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Galaxy S4 Mini screen repair, charging port fix, compelete tear down video

Galaxy S4 Mini screen repair, charging port fix, compelete tear down video

Alright today we’re going to take apart
the GalaxyS4 Mini, which is the cute little brother or sister to the Galaxy S4 made by
Samsung. First we’re going to take off the back which reveals the SD card and the SIM
card. So we’re going to take both those out. And then here’s a diagram of the screws.
There are 10 of them. Philips head. So just make sure to take off all of those around
the outside. And then this bottom section right here is the loud speaker where your
ringer and your music come from. You can see that the speaker right here is on the left
side and there are just two little pins that touch when it’s down connected to the motherboard.
And that’s where it gets its feedback from. So you take off the outer ring…the outer
plastic of the phone. I’ve found that it’s easier to put my finger in where the battery
goes and kind of pull it away from the back of the screen and that gives just enough of
a gap to put my pry tool in there and kind of swing it around the outside edge and un-pry
it from the phone. Here is the ribbon cable connector for the charging port which allows
the bottom section of the motherboard to lift up. Here is the front camera and then the
ear piece and proximity sensors, and then the headphone jack. All of these are like
little Legos that just snap on and off. And be very careful as you lift the motherboard
up because there is one more ribbon cable underneath for the screen, the LCD and digitizer.
So I’m going to unsnap that just like Lego and that releases the screen from the motherboard.
Here you can see the motherboard. So the screen you’re going to replace has a unit. The
part that I just took off is the screen. So if you’ve cracked it, then that’s the
part you have to replace. Here is the charging port. I’m going to take my little tweezers
and slide them underneath. There’s kind of like this sticky glue stuff holding it
on. It’s pretty tacky so you can always just reuse it if you’re planning on keeping
the same charging port. And the microphone is also on this same piece. So when you replace
one, you’re replacing both parts. Usually these are only like 10 bucks. I’ll put them
in the video description below as soon as they become available. I get all my parts
from Amazon usually. Then as you’re putting it in, make sure it lines up with the grooves
and the little pin here at the bottom. It’s pretty exact placement. To remove the headphone
jack it’s pretty simple; just pop your tweezers in and the whole thing pops in and out. Pretty
straight forward. I’m pretty glad with how Samsung makes their phones. Everything is
pretty fixable. Then there’s a little metal bracket holding onto the speaker, proximity
sensors and front camera. So I’m just going to put my razor into there and pop that off
which releases the speaker and the proximity sensors. So if you’re phone doesn’t turn
off when you put it next to your face during a phone call, this is the part you have to
replace. As well as if you can’t hear the person obviously, you need to replace your
earpiece. And then here’s the front facing camera. Another super simple easy piece to
replace. And then to put the metal bracket back into place…I’ll give you a better
angle on it here in a second…but just grab the little guy and then there are two little
grooves up at the top that kind of hold the bracket into place, and a pin at the bottom.
You can see the two little grooves right here as I get that back into place. And then the
rear camera is held together by a ribbon cable with a latch. So I just lifted up the latch,
took out the camera, put the camera back in. Super simple to replace as well. If your camera
has specks or purple splotches, this is how to fix it. And so the screen as a whole is
what I’m connecting to the motherboard again. So remember if you cracked your screen, you
got to replace that whole chunk. Pulling off the charging port, the cameras, and then putting
them on your replacement screen, and then putting it all back together again. I’m
lining up the ribbon cable with the connection port on the motherboard and snapping it into
place like a Lego. And then folding it back over onto the phone making sure that all my
little ribbon cables from the ear piece and proximity sensors are on the right side of
the motherboard and not pinched underneath. Setting that down. You have to make sure it
lines up at the top so it’s flat down with your phone. You shouldn’t feel it bow underneath
your fingers when you press down on it. Anyway, latch down all of my ribbon cable connectors
from the top. Remember, there is the headphone jack, the speaker, and the camera. And here’s
the charging port connector down here at the bottom; latching that down into place as well.
And then the back goes on the phone. I’m a big fan of how Samsung has done these backs
recently. It’s the same with the S4, the Note 3 and the Mega; some of their newer phones.
Once the phone’s been open you really can’t tell. It snaps back pretty flush with the
front screen again as you can see. And then I’m popping in the back speaker as well.
Just kind of leveraging that into place with my pry tool. And there’s the screw diagram
again. Popping the battery back into place and if you have any questions make sure to
leave them in the comments. I respond fairly regularly. Don’t forget to “like” if
this video helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. It does mean a lot to me. If you
have any questions make sure to leave comments or you can hit me up on Facebook, Twitter
or Google Plus. I hope to see you around. Thanks for watching.

74 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Mini screen repair, charging port fix, compelete tear down video”

  1. Great video sir!  Screen on my S4 mini is not working and I believe it needs to be replaced (i can hear the ringtone when its called). Any idea where I can purchase just the screen from?

