100 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Mega Phone, Ultra Price”

  1. Hey Michale ! Just tap the fingerprint sensor like it's a button. Do not hold your finger on it ! This way, it's instant and gets phone unlocked 9.5/10.

  2. ? my S9+ has a night mode that works just great. it's a software feature. also what exactly feels "half-baked" about the camera – you didn't say..

  3. These channels all say the same thing. When the note comes out they’ll say. You could get the s20 for less now. When all ur getting is a stylus. Blah blah we no

  4. My S20 Ultra updated itself the day I first used it for the first time (which was last Saturday). It now doesn't have camera focusing issues many complained about, but the overall camera experience still feels half-baked; for example, in zoom mode the viewfinder resolution is significantly lower than actual photographs, so taking pictures needs some getting used to. Otherwise, a grand experience overall – especially because I got it for lower than $1K.

  5. I'm asking everyone that's making a video for the s20 is it vr compatible!???? No one's talking about it!???

  6. TOO large! I'm not hip on these "Pocket Busters"… I wish they'd pack everything back in a small size like it was only 4 years ago… Come to think of it, I wish the overall price on these "Mini Monsters" was less than "Ultra" as well… Too much trying to stay in competition with Apple on this one… Won't ever happen – an iPhone is an iPhone! If I had $1500 to shell out, I think you know at this point just where my money would go!

  7. Have a LG v50 (5g) with Sprint on the way and in the end I will have $1000 staying in my pocket over this Ultra. I'm not missing much with the LG that's worth the added cost.

  8. Please people stop comparing these TALL Samsung phones to large phones with a totally different aspect ratio!

  9. For me I rather spend the money on LG’s G8X or V60’s dual screen any day. S20’s camera and refresh rate is sweet but that price tag soured it for me.

  10. Try $1850 in Canada for the Ultra with 128 GB!!! ABSOLUTE INSANITY!!! Anyone who pays that much for a phone needs to see a Doctor.

  11. Sony came out with ULTRA years ago. My fav phone of that era. I’ve had the Mate 20x for over a year and still is super smooth. Get one for $500, bigger and just as good (experience size).

  12. The price of the Ultra needs to come down. 1400 is a bit much to ask for… Sure the phone packs a lot of features but I think the S20 or S20 plus might be a better deal…

  13. 120hz is subtle from 60hz? Just like the iPad Pro, I had the 2019 iPad. The difference is night and day, going back to 60 hz will strain your eyes.

  14. Well, congrats, you have the snapdragon model, that's why you had good battery life. try the garbage exynos model and the results will be much worse.

  15. Great review. When you ask customers to pay 1400 bucks, you don't. The end. It's a bloody smartphone! It's something nobody should be using as much as to make it worth the price. With a 4K Dell XPS 15 as my reliable companion and OnePlus 3T as my daily driver I don't feel the need or have the wish of buying something this extreme. Morals.

  16. I like the older look of Samsung smart phones. Most of these phones are just really tall and slim. I would love to see a wider phone with the current height. Yes I know one handedness is an issue for some, but this phone wouldn't be for those people.

  17. I don't believe that some can't tell the difference between 60 and 120 fps.
    That's the main reason Im upgrading. When I got the OnePlus 90 fps screen I noticed it. So much that other screens looked blurry.

  18. Michael Fisher : "This is the largest battery I have ever reviewed".

    Samsung Galaxy M30 and M30S: "Are we a joke to you mate!".

    Galaxy M30S got 6000mAh battery and half a year older than S20 Ultra, while M30 has 5000mAh and a year older than S20 Ultra.

  19. Yea u reviewers baby the iphone when it's the worst phone in productivity and customization and boring why ???????

  20. Who said time flies ! Mr.mobile is yet to reach 1m , most underrated tech reviewer . #StayMobileMyFriends

  21. I was thinking of getting the s20 but no decent case that defend the carmera and only a few that defend the screen.

    There are adhesive but low re sale value as well make upgrade scheme un valid

  22. Like the company's home appliances, this is another Samsung product that is overpriced and under delivers.

  23. Honest, professional and comprehensive review. You knocked it out of the park as always Michael. You didn't persuade me not to purchase the Ultra, which will be delivered tomorrow, but at least I know exactly what to expect and what NOT to expect!

  24. Samsung has truly missed with S20, Ultra in particular. Yes it's a good phone, but for $1400 dollars, it needs to walk on water. This phone in many ways is only marginally better than it's predecessors, S10+ and the Note 10+ and they both cost substantially less. with the Note 10+, I have a better design, a good camera, which holds it own against the Ultras shooter, more storage and ram. Granted I don't get the 120 Hz refresh rate, but I can live with 60 Hz. 5G is just a gimmick at this point, perhaps in a few years the networks will figure it out and decide on a standard. So what is it that warrants an extra $400 dollars? I don't see it.

  25. Here Samsung, I'll take two of those phones, here, take a sealed 20 pieces N95 with valve box. keep the change.

  26. Looking to upgrade from Note 8 to this but i guess I'll just get the note10 5G instead i think the only benefit is the 5G low and high it has

  27. Super in some ways, mega on others, but falls short of ultra

    Man that line is just pure perfection. I love this review so much

  28. No idea what Samsung is doing. Where note 10 plus looks and feels premium, this next to it seems like a midrange model at best. while actually costing much more.

  29. It's a mega paperweight…people will have to tighten their belts in a notch or 2 just so their pants don't fall down trying to cram, then lug that laptop around…that's no longer a phone boys and girls…if it doesn't fit in your hand, or in your pocket, it's not a phone anymore

  30. I know it's a coincidence, but that opening is almost identical to the MKBHD review, great minds and all…

  31. Mr. Mobile: "This is the biggest battery I've ever reviewed"

    Asus AROG: "Michael……hold my charger."

  32. This dude complaining about the ultra not coming with the 45w charger in the box, meanwhile iphones still only come with the 5w charger

  33. The average consumer doesn’t care about the fold especially when they can get the s10 for a lot les and that goes for the note 10 as well

  34. I was watching this video
    then I looked to my right and guess what! Samsung was also watching the same video along with me!!!.

    Like if you had similar experience

  35. Will there be a review for the regular S20? The Ultra looks great and all, but let's be real for a moment, the vast majority of us are not looking to spend that much on a phone and are much more likely to buy the S20 or S20+ … No one seems to be reviewing the models people will actually be buying, which is a bit of a bummer.

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