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Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Full Comparison!

Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Full Comparison!

hey guys it’s max we just got the new galaxy s 20 ultra and we’re very excited to test it out and not only get our first hands-on impressions but also compare it to the iphone 11pro max which i’ve been using since la unch and this is going to be your typical comparison where we just talk about specs and read off of the website we’re gonna look at some detailed things such as the display brightness and quality speakers even LTE speeds with the 5g here compare it to Apple’s best offering so let’s go ahead and jump right into it I’m gonna open up the box here and grab that first glance I know this phone is massive and Wow okay so first impressions this camera bump is huge not only you know visually but my finger just rest naturally right up here and it literally is like pushing against the little edge there let me set aside by side with the iPhone so Apple actually made theirs smaller this year the camera bump it doesn’t stick out as much and Samsung they just went all the way now I get away Samsung is calling this the ultra this thing is massive the camera bump is massive and if you’re somebody that doesn’t like your phone to rock well Samsung doesn’t care about this at all anymore so if putting on the site by site surprisingly that’s 20 Ultra feels very similar in weight to the iPhone 11 pro max we’ll put the weights right up there for you guys obviously it is larger as you guys can see its taller but as far as the width here not only is a Samsung’s body thicker but then when you add in the camera bump it’s a pretty big difference now just like the note 10 we don’t have any buttons or switches here on the left hand side whereas the iPhone you have your volume rocker and then you have your physical silent switch which I really really like and then on the other side here the iPhone just has this power button where here we have the volume rocker and then we also have the power button and I like this configuration where I can do everything with my right hand since I am right-handed the iPhone has a lightning port whereas the CMC has USB type-c which I prefer and with Samsung we only have a speaker grille on one side but of course on the iPhone this other side is just for looks and let’s finish off the exteriors with the backs they’re both made out of glass so that we can have wireless charging the Samsung is glossy whereas the is Matt now I like the feeling of the glassy just because it gives you a nice grip but the matte just feels more pleasant more premium and then of course we have our camera bumps and it seems like these phone companies are not trying to one-up each other instead of making small bumps and trying to make everything blend in they’re just going massive so the iPhone made this design here which looks really nice you instantly know who has an iPhone 11 I really like this looks very premium and the Samsung jumps in with this massive camera bump it’s almost like a Hummer it’s in-your-face compared to a nice Porsche something like that now I will be switching over from the iPhone 11 Pro max which I’ve used since launch and I really like overall to the s20 ultra for at least a week and then making a video showing you guys every single thing I noticed all the fine details of what it’s like going over all the good things and also all the bad things so make sure you guys are subscribed so you guys don’t miss out in that video now as this phone is setting up let me talk about the chargers and batteries both come with USB C chargers now which is great so the Samsung is 25 watts compared to 18 watts with the iPhones and as far as batteries the iPhone has almost 4,000 milliamp hours whereas the Samsung has 5000 which is a massive number but don’t expect that you’re gonna get better battery life especially if you’re gonna stay at that 120 Hertz and now it’s time to set up our security and the Samsung does have facial recognition as you guys see but it’s just using a standard camera it’s not the ultra secure face unlock face ID that Apple has so I’m gonna go instead with the fingerprint recognition and just like the other phones they actually have it underneath the display no don’t download Microsoft Office Excel powerpoints none of that none LinkedIn no things I knew something’s gonna happen if they’re partnering with Microsoft now they have all this stuff on here let’s see how these compare as far as unlocking your phone BAM we tap pull up very quick Apple’s optimize this over time I pretty much don’t even notice it now that I got used to the iPhone and then let’s see if Samsung is optimized for their third version of the sensor so I should be able to just put it in the right spot there you go that’s surprisingly quick actually and it’s getting it each time now let’s get into comparing the displays and the first thing when a test is that 120 Hertz display now I love that on the iPad pro and I start flicking back and forth here and it seems like it’s very very close so then I went into the settings and out of the box it’s actually defaulted to not only 60 Hertz just your standard but it’s also defaulted to 1080p resolution so right for this time we can actually choose between 1080 at 120 or you can get the better quality but I want to play around with that 120 okay there you go there it is so you guys are watching out 24 frames per second let us give you guys a slow-motion shot right here and you guys could see side by side we have a lot more frames with the Samsung compared to the iPhone so you see that smoothness difference when we slow it down not only do we have a higher refresh rate but the animations are also quite a bit quicker on the Samsung now obviously we don’t need extra frame rates to go through your icons faster but where do you really notice this 120 Hertz is when you’re scrolling through webpages everything looks super sharp and crisp we’re not getting motion blur and then just doing simple things like opening up folders and programs everything just feels so much more snappier and once you get used to a 120 Hertz screen it’s hard to go back to a brightnesses of these phones we’re gonna use Google here and as you guys can see if we max up both these turn off auto brightness the iPhone is actually quite a bit brighter and the Samsung if we close the browser and open it again it starts out brighter and then dims and that’s actually a sort of a power saving feature so it doesn’t get too bright in manual mode and if we open up the verge and we have less white on the screen it’s about even