  2. hello! i have the s4 mini galaxy, and yesterday it fell out of my pocket and into the sink which was full with water. I took the phone out of the water immediately and dried it with a towel. Then i placed the phone into a bowl filled with rice and left it in there overnight. The next day when i turned on the phone, it was working perfectly, but when i connected it to the charger, it would start charging, but after 10 seconds this message popped out " charging stopped. The battery's temperature is too low " do you think that just the charging port board is going to need to be replaced? Cause i took the phone to this store and the service guy told me something about a charging part is probably going to need to be replaced (i can;t remember the part's name) and then he told me that he wasn't sure yet and that if he sent the phone to samsung then they would probably charge me around 250 euros to get it fixed,which is insane cause i bought the phone for 300 ! so i have been doing some research without being 100% sure of the part's name and I found some parts which I think might be the right ones… here:
    what do you think? (i don't feel like i can trust this service guy)

  3. Hi.. I dropped my S4 mini and it cracked the front glass of the screen.
    The screen is working well but what can I do if I want to replace the glass? Is it easy if I get a glass from amazon to replace myself?
    Would be thankful for your suggestions. Thanks.

  4. I have a problem on samsung galaxy s4 mini 
    I can not find the telephone network and interrupt me when I'm talking apelu

  5. Hi Jerry, I drowned my Galaxy s4 today and now my cellphone doesn't wants to charge, I was wondering if I could replace a mini s4 charging port new and replace it with my damaged s4 charging port… please help!!

  6. hae jerry raealy informing material. got a question my s4 mini fell down and the touch doesnt respond what will be the issue and how do i go about it

  7. My s4 mini fell from about 1.5 metres high and now there is just a black screen. It functions and there is sound though, what could be the problem?

  8. I had to replace my charging port. I did everything you said but my phone still won't charge. Is there something I miss or something else I have to replace. When I plug it up it show that it's plug but it doesn't charge

  9. hey jerry. my Samsung s4 mini wasn't charging properly so I turned it off. now it wont charge or even turn on. is it the charging port? or Battery? any links on where to buy them?

  10. Hey, I need to replace my charging port but can't find the parts on I have an S4 mini (GT-19195). Could you tell me where I could find the part, thanks!

  11. hi jerry i gust changed my screen on my s 4 mini but now i have a week signal indoors not like before full signal  can you please help me out . thanks for video

  12. I need a new charging port. I'm not sure how to tell what model of s4 mini I have. Can you tell me where to find it? 

  13. I'm not seeing a charging port card like I have on my SCH-1435 to save me.  My card looks just like yours (just the USB and the speaker – like a small postage stamp or thumbnail size) but the ones on teh interwebz are much wider and seem to have an integrated ribbon antenna.  What is the part number on your mini S4?  My carrier is Verizon.

  14. hanks for the guide man! Quick query you may be able to answer. Like a tit I dropped my phone in the sink (it happens), after this the phone would should down on charge stating it was hot. Placed the USB strip at the bottom and now the phone wont even boot up, vibrate when putting in the charger etc. Any idea which clips relate to this and what I may have missed putting it back together? Thanks for your help either way!

  15.  Hello There… I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini… Since yesterday it's giving me problems like it don't vibrate even if when if the vibration setting is on

    what could be the problem?

  16. I enjoyed watching your video. Very easy to understand. I am looking for a new charger port for my Galaxy s4 Mini i435. Its a verizon phone and I can't find where to buy a replacement charging port, with the PCB. I have found a couple stand alone ports that require soldering but I am trying to avoid doing that. If you know where I could buy one I'd really appreciate it

  17. Thanks for the helpful video!  Here's some lessons learned and tips to help others from my experience replacing the LCD/digitizer and Frame assembly (I didn't have to use glue or adhesive; I just had to transfer over all of the components (such as headphone jack, proximity sensor, front facing camera, vibration module, SIM/memory module and USB/charging circuit card):

    Insert the headphone plug into the headphone jack to make it easier to lift the jack from the phone frame.
    Insert the USB cable (probably best not to have it plugged into the charger) into the connector to make it easier to lift the USB/charging circuit card out.
    The rear facing camera is attached to the motherboard, so be careful when lifting the motherboard out (the camera must come with it).
    You need a tiny flat blade screwdriver, smaller than 5/64 in order to fit in the pry points for the SIM/memory module and the USB/Charging circuit card.
    If the volume or power buttons fall out of the frame, be sure to put them back in so that the angled edge is toward the button (there is a small hole on the opposite side of the angled edge that will get caught on the button if it's installed upside down).
    I used a guitar pick tool to crack the case, but be careful.  If you push the pick in more than an eighth of an inch into the phone, you can risk bending contact pins on the motherboard (don't ask me how I know!).  In my case, the speaker wasn't working because the pin wasn't making contact any more.

    Make sure you get a good quality part.  The first frame I ordered was missing the mesh ground patches; with those ground points missing, it resulted in intermittent operation of the menu and back buttons, plus intermittent operation of the GPS.

