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Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

Galaxy S10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Test Comparison

– What’s up, guys? Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another SuperSaf-style camera comparison, the much awaited one between the Samsung Galaxy
S10+ and the iPhone XS Max. You guys know the drill by now. We’re going to be checking out
all aspects of the cameras, front, rear-facing, images, video, low light, audio, all of that stuff. Check out the audio icon. We’re currently using
the front-facing camera at 1080p from both devices. We’re going to test out the stabilization, so just going to walk for a bit. Okay, now let’s run. (gravel crunching) Right, so now we have
switched to 4K video recording on the S10+ from the front-facing camera, so we’ve got 1080p scaled
up and 4K on the S10+. Now, I don’t believe we’ve
got stabilization at 4K, which is why I started with 1080p, but we will take a bit of a walk. (gravel crunching) Doesn’t seem to be too bad. All right, we’ve just moved on to the rear-facing
cameras on both devices, recording at 4K, 30 frames a second. We’re going to test out
the stabilization, so… Let’s go down this way. Let’s start off with a walk now. Let’s go ahead and run. There’s a new feature on
the S10 called super steady, and that’s supposed to give you some really good
stabilization in your footage, but I only realized that
it goes back down to 1080p when you switch this feature on, so we are now at 1080p on
both devices to make it fair, and let’s go ahead and
test out stabilization. (gravel crunching) Let me know what you think. Just testing out the autofocus firstly on the XS Max, super fast. Same test on the S10+. Once again, super super fast. So that was the video. Now, before we move on to images, let’s have a quick look at
what we’re working with. For the front-facing cameras, the S10+ does have a higher
resolution and a wide aperture, but it also has a secondary
front-facing camera, which is going to be used
for depth information. For the rear-facing cameras, the iPhone XS Max has two
and the S10+ has three. The iPhone XS Max has a regular as well as a telephoto camera. The S10+ has those, but
it also has an ultra-wide, and you will see the use cases of this later on in this video. And all images that you will see have been shot on automatic. I haven’t tweaked any settings, and that’s to keep things
as fair as possible. Let’s get straight to it. So starting off with some selfies, I think both are doing
a really good job here, great dynamic range on both. The S10 seems a tad brighter, and another thing that you have on the S10 is wide-angle selfie mode. Now, it’s not actually using separate lenses as far as I’m aware. It’s possibly using software, and this allows you to get
much more into your shot, so if you want to take some
group selfies and things, this is definitely going to be useful. Now, I wanted to test
out the dynamic range from the front-facing cameras, so I went in front of some bright light. And here you’ll see that, although the iPhone is a tad
brighter in the foreground, it has blown out those
clouds in the background whereas the S10+ has a more balanced shot, and I do prefer the S10 image here. Now, testing out some selfie portraits, of course these are very very popular, here, I like both, both are
doing a really good job. They’re not perfect in
terms of edge detection. On the iPhone, my hair
is a little bit blurred, and on the S10+, my ear
is a little bit blurred, and the S10 has also blown out some of the highlights near my cheek, so overall, I do prefer
the iPhone image here. Now, doing another test
with portrait mode, I prefer the image from the S10+ here. Edge detection is definitely a lot better. On the iPhone XS Max, my hair is blurred and my ear is also blurred. This is not the case on the S10+. The S10+ a little bit brighter here, but it’s not blowing anything
out, so I don’t mind that. Now moving on to some low light selfies, here’s where I go outside and take selfies in complete darkness and
look like an absolute weirdo all in the name of camera comparisons. And here, the S10+ is producing
a much brighter image, and that is thanks to
the wider F1.9 aperture. And if you use the front-facing flash, the S10, once again, a little
bit of a brighter image, and it’s also a tad sharper, so I would say that, in low light selfies, the S10+ does get the win here. Now, moving on to some outdoor shots, so using the primary camera. Both doing a good job here, a little bit more contrast on the S10+, and the shadows have a little bit more detail on the iPhone XS Max. That’s something that it
definitely does tend to do, pulls out details on those
shadows thanks to Smart HDR. But overall, I like both images, and I think it’s going to come
down to personal preference. Now, if we use the
telephoto cameras on both so we can get optimal zoom, both doing a really really good job here. I like both images, very useful to have. Now, here’s a perfect situation where you can use that ultra-wide. So here’s the normal shots, and boom, here it is with the ultra-wide. Just check that out. Look how much more you
can get into your shots with that ultra-wide camera. I absolutely love ultra-wide cameras, and this image really goes to show why. Now, I wanted to test out the
dynamic range on both cameras, so I shot directly into the sunlight, and here, both are doing
a really really good job, but the iPhone once again is pulling out more details in those shadows. Now, this might look a little bit unrealistic to some people, so I do think it’s going to come
down to personal preference, but if you are talking
dynamic range solely, then the iPhone does get the edge here. And here’s another situation where the ultra-wide makes sense, and boom, look at that. Look how much more you’re