I was still slightly brighter but it’s very similar however if you’re gonna go outside and you have auto brightness enabled then they are very close in fact the Samsung might be just slightly brighter as long as you’re in the auto mode now as far as viewing angles both of these look very very similar I see a little bit more reflections from the Samsungs display but as far as brightness and contrast I mean they both look very good and it makes sense because I’m pretty sure that Samsung makes the panel that’s in the iPhone and now let’s compare the display quality when we’re playing back HDR videos I have two videos opened up right here and it’s very interesting that as soon as you play back HDR the color balance of the Samsung s20 ultra changes it gets much warmer and it’s actually brighter and it allows that screen to get that full brightness compared to the iPhone here now of course we’re not recording an HDR so you guys aren’t watching back in HDR I had to turn that camera down so we can see the full brightness without blowing it out and the first thing that pops out to me personally is how much brighter the whites and the highlights are on the Samsung then we didn’t have this big of a difference with the note 10 I don’t believe so either they tuned the software or just display is better than the previous ones but it looks a little bit richer and in HDR the highlights are just so bright you could definitely tell us HDR where’s the iPhone it just looks like maybe slightly more dynamic range than a standard display now I know that I phone doesn’t look bad it definitely looks better than previous ones but the Samsung is definitely one upping it and finally with the displays let’s talk about those bezels now the iPhone didn’t look bad when it launched everyday using is totally fine but when you put a side-by-side with this Samsung you can clearly see how much thinner the bezels are both on the top and bottom and especially on the sides now the iPhone screen does slightly curved just a little bit to make it more comfortable and I’m really glad that with the s 20s they actually tone down the curve and now something I’m excited for comparing the speakers and I do want to say that I am gonna go in and enable Dolby Atmos because it does make it sound better I have no idea why this is not enabled by default it just does not make sense to me but there it is and we’re gonna go ahead and get started with the iPhone and I’ll cut between them you guys let me know which one sounds better to you in the comment section below now we are recording with a nice microphone into a recorder but there’s lots of variables it’s compressed on YouTube it depends on what you’re listening through but I will say that the Samsung is quite a bit louder actually tested it out with my Apple watch and it hit three decibels louder which is a significant difference now as far as sound quality in the mids and the highs I’m very surprised by how close these are and it’s interesting to see these phones just one-upping each other after each new phone comes out so loudness definitely Samsung wins the clarity it’s awesome but there’s also a difference in bass with iPhone 11 Pro max you actually feel a little bit of the thump there where it sounds more like just like a sound of bass with the s20 ultra wow this feels laggy going back and opening this up not only this little animations but my eyes got used to this ahead and test out the CPU and graphics performance we do have two snapdragon variant and that is the 865 going against the a 13 Bionic let’s go ahead and test out the CPU we have a multi-core score that is fairly similar the iPhone is beating it by just a little bit but what the single core the iPhone has over 40 percent more performance in these tests now that is very surprising obviously Apple is doing a great job with their processors but I do have to note that in the real world we have more than enough performance with both of these Ram is one of the limiting things with the iPhone we have 4 gigs of RAM and with that I do find that background apps will actually close on me at times and it’s really frustrating whereas with the s20 ultra we have 12 gigs of ram on this particular model now with the graphics test here the numbers don’t really line up testing between metal and say OpenCL or Vulcan so we’re actually gonna be doing a separate test we’re gonna be playing some games seeing how performs in the real world and we’ll give you guys some benchmark numbers there as well so make sure you guys are subscribed and now let’s compare the internet speeds I’m starting off with the iPhone and I am on t-mobile here and inside we have 3 out of 4 bars of LTE of course I have one does not have 5g and this is something I struggle with sometimes a certain I have no reception or poor reception and speeds as well so we’ll see how the have the millimeter wave but we do have the sub six it’s gonna be very interesting to see so we got nine point seven megabit per second for both which is not very good and that is a pretty significant difference so we’re getting five out of five and once again this is the sub six which is better at penetrating through walls and buildings and stuff like that which matters a lot now on the upload interestingly we’re only getting about half of what we’re getting on the iPhone 5.4 compared to nine point seven so that is a pretty big difference if you care about your speeds if you want to stream 1080 60fps HDR video download things and what I’m really interested about is in this next week that I’m going to be testing out the s20 ultra switching over in certain areas where I have no reception I want to see if that’s gonna help a lot and I will fill you guys in in that video so now let’s finish off just talking about the prices now this phone comes in at $1,100 people were shocked when Apple start charging a thousand bucks for the iPhone 10 and with the s20 ultra Samsung is not being shy at all fourteen hundred dollars for this phone that is crazy it does have 128 gigs of storage compared to 64 over here and for 200 bucks more you go to 512 and I’ll also get 16 gigs of ram compared to 150 bucks more on the iPhone and that gets you to so this one is more expensive but it does have some extra features and especially the LTE both sub 6 and 5 gigahertz and of course a lot more cameras now you guys saw that we did not cover the cameras that’s going to be a way more detailed bigger video there’s a lot to compare here especially with the new additions so make sure you guys are subscribed with notifications enable if you guys wanna see our very detailed camera comparison this Ben Max and I’ll see you in the next video