  18. just viewed your galaxy s4 mini repair video and I have a question. when I turn the phone on it makes a crackling sound and then every so often it makes the same noises It sounds like its coming from the bottom of the phone… so my question is… is this the speaker or microphone that needs replaced.

  19. Hey Man, Great Video, huge help in changing the charging port on a friends phone. After changing the charging port board the mic seems to only be working on speaker phone . Any Tips???

  20. Is the complete LCD and frame assembly the exact same for all carrier and models or are they different? I have a AT&T SGH-I257 and the SD card port is in a different location than the one you have on the video. Great video BTW!

  21. Great video, makes the whole process look really easy.

    If you don't mind me asking, I am having troubles with the charging port, since this morning when I plug in the charger, the tip of the charger overheats really fast and it doesn't charge the battery at all. Do you believe a port replacement is necessary or just come cleaning will do the trick?

  22. Great video, thanks
    i have replaced the charging port as my s4 mini shows its charging but it is not, i have swapped battery's and chargers, is there anything else i could try?

  23. Thanks for the video! Question: In order to replace the kit of the home button and the touch "back" and "options" buttons, is it necessary to change the whole 'screen' part? Can someone just remove the glass or operate it from the bottom side?
    (I have burned the edge of the flex cable coming from the buttons kit)

  24. I have the Galaxy Core Plus and i broke my charging port, couldn't find replacement parts on Amazon. Any ideas?

  25. I have a problem with my galaxy s4 mini…

    It freezes when i turn it on when the samsung sign appears

    Will this video help me or what should i do ?

    I'm not really an expert in this area 🙂

  26. this is missing the external speaker and the sim card slot swap thou im pretty sure its done the same way, it would b nice for him to say that and not skim over it

  27. my s4 mini has a overheating problem ond the charging port area and it doesent charg my battery so well,when I put another battery from another phone that has over 90% in my phone its down to 0% or more when I connect the charger,but when I take out the battery and put it back to the other phone than its aroud 90%.What could be the problem and what couses the overheating,it't not just heating,it's hotter than in a volcano,I even cant touch the phone.

  28. Hey i have a question when my s4 mini fell and broke the said the ink it fell all over the screen from the inside so i cant see anything on it its all black so should i just do what you said on the video to just change the glass or do i need to do Something else thank you bye

  29. Hello,
    the screen of a friends S4 mini broke, i bought a replacement screen.. put it carefully in.. but the touch doesn't work anymore.. do you have any ideas? (already changed the replacement screen, because i thought it was faulty…)

    Thanks in advance!

  30. Hi.
    I have 2 Samsung Galaxy s4 mini's.
    One is black one is white.
    The white one works but has a cracked screen (screen still works). I don't use it.
    Recently the black one was apparently hit by something, the glass has got minimal damage, but i think the inside lcd/display is broken now, because it just shows black.
    I'm thinking of taking the cracked screen of the white galaxy and replace it with the broken one on the black.
    I have followed the instructions in the video on how to open the device. But i noticed that as i opened the black one, the screen got more and more cracked (not a big deal, the display/lcd wasn't working anyways), but now i'm going to open the white one, it doesn't matter if the glass gets cracked in the process, but is there any chance for the display/lcd of the white one getting damaged in the process? I just need a temporary screen to back up all of my data.
    And i don't need to replace the things under the motherboard do i?

  31. hii bro my phone was wrok and get off is not flach i can't do any thing i'can ' go to the mode downlowd like if iy's without batry

  32. great video, i am replacing the whole lcd screen and i think I got it…mostly except when removing the lcd the home button fell out. now Im not sure which way it goes on because i didnt see it on. the s4 mini is different than the regular s4 which has actual holes to place on the home button. my s4 mini does not. its got two small tabs at either end on one side, Is that the bottom or the top?

  33. Great video! USB port replacement worked perfectly…until I put it back together and the phone started turning itself off again, then on repeatedly. None of the fixes I've found worked. Looked at power button–seems to be in position properly and not stuck. Tried going into recovery booting mode, but it stuck and I get an error message and a dead android icon with a red triangle when I try to reboot. Any way you slice it, it keeps turning itself on and off again repeatedly. Any suggestions?

  34. When changing your screen you also need to take off the part the sim card and micro sd card slot goes into and put it on the new screen part. This video doesn't show that. Also what is the point in removing the loud speaker part from the housing if all the housing comes off anyway???

  35. I swapped the screen from one phone to the other phone, but on the other phone the touchscreen does not work?
    Tried it multiple times, but result is equal; on the original phone the touch screen works, on the other phone not?

  36. About to tear apart one of these to see why it won't charge, power on, or do anything. This video was very helpful. Thanks. 👍

  37. Just replaced charging port on my old phone….not that I need the phone, but the board cost me £2.50 new on Ebay, and it's simple to replace with the help of your video, so it seemed a shame to throw the phone away….Great vid…keep up the good work…thanks

  38. I'm so glad you've been around this long! Looking back on my old phone and what a beautiful device it is and was. I really do miss the sleek sexy devices we've had before!

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