getting into that shot all from standing in the same place. Now, going into a close-up, so this was in harsh sunlight, both doing a good job here once again. The S10 looks a little sharper, but I do prefer the colors, they’re a little bit more
balanced on the iPhone XS Max. I think it’s going to come
down to personal preference. Now moving on to portrait mode, this was actually quite tricky because, on the S10+, it now
takes portrait mode shots from the primary camera,
which is a wide-angle, not the telephoto camera like it used to on previous Galaxy devices, and the iPhone still uses that telephoto camera for your portraits. So both of these images were taken from the exact same point, but there’s a massive
difference in the angle of view. You can pretty much see
all of me from the S10+ whereas you are zoomed
in on the iPhone XS Max. Now, the angle of view for portraits is going to come down
to personal preference. I personally do prefer a
telephoto camera for portraits. Most photographers will shoot portraits around 50mm or above, but I’ve spoken to so many people who like a wider angle
camera for portraits, so it’s going to come down
to your personal preference. Both are doing really good overall in terms of edge detection. Now, just to kind of put them
a little bit more side to side, I got my brother who has taking
these shots to move closer. Here, you can see that they’re
a little bit more matched, although the of course, the
angle of view is different, so I may look a little bit stretched on the sides on the S10+, but I do like the edge detection
better here on the S10+. If you look at the area
that’s in between my arm, that has better blur
whereas it is struggling a little bit on the iPhone XS Max. Now, here’s another portrait shot. Once again, did get my
brother to move in closer to kind of achieve that similarity. Both doing a good job. The iPhone is struggling a little bit on the edges on the side of my face, but generally speaking,
both are doing a good job. I do prefer the colors on the iPhone, however, compared to those of the S10+. And we have another one. Here, I do prefer the edge
detection on the iPhone because if you look towards my ears, then the S10+ is kind of
getting you a bit confused with the house in the background, And I do prefer the colors
here more on the iPhone XS Max. And finally, a portrait mode shot. This is in harsh sunlight. Edge detection, I would give to the S10+. Once again, if you look at
the area between my arm, it has picked that up whereas
the iPhone XS Max hasn’t, but I do prefer the colors once
again on the iPhone XS Max. Now moving on to some low light shots, so this first shot’s outdoors at night. Both seem to be doing a
pretty good job overall. I’d say that the S10+ is a tad brighter. And trying out another shot, once again, I do think that the S10+ is brighter, and if you go in 200%, you can really notice that
brightness difference. This seems to be thanks to
that super-wide F1.5 aperture. And just to take things really extreme, I went indoors in low
light, so complete darkness. Here, you can definitely
see that the S10+, because of that super-wide F1.5 aperture, is getting in much more light
compared to the iPhone XS Max. Right, so there was a lot to cover. Now, in terms of my end
thoughts and conclusions, I’d say for the front-facing camera, when it comes to images, I would have to give the
overall edge to the S10+. Not only do you have a wide
option for your group selfies, you have overall better dynamic range, and you also have better
performance in low light. But when it came to videos
from the front-facing cameras, it was a little bit tricky because I did prefer the
colors on the iPhone, but the S10 was a lot sharper, especially when you
were shooting at 4K UHD. So I think that’s going to come down to your personal preference. What do you prefer, a sharper image, or do you prefer better colors? Now, images from the rear-facing cameras, I think both did really well. I think you get slightly better
dynamic range on the iPhone, but on the S10+, you
do get that ultra-wide, which gives you so many possibilities. The S10 also performs
better in low light overall, and that is thanks to that
super-wide F1.5 aperture. For portraits, I’d say
it’s a bit of a draw. I did prefer the edge
detection overall on the S10+, but I preferred the colors
on the iPhone XS Max. And in terms of the angle of view, whether you like telephoto or
a wide-angle for portraits, that’s going to come down
to your personal preference. I do like a telephoto more. Now for video, things were interesting. I do think the S10+ was a tad sharper, and it was also more stable, but dynamic range by default was better on the iPhone XS Max. No hold on, hold on. I know fanboys are going to be
going crazy in the comments. The S10+ can film with HDR10+. Now, the problem with that is you can only view that
on an HDR10+ display, and everything else shot in
this video was not at HDR10+, so I couldn’t really
show it in this video, but that option is there for you. And for audio, both devices
record great-quality audio. We’ve got stereo recording on both, and they both sounded
really really good to me. That’s what I think. Anyway, what do you guys think? Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you want to see lots of images from lots of different devices, then be sure to give me
a follow on Instagram. I’m @SuperSaf, and I do
post regularly on there. I hope you enjoyed this
video and found it useful. If you did, a thumbs up
would be appreciated. These camera comparisons
take forever to do. And if you haven’t already and you want to see more videos like this, then be sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV,
and I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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