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Galaxy S5 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Complete Teardown

Galaxy S5 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Complete Teardown

Alright so I managed to get my hands on one
of the brand new Galaxy S5s. This particular model is for Sprint. I’m going to show you
how to take it apart, fix the screen, fix the charging port and a couple other things
inside the phone. So to get the screen off of the phone you do have to heat it up. I
have a heat gun; you can also use a blow dryer as long as it gets the phone hot enough that
you don’t want to touch it anymore. When it’s too hot to touch, it means that the
glue holding the screen down is more pliable and it will allow the screen to lift up from
the device itself. So I have my little pry tool and then once I lift the screen up I
can slip a little piece of plastic, whether it’s a guitar pick or a piece of plastic;
it’ll hold the screen in place and not let it re-adhere back to the base of the phone.
So I’m going to keep on heating it up as I put my little tools in around the sides.
Make sure that you don’t pry up from the bottom of the phone cuz that’s where all
of the cables are for the buttons; the home button, and the back button, and the menu
buttons. Also there’s one cable that I’ll show you here that is actually controlling
the LCD and the digitizer. So make sure you don’t touch that either. Once you unclip
that from the phone you can lift the screen up and then pry the bottom buttons off of
the front glass. As a side note, I just recently started using Instagram and I think we should
all be friends. So feel free to add me @ZacksJerryRig.I am just pulling the home button off. Prying
very gently because if you rip one of these cables then you’re going to have to buy
the new replacement part for it. The whole screen removal process took me about 15 minutes.
I don’t think you can do it any faster than that and still be safe. And there’s the
screen; super impressed with how thin it is. Hopefully Samsung makes this part relatively
cheap for how difficult it is to get off the phone. And then here’s the connector for
it. So this is the whole screen. I’ll put a link in the video description below for
the screen and any tools you’ll need to finish this project. There are ten screws
holding the mid frame into the rear frame. And then there’s also three screws from
the back as well that you’ll have to get undone. Once you get all the screws undone,
you can kind of see the frame pull away from the mid frame. If you unclasp the little latches
around the battery case, you’ll be able to pull the back frame away from the mid frame.
Start up at the top, unclip the top of it and then the base of it will slide out of
the little grooves that are built for that charging port to hold it in place. And then
here are all of the buttons and the little connections that attach them to the motherboard.
You can see that each button has it’s own little connections which is something that,
you know, Samsung has really taken advantage of that this time around. Usually the buttons
plug into the motherboard somewhere, similar to how the iPhones do it. There’s also the
rear speaker there. Here are the 3G and 4G antennas that connect the charging port to
the main board. So you just unclip those. And then there are two screws holding down
the boards to the frame. And right here, the charging port connects underneath the main
board. So I’m just going to unclip that like a little Lego. And then the fingerprint
sensor also is sitting right there on the top so I’m going to unclip that as well.
There you have the motherboard where the cameras are attached. You can also see the heart rate
monitor on the other side. I’m going to go ahead and unclip the cameras. So if your
cameras ever get blurry or dust specks or just, you know, stop working, if they ever
get cracked you can replace them pretty easily. I’ll put links in the video description
below for replacement parts as well. And then the charging port. So this is the thing that
you’ll be replacing most often on this phone. Mostly because the charging port suffers the
most abuse besides obviously cracking the screen. So this charging port has the menu
buttons, the back button, the fingerprint scanner and has the charging port itself as
well. Samsung’s usually pretty good about making these pretty cheap as they have with
the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3 and all of their, um, the Notes in the past. Anyway here’s
the mid frame. We’re going to go ahead and reinstall all the components on the phone
now. There are little grooves that are built in for the charging port so just make sure
that it sits back exactly inside of those little grooves. And then I’m going to go
ahead and start clipping the antennas back on as well. Make sure you line it up directly
above the little nub that it sits on top of cuz if you bend these little antennas, then
you kind of only have one shot at it. I’m going to go ahead and clip the cameras back
on, like I mentioned before it’s a lot like Legos, really expensive Legos you can just
clip on to the main board again. Position it directly above and then you’ll feel it
snap into place. I’m going to go ahead and drop the motherboard into place now. I do
still have to clip that charging port onto the back, as well as the fingerprint scanner
and the 3G and 4G antennas. There are those 2 screws that hold the main board and charging
port into place. And then when you’re slipping the mid frame into the rear frame, start with
the charging port cuz there’s a little groove that’s built in to hold it steady. Once
that’s wiggled into place, it does take a second, then you can snap the rest of the
mid frame into place. Remember those 10 screws that hold the mid frame to the rear frame.
And then the 3 screws that go in directly from the back of the phone as well. And then
you just want to take the menu buttons and kind of re-tape them. I’m just using the
same tape that they came with. It’s actually pretty sticky still. And then just put those
back into place as well as clipping the digitizer/LCD cable into place; same Lego style connector.
And then I’m pushing the screen back down. Replacement screens should come with their
own adhesive whether it’s, you know, super glue or some kind of crazy glue, or just you
know, double sided 3M sticky tape. You can just reapply that and stick it down. I’m
just going to reuse the adhesive that came with the phone. It’s actually, you know,
still pretty strong. Anyway, that’s it. If you have any questions make sure to leave
them in the comments below. I will put any replacement parts and tools also in the video
description below. And don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram as well as subscribe to
my YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 Screen Repair, Charging Port Fix, Complete Teardown”

  1. A gentleman change the charging port on my Grandsons Samsung Galaxy S5, it now charges but now he doesn't have service, any ideas?

