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Galaxy Note 10 The 2019 Windows Phone

Galaxy Note 10 The 2019 Windows Phone

Obviously the windows phone is dead and
it’s been dead for quite a while now but what Microsoft is hoping is that the
brand new note 10 from Samsung can fall into its place with this unique
partnership they’ve formed with each other so do me a favor and take two
seconds press the like button as it does help me out a ton I’m gonna walk you
through a lot of the features that have come from Samsung and Microsoft’s
partnership that make the note 10 kind of the de-facto phone for a Windows
laptop user so the no devices have always been kind of a business oriented
phone you’ve got the stylus that long battery life the big specs the big
display its kind of positioning itself for that contractor or businessmen that
really needs a lot of power out of their day-to-day device but some of the
features that are staples of Apple’s lineup with the Mac books and the
iPhones is something that the Android Market has really struggled with and
that would just be a general file transferring directly to your computer
or pulling up messages or photos from your phone on your laptop or desktop PC
and Windows has made some great strides with the your phone app in the past few
years to make this a lot easier for Windows customers not to mention the
fact that most people are on fast internet nowadays and you can just
upload things to Google Drive and download them off your PC but it’s now
going to get even easier and with Microsoft’s partnership with the note 10
it should be a lot more similar to what we’ve seen on the iPhone so the Galaxy
Note 10 is going to have a built in feature for Windows users that’s called
link to Windows is going to allow you to sync your photos files and documents
directly between your Galaxy Note 10 and your Windows PC whether that’s a laptop
or a desktop similarly Microsoft’s onedrive which is
their cloud storage competitor 2 like iCloud and Google Drive is going to
directly integrate with the note devices so you can access all of your windows
files on your note in the same way that you’ll be able to access all of your
note files on your Windows PC and Microsoft has even said that later this
year they’re going to be integrating calls
that come to the Galaxy Note phones right into your Windows laptop just like
the Mac does so theoretically if you’re working on your PC and you’ve got a
headset then you should be able to take calls
right from your phone on your laptop or desktop computer so that’s all it’s the
competitive advantage that the MacBook has had but the ability to answer I
phone calls and FaceTime video calls right on the Mac as well as the awesome
file transfer that comes from airdrop and iCloud Drive but perhaps one of the
most compelling features of the Apple ecosystem is iMessage and Samsung is
actually going to be able to compete in this method as well because of some
brand new features that are bringing to Samsung decks if you don’t remember
decks it was introduced in the Galaxy Note 8 and it’s been iterated on each
generation so DX is essentially Samsung’s windowed operating system of
Android that can run on a monitor with a keyboard and mouse in the first
generation of this product it was launched on the Galaxy Note 8 and you
had to use a special dock to connect your Galaxy Note 8 to a monitor which
could then support a keyboard and mouse via bluetooth this feature then got a
little bit better the following year with the note 9 because you could just
use a single USBC cable to connect to the monitor you didn’t need a
proprietary dock but now it has improved even more because you can connect your
phone to a computer rather than connecting it just to a monitor so this
will now work with your laptop and you can directly use the keyboard and
trackpad on that laptop while using decks from Samsung so you’ll be able to
access all the Android apps you have installed on your phone using the laptop
you already own and better yet this new version of decks doesn’t completely take
over your desktop in the way that it would the monitor because it’s not the
full operating system it’s actually an application on the operating system so
when you’re on your laptop you will actually see a window within the
operating system that you’re using whether that’s Mac OS or Windows that
contains the Dex operating system within it so in the same way that you’re able
to open the messages app on your Mac and access all the AI messages from your
iPhone you’ll be able to click on the Dex app and access everything that’s on
your note and I can mean that you could use multiple messaging apps so maybe
you’re using whatsapp and signal Android messages lots of different messaging
options that there are on Android even Instagram direct anything that has a
application you’re going to be able to pull up directly from your computer
which is a really big deal so with the link to windows feature in combination
with the onedrive integration you’re going to be able to transfer
files between your phone and your PC with the same ease as iCloud Drive then
with the call integration that’s coming later this year that’s going to directly
compete with FaceTime audio and voice calls that you’re able to take on your
Mac and with decks within a window you’re going to be able to message the
same way that you can on your Mac with your iPhone but actually with even
greater capabilities because you can use a wide variety of apps that are
available on Android so this set of three features really allows the note in
combination with a Windows laptop to directly compete with a Mac paired with
an iPhone beyond this windows features are going to be directly integrated into
the note phone such as LinkedIn office that includes Word outlook all of these
apps are gonna come pre-installed on the note and you’ll actually be able to
order the note from the Microsoft Store and get some bonus Microsoft store
credit and things like that so this is really a strategic partnership for both
companies because it allows Samsung’s device to be more compatible with a wide
array of devices and it also allows them to have a partner like Microsoft who can
run their own advertisements for the note devices it also allows Windows to
better compete with Mac OS because of the fact that they have integration with
a phone in the same way that Mac OS does with iOS and not only that it’s also in
Microsoft’s best interest to discourage people from purchasing iPhones and
encourage them to purchase Android devices because while the note 10 is the
first phone that we’re seeing Microsoft integrate with I don’t think it will be
the last Android is obviously a very open
platform and easy to integrate with I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future
we start to see more and more Android phones but with from Samsung and other
manufacturers able to directly integrate with Windows through these file transfer
systems and also the call acceptance and this integration is something that
Microsoft would never be able to achieve with Apple obviously the iMessage
platform is very closed off as well as FaceTime and they’re never going to want
to give Microsoft an advantage over Mac OS so the Android platform is really the
platform that Microsoft wants their users to be on because it allows them to
integrate with their users and Samsung has of course become the brand of their
choice particularly in the note line so while a Microsoft’s phone did not
succeed the Windows Phone is not around anymore it definitely seems like they’re
headed in the right direction with this integration with the Galaxy Note 10 and
its ability to integrate with their platform I do think it would be really
exciting if we start to see more and more phones able to work more closely
with Windows because that’s always been one of my major complaints is that it’s
so difficult to transfer files from Android phones to Windows computers and
all these new features are things that I’m going to be extremely excited to
test out in my full review of the Galaxy Note 10
later this month so if you guys are interested let me know in the comments
below and maybe I could even do a full video just about the Dex feature of the
galaxy note n its ability to be within a window on a computer operating system is
really really intriguing so if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a
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4 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10 The 2019 Windows Phone”

  1. In my opinion bro the (Windows Phone) needs to make a comeback… we need more options then just IOS and Android!😎

  2. I think this is a really good business move. I know a lot of people with windows laptops but apple phones so that may be changing soon🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Good breakdown. Looking forward to this pc/android synergy, as someone who works via desktop.

    I noticed your under desk headphone hook. Can you share your source? I'm looking for just that sort of thing, for a full-size set of headphones.

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