with all due respect to the iPhone. Additional features is one of the most important points in this comparison. Don’t worry about those who think the iPhone is better or Samsung is better, or even Huawei. Check what are your needs first. You will have to make up your mind to see what additional features are better for you. Having a Pen on the Note is a great feature, but not all users will use it. If you don’t use the Pen a lot, then don’t consider it. There are people who use the Pen a lot, but not the majority. Intertainment, sound, ecosystem are what’s important. Atoms, Dolby and HDR10 are the features to look for. HDR10 is available on Netflix. The Note offers HDR10+. It is hard to choose. Let’s do the comparison. “Additional Features” The Note has the Vapor Chamber technology, which is the thinnest water cooling system from Samsung It helps with cooling the device, and it works really well. You will notice it when playing games or making a live video. The iPhone doesn’t have a cooling system, but it balances the heat using software. Both devices come with personal assistance, where the iPhone comes with Siri and Bixby on the Note. Both assistant are way behind Google Assistant. You can install Google Assistant on both devices. Both devices support IP68 water and dust resistant. The S Pen also supports IP68. If you have an Apple Watch, Macbook and Apple apps, the iPhone will work seamlessly with them. The ecosystem is really great. Apple have reached huge maturity with it. If you are a Note user, then the connectivity with surrounded devices is really high. Samsung also offers 360 cameras, VR headsets. It also supports Smart Things ecosystem, where you can connect to other devices around you. You can connect to smart homes and devices around you. This is also available on the iPhone using the Home Kit, but Samsung has more sensors that can enrich your experience. If you have Samsung devices at home like a Smart TV, then you will have a great experience connecting to your TV. Who wins the point? It is called Additional Features. It might be important for some people, and really important for others. I will give a point to each device. You will have to check your ecosystem first, and you will know what device to go with. A point to each device. Both companies are competitors. They want to add more value to their users. Customers have the right for more features as the prices of both devices are more than 4000 SAR. Apple and Samsung have to offer their best for their customers. All other devices of course, but in this video, we are talking about these two devices. If you break the screen, you will have to pay lots of money. The Note comes with a guarantee card to replace the screen. With the iPhone you can pay extra 200 SAR, and it will enable you to change the screen with a cheap price. The screen is the most important part of the iPhone. The screen on both devices are the very important part. These devices wouldn’t be this expensive it wasn’t for the screen. The screen will enable you to enjoy the content among other things. Both devices have to offer the best. You will have to ask for everything when it comes to maintenance and screen replacement. The additional price you pay to get a warranty is worth it. “Prices & After Purchase Services” The price of the Note starts from 3999 SAR for the 256GB, and it is available with Aurora Silver, aurora white and aurora black. It also comes with a 25w charger and a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack. It also comes with AKG headset and a transparent cover. But it also depends on your region. If you pre-order it, you will get Samsung Buds and a 800 SAR warranty card. And it also depends on your market. In Iraq, the pre-order is different. Samsung Warranty is available along with a dedicated team for customer services. Samsung also offers a number of accessories like covers, screen protectors, chargers and others. The iPhone price starts from 4499 SAR for the 64GB version. Other currencies are available on the screen. The available colors are gold, silver and black. It comes with Apple’s headset and a charger You can pay 200 SAR for Apple care, where you replace the screen twice in two years for a cheap price. iPhone accessories, official or not, are available everywhere. There are official maintenance centers and you can call them anytime to fix a problem you’re facing. Who wins the point? In my opinion, prices have become really high. Make sure of your needs before you buy any device. The point goes to the Note, as the price is less and it comes with additional things like the fast charger and the cover. With all appreciation to the iPhone as it keeps its price with time. But how many of us buy an iPhone just to sell it after a year? And how many will buy a phone to use it to its full potential. It is clear than the Note has won this comparison in tech and numbers aspects. The Note has won the comparison. But before we end the video, I have to say something really important. Why didn’t the iPhone get more points? Why did the Note won the camera competition? The iPhone must bring more features to the camera with third party apps. Photo processing is amazing on the iPhone. But the video processing and night mode on the Note are also amazing. iPhone users have the right to get these features. It is coming to the next iPhone for sure. I am very excited for Apple’s next event. Storage is always less on iPhones. iPhone users want an SD card or bigger storage. I don’t need to pay extra for cloud services. I pay 10 USD every month to get an additional storage on the iCloud. Do I not have the right to store all my stuff on the device without having to pay extra for more storage? If the battery is bigger, it means I can use the device more. I also need a fast charger in the box. If not, then give me a charger that fully charge the battery in 1.5 hours. It would be very depressing to use the charger that comes in the box with the iPhone when you use a fast charger. A fast charger charges the iPhone in 1.5 hours. Why do I have to wait for 3 hours to charge the device? We need more. This competition makes companies compete and develop their devices. This phone comes with an easy ecosystem, while this has way more connectivity and features that you might not use half of it, but they are still there. This is the end of this video. What next comparison we should make with the Note 10 Plus? Glory and praise be to Allah. I witness there is no God but Allah. I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Him. I am sorry for the long video, but there are things we need to say. Numbers prove which device is better. Peace be upon you all.

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