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Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover Replacement – Fix and Repair

Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover Replacement – Fix and Repair

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the camera lens on your Galaxy S5. There’s no reason to ever have a cracked lens with
how easy this is. All the repair parts and stuff will be found in the video description
below so you can check that out if you need to buy the replacement lens. I’m going to
lift up underneath the plastic frame of the lens with my little tweezers here, you can
use a razor blade or a pry tool. Just kind of lift it up away from the phone. It’s held
down with some adhesive. Pull it away, and then this part, there’s really no pretty way
to do this. You just have to pull away all the little shards from the camera itself.
You do want to be super careful, however, to not touch the actual lens of the camera
underneath all the shards of the glass, because if you do scratch that up it’s a little harder
repair than this is. So as I’m pulling away all the glass I’m making sure not to accidentally
poke the eye of the camera with the tweezers. You also do want to make sure you get 100%
of the glass and dust out from the camera itself, otherwise your camera will have problems
focusing later on as you try to use it. I’m pulling the glass away from where the frame
will sit back down again. Pulling off the adhesive from the actual lens itself, setting
it down in the little square, making sure to press it all the way down with my fingers
so that it sits completely flush against the phone itself. You can see from this angle
here that it’s completely down inside of the little housing that it’s supposed to sit in.
Now that it’s all pressed in hard, I can pull off the protective plastic over the top of
the lens, and then the outer bracket or the outer housing does have some adhesive on it
as well. I’m pulling off the plastic that protects that adhesive. And you can see that
the tab on the silver part lines up with the little groove on the housing on the phone.
So I’m going to slip it down and that’s how you keep it oriented the right direction.
I’m pressing it down pretty hard just to make sure that adhesive is securely adhered to
the phone and is not going to pop off on me. Remember, all the replacement parts and tools
can be found in the video description below, so check that out. I’m going to pop the back
housing back on. And then you can see here that my camera is going to focus on my tool
kit and everything works perfectly. Anyways thanks for watching, if you have any questions
make sure to leave them down in the comments below. Don’t forget to like if this video
helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton for watching, and I hope to see
you around. And feel free to check out my Instagram.

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 Camera Lens Cover Replacement – Fix and Repair”

  1. Thanks for the link you provided from Amazon. Excellent video and the key element from my perspective was cleaning out the old glass and accumulated "grime" to make sure the rest of the parts fit perfectly. I cleaned the camera lens and area with Carl Zeiss lens wipes (we use them all the time here in our photography firm) and a gentle shot of air from our bench compressor. Again, well done!

  2. I have no idea the lens can be so easily replaced! I've been taking crappy pictures all this time 馃檨 . I'm getting me a replacement.

  3. hey guys those who are not getting the parts in amazon try ebay i bought it frm ebay nd delieverd within 5 days and perfect fitting thanks for this video 馃榾

  4. is the camera(black portion) lens a little bit more inside from the silver ring soo in case if we put mobile on flat surface camera lens doesnot get scratches or is it bulged out of the ring a little bit?i bought new s5 nd my camera lens is bulging out of that ring nd is getting scratches….sorry for bad english

  5. After waiting for weeks for my hubby to fix my lens I did it myself in 5mins using your tutorial.I can now , once again, snap happy! Thank you. 馃槉馃槉馃槉

  6. Thank you SO much for this! My cover cracked and I thought for sure I'd just have to live with it, but after watching your video I went right on Amazon, ordered the parts and fixed my phone right up, and on my own. I feel so accomplished 馃檪

  7. Thanks for the video.. this worked flawless.. ordered from the list below and set of tools for total of $15 replaced the camera lens cover..

  8. I justr completed fixing my lens but now my camera wont focus? ;/ i tried taking it out and wiping everything and still unfocused photos.. 馃檨

  9. hey bro! my phone's camera glass got broken too… im gonna fix it on Tuesday but i have a problems focusing without the glass… does it have to do with the glass or is it dust inside my camera lens?

  10. Is there a way to do this process using another galaxy s5? We have another s5 not being used and I want to just bring its lens over to mine, but I'm afraid about the adhesives and it not sticking after I pull it off?

  11. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! I just followed your tutorial and my camera is much better now! my lense didn't crack it was just really scratched up. Thank you!

  12. Is that the same tool kit you have that is below in link? Great video by the way. Now I'm repairing my own phone screw the stores.

  13. Thanks for your video! Bought a 拢1.50 lens replacement set from eBay and following your video, was able to fix it in 5 minutes. Looks good as new!