  2. Hey I just replaced my charging port thanks so much for the awesome video.

    Everything works EXCEPT my "back" and "task manager" touch buttons. What could this be? Did I rip a cable when I pulled the screen off? The home button works fine though – thanks!

  3. my phone keeps lagging and restarts automatically even while it's off. apparently water got in and I don't know if it's the hardware or motherboard. my screen rotation doesn't work.

  4. my phone keeps lagging and restarts automatically even while it's off. apparently water got in and I don't know if it's the hardware or motherboard. my screen rotation doesn't work.

  5. my phone keeps lagging and restarts automatically even while it's off. I don't know if it's the motherboard or the hardware. Water got in my phone about a month ago and it's been like this since. The screen rotation doesn't work too any ideas on how to fix it?

  6. Had a spare s5 in bad shape that my friend gave me as a guinea pig. It was working, but now I messed it up some how. I did exactly what you warned about, which was ripped the back button cable. I was trying to pry the adhesive as you did, but I guess I'm not as steady. But this shouldn't cause the LCD to not come back, should it? I reconnected the display, but screen is not coming back, and the only thing I can see I did wrong was the back button cable. Is that the cause?

  7. Replaced my loudspeaker today following these instructions. Really appreciate your putting this up, and especially giving some of the reasons why you did some things in specific ways… really helps to understand it better. Thank you!

  8. HI Jerry, my lcd screen has cracked on my Galaxy S5 and obviously now needing to replace it. Samsung are charging £250.00 British Pounds for a LCD replacement and local phone repair shops here in London are charging between £110.00 to £130.00 ($196.00). Please can you advise on how to identify a fake LCD screen to an original? Can you also advise on a safe place to purchase an original LCD screen for my Galaxy S5 without paying through the roof for it? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  9. Hello Jerry, seems to me you have the delicate hands of a surgeon. Just flawless… I don't have the guts to repair the charging port on the s5 because just thinking about breaking the display gives me chill down the spine. Till now I have worked on the ones which have broken display. Any suggestions for removing the lcd without damaging it. Again, thanks for these awesome videos….

  10. Hi there Jerry, can you tell me how long it took to fully disassemble the phone (in real-time)? And how long did it take to reassemble it?

  11. hey, I'm having an issue with the screen I just fixed. everything is working just fine except for the bottom 2cm of the screen. any ideas on that?

  12. I just got done working on it and replacing the screen on her phone (for like the third time just this year) and the back button, menu/settings buttons work fine and so does the home key and the rest of the screen works fine. but just the very edge of the screen won't respond. like 2-3 centimeters of the screen at the bottom won't respond to touch. it's lit up and you can see everything busy fine but it won't respond to touch in just that area. is it maybe just a connection problem that I need to get back in there and re-attach better or is it a bigger problem?

  13. Very nice voice and good video! BTW, can someone tell me what could cause the microphone for calling and all sensors to be disabled? The microphone for video recordings works, though. I am also pretty sure it is not the software, since I installed a stock to make it sure.

  14. I feel like if I close my eyes, I'm watch Bob Ross painting happy little trees. This guy puts you at ease. Nice informative video.

  15. So the heating method you use to separate the screen is obviously a heat gun. Have you used any other methods to do this that any of us would have around are homes besides a blow dryer? I just had an idea but not sure if it's a good one. Lol. I've been eyeballing my iron for a half an hour now wondering if a good amount of material (linen, washcloths, heavy cotton something or other) could help buffer as well as conduct heat to the screen. Applied in a slow and careful manner of course. Your thoughts and opinion would be greatly appreciated! Great video btw! keep um comin!

  16. hi i have a question.. so my smasung s5 screen is not cracked but my lcd stopped working for some reason . I did take it for repair not too long ago and possibly something was not done right when they repaired it. could it bee i can open it up and check ? what usually goes wrong on lcd screens only?

  17. My thing ti protect the water from getting into my phone came off I think it's the charger port is their a way to put it back on or do u have to replace it ??