56 thoughts on “Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max – Full Comparison!”

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  2. I just sold my samsung note 10 plus to buy the s20 ultra then suddenly my mom gave me an iphone pro max comparing it to my note 10 plus it’s really trash when it comes to performance,internet signal, and camera and i tried to compare the iphone 11 pro max camera with the s20 ultra the difference is not much plus my iphone shoots better hdr so no way jose cancelled my pre order just going to wait for the ip 12 samsung is only good in numbers but in real world performance it’s trash

  3. Absolute rubbish for 5g if you go outside, it’s not predominate yet. Do the same test when it’s prolific

  4. Last years iPhone 11 Pro Max makes the new rushed Galaxy iClone S20 Ultra with that ugly back hump, laughable 8K and 100X zoom quality look so overhyped. 💯

  5. S20 looks like it can take some abuse n the first time the iPhone gets scratched the person will freak out

  6. The S20 Plus is the better buy. Has everything the Ultra has except the 100x zoom camera. But why pay 200.00 more for that? The s20plus has 6.7 inch screen and the Ultra has a 6.9…no big deal.

  7. Got my phone from a company called T-ROC inside of Walmart & they currently have a deal going on where I live. Got my 11 Pro Max on AT&T for $899 vs $1149/$1049. Didn’t get the color I wanted but I saved a couple of hundred dollars so🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️.

  8. YouTube HDR videos will go back and forth. Some HDR videos look bad on iPhones andskme for the Galaxies. Whenever I show people videos I use iTunes, Vudu, and Disney+ to showcase the Dolby Vision on the iPhones. For the Galaxies I use play store videos, Vudu, and Prime video. Disney+ has great video quality especially with the dolby vision HDR

  9. This is the BEST side by side I've ever seen BAR NONE on YouTube. Great video.. I am Samsung wife is Apple..

  10. How in the hell can you accurately compare two phone from different years? This isn’t a fair comparison. Wait for the iPhone 12. Dummy.

  11. I love samsung but sometimes samsung is downloading by itself and they have so many ads you always have notifications

  12. Aside from the camera (on paper), the S20 has all the advantages the S20 ultra has over the iPhone 11 pro max, and being 100$ cheaper than the iPhone, it's absolutely a better buy.
    I said the camera (on paper) because if you watch Danny Winget's video, the camera of the S20/S20+ is almost as good as the S20 ultra, and even better sometimes (when it comes to focus and macro shots), the only real difference is zoom capabilities.

  13. Okay the first thing I will say is if you're going to buy a phone like this you're never going to be without a case unless you're stupid. Every Samsung Galaxy phone that I've ever had goes directly into an OtterBox. No questions they have saved me numerous times.👈

  14. Ladies and gentlemen, once again, Samsung phones absolutely crush the iPhone. It is not even close, in a completely different league. Apple is always 2 to 3 years behind. BOOM

  15. I like both Samsung n Apple..but I won’t get the Ultra I love my Note 10 plus Ultra only offer 128gb ..not all people love using Micro Sd for me is a no🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

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