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Galaxy S4 JUST THE GLASS Screen Repair BEST Video

Galaxy S4 JUST THE GLASS Screen Repair BEST Video

Today I’m going to show you how to save a
few hundred bucks by doing a Galaxy S4 screen replacement yourself. Remember, if you do
this right it’ll be a ten dollar repair. If you do this wrong it’ll end up being a lot
more. So proceed at your own risk. Check the links in the video description below for the
current prices on replacement parts. I’ve already taken apart this phone, as to not
cause any heat damage to the main board and charging port. You can go ahead and click
the link in the upper corner to see how I did that. I also taped down the cables so
that they won’t be kinked or twisted in any way. Because if those cables are kinked or
twisted it’ll end up having a black screen that is unrepairable. That’ll be a more expensive
repair. Anyway, you want to gently heat up the phone, this will take about four or five
minutes. If you heat up in one place too long there will be a burn mark in the middle of
the screen. I use this handy laser heat sensor thing to tell me how hot the phone is. I will
put a link in the video description below for this as well, it’s relatively cheap. Now
I’m taking a razor blade and gently putting it between the glass screen and the frame
of the phone itself. The adhesive up at the top is a little different than the adhesive
that is covering the LCD. So I’m using my knife to separate the top so I can slip my
wire down inside. I’m being really careful because right here on this corner there are
two ribbon cables that are in charge of the LCD and digitizer. If you rip those cables,
you’re toast and you have to buy the more expensive replacement part. Here is the wire
that I’m going to be using. It’s a special wire that’s used for high temperature applications
like this. I’m just going to take it, wrap it around my fingers, and then slide it in
that top part where I’ve already separated the glass from the phone itself. Now the goal
here is to work it over the earpiece on the phone and then slide it down the rest of the
way. You can see that it’s getting harder for me to cut. That’s because in the 60 seconds
that I have not been heating up the phone it’s cooled down to the point that the glue
is not liquid anymore. So I’m going to go ahead and heat it up gently. The perfect temperature
range is anywhere from 185 degrees Fahrenheit to about 210. It’s about the same temperature
as boiling water. So when you touch the screen it’s going to be too hot for your fingers.
I’m going to use my knife to separate and clear off this corner one more time. And that
should give me enough room to get this wire wedged down on the screen itself. And then
I can tug downwards on both ends of the wire to separate the adhesive from the phone itself
and the shattered glass that we’re taking off. If your wire does catch on one of the
glass shards, you can just lift it up with your razor and then continue going downwards
again. What’s nice about the Galaxy S4 screens is that they are laminated so they don’t come
off in shards. They’re all going to come off in one big piece. You can see at the top of
the screen my wire has grabbed this little blue piece of plastic. This is a shield that
is over the LCD ribbon cable. I”m just going to reach in with my tweezers and pull that
out. Sometimes the wire grabs it, sometimes it doesn’t. Another method that you can use
is playing cards. If you get poker cards you can use those to slide down in the screen
instead of wire. I actually prefer the poker card method better than the wire method so
I’m going to make a video on that here in the next few weeks. So don’t forget to subscribe
if you want to see that. Now I’m going to heat up the phone again as it’s cooled down
too much for me to pull the wire through. Remember once the phone gets too hot to touch
you’re good to go. If it gets hotter than about 212 degrees though you’re going to start
having burn marks on the screen. You can see how easily the wire slides between the shattered
glass and the digitizer underneath. My wire does catch on a glass shard right here and
rips the wire. So I’m going to go ahead and pull it out the rest of the way. Grab a new
piece of wire, use my tweezers to just lift up the edge of the glass a little bit, and
then start over with a new piece of wire. Pretty simple, the wire’s pretty cheap as
well so it’s not too big of a deal if it breaks. And then just continue separating the rest
of the way down. It’s getting colder. Down to 137. I’m going to go ahead and heat it
back up to about 190-200 degrees and then continue separating it the rest of the way
down. You have to be careful as you reach the bottom here because there is a little
ribbon cable that is in charge of the menu buttons and the home button, so you just want
to get the edge of the screen. And then once the screen is off as you can see right here,
you can lift up the glass and pull it away from the device itself. This is the little
ribbon cable that I was talking about. And then I usually take my razor blade and just
pry off the buttons from the glass itself, making sure not to tear the cable at all even
though the cable’s only about four or five bucks it’s nice if you can just reuse the
old one. And then I’m just going to separate the last segment of adhesive from the bottom
of the screen and then pull it off. Pretty straightforward. And honestly if you’ve gotten
this far, the chances are you’re going to succeed. Getting the glass off is the hardest
part. Here you can see the shattered glass and how it’s laminated. Pretty good move.
The Galaxy S3s weren’t laminated, they would come off in shards. Anyway, so there is leftover
adhesive on the screen of the phone so I’m going go ahead and just kind of roll that
off with my finger. It comes off in chunks and it’s also strangely satisfying so you
can just sit here and roll off the rest of the glue. There is the chance that you won’t
have any adhesive left over on the screen, it just kind of depends on how the phone was
made and how old it is and the temperature you used to separate the glass from the phone.
And now before I do anything else I’m going to go ahead and test the screen just to make
sure I’m not wasting my time by putting a new one on. Remember that the digitizer, which
is the layer right underneath the glass, is about as fragile as an egg, and so if you
break that then you’re toast. Here’s the little wire. Right here in the corner is what normally
rips. So make sure that there’s no tears or anything in that cable. If there is a tear
buy a new one before you put the new screen on. Everything looks good with the phone.
The touch works even though the glass is not on the screen. I’m going to go ahead and grab
some denatured alcohol, which is an alcohol specifically made for electronics, to clean
off the rest of the adhesive from the phone itself. So go ahead and remember that what
we’re dealing with here is about as fragile as an eggshell. So don’t press any harder
than you would on the side of an egg. Now as far as replacing the glass goes you have
two options, the first of which is the easiest, cheapest, and most forgiving, but will also
leave your phone slightly more vulnerable to breaking again. It’s the double-sided tape.
It’s super cheap, and all you have to do is lay down the tape around the edges of the
phone and then rest the top glass in place over it and that’s it. You’re done, you have
a fully functioning phone, and it’s ready to go. There are a few places locally to me
that only do this kind of repair. It is easier. Much easier. The second option is using a
Loca glue. It is an ultraviolet light activated optical adhesive. It’s a little bit complicated,
so I’ll be making a part two video to follow up with this one and explain how that more
complicated repair is done. It’s also not super expensive but you kind of have a bigger
chance of ruining your phone, but it is more durable as well. Anyways, so if you’re going
to do the double-sided tape, make sure to cover up every part, you know except for the
earpiece and the home button, make sure to get the sides of the phone as well so that
the screen will be completely adhered and dust won’t be able to get inside. The double-sided
tape is easier to peel off as you can see there. Grab the glass, make sure to peel off
both sides of the plastic, lay it down into place so it’s fully adhered to the sticky
tape and you’re done. I would definitely recommend getting a case this time around. Go ahead
and click in the top corner to see how the Loca glue is done. Thanks for watching! If
you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below, like if this video
helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Means a lot. Thanks for watching.

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    Phone Jack, Pittsburgh PA.
    P.S. Use gloves, your fingers have oil on them, collects dirt plus if you can hold the phone it's not cold enough.

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