  14. Great video JRE! Adding a tip to address the focus issue. I removed the broken glass and then checked the camera before installing the new glass. The camera didn't focus and I had to tap the phone on my wooden workbench to release some glass shards from the focusing mechanism. Just make sure the camera opening is facing down. Keep doing this until the glass stops coming out.

  15. I used your tutorial a few months ago but I did a crappy job with the adhesive and the new lens cover popped off in a few days. I waited too long to do this repair a second time and I scratched the actual lens. Can you tell me how to make that fix? Thanks for your great tutorial by the way!

  16. What can I use as a substitute for the adhesive? I have a broken S5 with an intact lens cover I'd like to use.

  17. Hi, thank ou for your tutorial, easy and well explained. But I had a problem when I changed the lens…. I cannot focus anymore when I take pictures it's a little blurred. Plz can help ?

  18. thank you so much for the video. it looks like i got a piece of the broken cover stuck behind the lens housing. any suggestions on how to get it out most easily? it is affecting the camera ability to focus. thank you again for your time

  19. what is the window/screen on the bottom of the camera called and how can i replace that. it is completely scratched

  20. thanks ive just replaced it! saved $10
    they kept saying we need to open up the phone and i was saying it doesn't need to be opened then told them ill do it at home, and here i did it simply instead of paying $10 for a stupid repairer

  21. well I'm going to try this I jaut broke my lens the other day I hope it will work thank you for this video 馃槃

  22. I have a samsung j36v and I don't know what parts to use. Or do the same parts for a galaxy 6 or 7 work?

  23. Hi there, I have a galaxy s5 and I have a problem when I put the camera in front of it it crashes the camera

  24. Question: I easily removed existing silver frame and broken glass. I replaced the lens cover after removing the blue adhesive cover. However, I'm not finding the protective plastic over the outside of the lens cover. I've tried everything. Is it possible it shipped without the protective plastic? Fantastic video and this is a minor glitch, I'm sure. Camera focuses ok, but perhaps has a film on the lens cover(??).

  25. I have an old and cracked screen samsung s5 but the camera lens cover is still intact… my new samsung s5 has the camera lens glass broken… can I change both without breaking it?

  26. How are you supposed to tell if you already scratched the lens part. I can't see any scratches on it, but my pictures are more blurry after the lens cover broke. There is no glass covering the lens, but it's still blurry…..

  27. Hi! When i launch the camera app it says Warning: Camera Failed. My camera glass is broken. Will replacing it fix the issue? Ive tried clearing cache, factory reset etc. I dont know what else to do.

  28. How would you go about cleaning a blurry/dirty inner camera lense? I've heard of pens that do that, and someone else used alcohol. What is the most effective way to clean it without damaging it?

  29. I saw some bad reviews on the part suggested in the link. Of the one-star reviews, a few were not the fault of the manufacturer, a few were because parts were missing or broken when received, etc. Most were because people couldn't focus after proper installation. I ordered it and will try anyway. Wish me luck!

  30. I want to replace the broken lens with a lens from another phone that's no longer usable. Since the lens will not be new, I don't think that it will have that adhesive, what should I do?

  31. I got my replacement lens in the mail and cleaned everything off well and put it on and it wouldn't focus properly so I remove it again carefully and cleand the actual little camera lens itself and tried to take a pic without the replacement glass and still no luck on a focus. Do I have a vid for replacing the actual camera itself? I mean the smaller lenses? Thanks

  32. Am having a problem with my phone camera when I ope the camera it take a while to come on n then it mark camera fail to open so hw is tht cause by

  33. Hello and thank you. I just ordered this type lens from another company from Ebay and replaced it. Everything seemed to be working fine, but then after about one week, I looked at my phone, and I realized the lens had fallen out, and I now must order again. I am just wondering if your recommended lens is glass, because I believe the one I ordered was plastic. Any feedback would be worthwhile. Thank's again

  34. You're the mannnnn, thanks Jerry! You're right no reason to have a cracked camera so easy!! Thank you for your knowledge 馃槅

  35. Simple and easy. I like it. Now I don't have to worry about taking my Galaxy S5 to a cellphone repair shop and pay so much money for a simple fix. 馃槅馃槀

  36. I have dust in my lens now, and the camera is really crap.I will be doing it again but what should I do to clean the dust off?

  37. Thanks for the easy to understand tutorial…Replaced the lense on my wife's phone/camera, was so easy. Just took minutes.

  38. Great tutorial – it was clear, easy to understand & follow. (I only had to watch it once before starting my repair) New lens is in & my camera is focusing beautifully! This is much better than taking it to be repaired – thanks a million 馃檪

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