  18. Much is appreciated. Your video saved an $80 labor fee from a phone repair shop. (not including the $14 mid frame off of amazon I had already purchased)

  19. please it's urgent

    can i replace the internal storage
    or can i access it directly with some cables or something?

    my phone is stuck

  20. Just a warning to everyone else: be very careful even at the TOP of the phone. I accidentally broke the ribbon cable that connects to the amoled with the spudger

  21. Good tutorial! I do have a question. Using the old adhesive to fasten the screen back down, will the phone still be as water repellant with no issues??? My sister has a boat dock at her house and kayaks. The phone stays in two baggies unless she takes a picture, which means there is a chance it could get wet. I gave my old S5 to her, but inserting a new SD card the phone is not recognizing it. (I did check the card with another device, and try another SD in the S5.) A new port is resonably priced. I do wish you had revoved the sd card slot as well, but I'm sure I can find it somewhere. Thank you!

  22. I took my sg5 to a repair shop to replace the LCD. It's been working great the last 2 days until now. Just out of no where, the screen is jumping with any movement. Would you by any chance know why it would be doing that? I paid a lot to have it fixed.

  23. I completely fucked up bud, the front screen came off but the internal screen didn't?
    and it kinda chipped
    how much would you charge to fix this? do you fix phones?

  24. I know it's my own fault, but I just wanna say, I broke my top ribbon connector while prying the screen… R.i.p my S5

  25. can you help me in my problem?? cause my samsung galaxy j1 dies when i remove the charger from it even my phone is 100%

  26. Some advice before taking off the screen. Remove the battery and the small white square which will reveal the fingerprint scanner plug. Disconnect that before taking screen off. Also the hardest part is getting the adhesive from the middle of the screen that's shaped like an L. Take your time. I used a hotel card to get in between that hard to reach adhesiveand also a posicle stick from the top. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DAMAGE THE FINGER PRINT SCANNER CONNECTOR OR THE SCREEN CONNECTOR while using the popsicle stick. Take your time and heat when you need to but dont over do it. I came out 100% successful

  27. After replacing my samsung s5 lcd my back button/recents button and volume buttons have stopped working and also the inbuilt microphone doesnt work anymore unless i use earphones…please help me understand what replacements/fixes need doing? I would really appreciate it. P.S awesome youtube channel.

  28. Hey my screen does not work anymore after getting phone wet in cold water when the phone was very hot, the phone does turn on and I can connect the phone to HDMI to tv, I hope the digitizer or a screen cable is just slightly corroded since it has had 6 months to dry. Do I have to heat and take the screen of the phone off to access these connectors? I am assuming so, It would just be easier without screen disassembly.

  29. where can i find a motherboard replacement for my galaxy s5 g900f? to buy, live in sweden i did a motherboard replace on the galaxy s4 that wasent to hard just woundering if its alot harder on s5 ?

  30. hello, my phone has had the screen replaced but the screen occasionally lifts up from the topside. Any tips? i think the adhesive on the topside has wornout.

  31. When replacing the screen, does it wipe all the content off the phone? Sorry im new to this and have no clue but im interested in fixing my gs5 and keeping as a back up phone.

  32. Headphone jack is dead on my phone,but I am so scared I will mess up something like the screen or the ribbon cables

  33. I was recently given an old S5, and both the speaker and charging port need to be replaced. I've repaired phones in the past, but since you need to remove the screen first, I'm worried I might break it…

  34. The two "plates" on the main/mother board heat up very fast, making the screen untouchable. Also the battery is so old it went down to 75% from 100% while setting it up. I need a new battery and the motherboard is something I'll just have to see

  35. Can I use a clothes steamer to heat up the screen to remove it? How fragile do you need to be when lifting the screen up? Good video!

  36. I have the S5 since the day it came out and the ONLY thing I had to replace until today was the battery.
    New battery cost me about $16,- with shipping included and 15 seconds to replace it.

  37. Can I just replace the ports alone? I mean, just that metal piece. I noticed that it's sold alone instead with the rest of the part that it attaches to. ..

  38. i'm surprised samsung or any other manufacturer hasn't offered you $ to stop jerry-rigging everything. They make if difficult enough to open and replace parts so that you HAVE to purchase an all new phone rather than just parts.

  39. LOL i remember when i paid almost a 1000 buckson this shit when it first came outxD now its just laying shattered and dead in my drawer somewhere

  40. I just want to swap my charging port. Why did they make you have to go through the screen lmao bad design. Did Samsung get this idea from Apple?

  41. is there no way to replace the charging port without removing the screen? id replaced a bunch of stuff on my s4 so my friend who has an s5 was hoping i could help him out with fixing his phone. but i may have to turn him down if it cant be done without removing the screen. I know how incredibly fragile they can be from the back side. surely there's another way to access the charging port? seriously, the charge port ought to be one of the most accessible parts to replace. guess for now i'll advise him to get an extra battery and battery charger. much cheaper and easier than replacing a screen.

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