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Galaxy S6 Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Fix Complete! GS6

Galaxy S6 Screen Repair, Battery Replacement, Charging Port Fix Complete! GS6

Today we’re going to be taking apart and
fixing the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can go ahead and unplug my braided cable from the phone,
take out the SIM card with my SIM card removal tool. And then you can grab a heat gun or
your sister’s hair dryer, and you want to heat up the back of the glass so that it’s
too hot to touch. You want to heat to seep through to the glue underneath the glass.
It will take about 2 or 3 minutes. Just kind of gently heat up the whole phone all the
way around. I would recommend watching this entire video all the way through. I will drop
hints and tips the entire video. Also if you feel like you learn anything during the video,
or if you enjoy watching this, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, it does help me
out a lot. I’m taking my razor blade and slipping it between the metal frame and the
back glass of the phone. You can see right here I accidentally dug my razor into the
white color of the glass. Once I realized that the razor can scrape away the color I
never repeated that mistake again. I slid my razor with the edge not touching the back
glass or the inside mid-frame of the phone because there are components you can damage
on the inside as well, which you’ll see. If the going starts getting tougher, make
sure you warm up the glass again so that the adhesive will fall apart a little bit easier.
You can see I’m just taking my razor blade and sliding it around the edge of the phone.
That’s where the majority of the adhesive is on that back panel; just cutting it away
from that mid frame. Going to finish off the last little bit of the adhesive here with
my razor blade and that separates the back glass from the phone itself. These are pretty
cheap. I’m going to go ahead and link those in the video description as soon as they become
available. You can see the adhesive that is stuck to the back but the majority of them
will come with adhesive preinstalled. Here are the screws that you need to remove from
the mid frame of the phone in order to get at the screen. It’s just a small phillips
head screw driver. The tools will be listed down in the video description below. Go ahead
and check it out if you need any replacement tools. I’m going to heat up the screen of
the phone, mostly focusing around the edge because that’s where the adhesive is holding
it onto the frame. And I’m going to push from the back side of the frame, on the battery,
so that the screen will pop out from the phone. You can see the adhesive along the top here
as well as I try to separate it. It’s really important that you do not press around on
the wireless charging pad. You can see that here. I lifted that up before I started pressing
on it. What’s interesting with the wireless charging pad, you can see the connection points
on the main board that charge the battery wirelessly. I just disconnected the battery
along with the fingerprint scanner and home button here. And then here is the LCD ribbon
cable connector. They are like little Legos; you just want to unsnap them from the main
board. Here’s the front camera that popped off. Once again, replacement parts will be
linked in the video description below. Here is the earpiece, and that releases the motherboard
from the mid-frame. I’m going to release the 4G and Bluetooth wire cables. They are
just little snaps. And then the charging port unsnaps from the back of the motherboard.
Here is the motherboard itself. Nothing else is really replaceable on the motherboard except
for the rear facing camera here. It’s kind of glued onto the motherboard which is interesting.
They haven’t done that in the past. Here’s the camera. I’m going to go ahead and snap
that back into place. That’s the same little ribbon cable connector with the Lego piece.
It’s also interesting; it has a little circle pin on the front that helps guide it into
place. I thought that was interesting, I haven’t seen that before. Here’s the battery. The
battery’s a little bit interesting as well. You…when you’re taking out the battery
you want to use something thin so slide underneath the battery and cut away the glue. If you
use a round pry tool it will put too much pressure on the screen and it will crack between
the screen and the battery. So make sure you’re not prying the battery out, you’re slicing
the battery out with a thin card. You can use like a face card as well, like a poker
card. Coming in from that other side as well, making sure I’m only slicing and not prying.
You’re going to want to take that advice for the rest of the phone as well because
the screen is so ridiculously thin. I’ll show you that a little bit later on in the
video once we get that separated. Battery is almost off. Remember replacement batteries
can also be found in the video description below. There you go. There is one screw holding
on the charging port to the mid frame. Remove that Philips head screw. And you would think
that charging port would come off, but the capacitive buttons are wrapped around the
mid frame and underneath the glass. So we have to wait until we remove the glass and
LCD from that panel in order to separate the charging port. Taking out the earpiece; set
that off to the side. And then here is the vibrating motor. Eventually I want to take
one of these guys apart and see what’s on the inside. I’ll save that for a future
video if you guys are interested. Now I’m going to heat up the glass. This heat job
is going to be a little bit more important cuz we’re heating up the entire screen of
the phone. What I’m going to do now is slide the little card that I’ve been using between
the LCD and the plastic. Now there is a black shield on the back of the LCD that we’re
going to try to not separate from the LCD, especially if we’re going to reuse the screen
again. So I’m going to slide the thin card between the screen. Once again, if the going
gets tough warm up the phone again. I like to keep it so that it’s just barely too
hot to touch. And remember don’t flex the screen at all or you’ll be super surprised
at how easy it breaks. You can see that I’m taking my card and sliding it just between
the plastic and the black shield. You want to leave that black shield intact and attached
to the LCD. It’s not too big of a deal if you accidentally separate it a little bit.
It’s just easier if you keep it intact. Also I’m being very careful with the LCD
ribbon cable down there at the bottom of the screen, making sure not to kink that at all.
If you bend that or kink it too much it will stop working and your LCD will just be black
or gray when you try to reinstall it on your motherboard. Be gentle with that LCD cable,
pulling it off to the side. Heating the phone up one more time, making sure to get down
there by the capacitive menu buttons and back buttons. And then using kind of a slicing/sawing
motion to get rid of the adhesive attached to the LCD and that black frame. Now that
I’m down towards the bottom of the phone, you want to be super careful with those capacitive
buttons, especially if you’re going to reuse your charging port. I’m sliding my card
between the button and the glass, making sure not to cut the button as I press it down and
slide off the glass frame. Once the glass is off… and here is where you really want
to make sure not to hurt the LCD. You can see how thin it is. It’s kind of like doing
brain surgery on a Dorito chip. Here’s the charging port capacitive buttons. I’m going
to pull those off the back side. And that releases the charging port from the phone.
If you need any replacement parts I’m going to list those in the video description. So
go ahead and check that out if you need a replacement charging port or your menu button…like
this little guy right here; just kind of feed that back through the mid-frame. Remember
how it goes. It goes through that main hole right there. I’ll show you as I reinstall
it right now. I’m going to go ahead and put the phone back together again. Press that
home button into place. And get that charging port; it will guide on top of those little
screw holes right next to the charging port itself. Wrap the capacitive buttons around
the back. Kind of stick them into place. They have little circles on them with guiding pins
so you can make sure they’re in the right spot. There’s a little metal grill that’s
on your old screen that you want to transfer over to your new screen. And then your new
screen should have its own adhesive, but if it does not, just get some double sided tape
and put that tape where the adhesive used to be on your old screen. Slide the LCD ribbon
cable through the plastic frame. And then line up all 4 corners. And you want to get
that home button lined up perfectly. I messed up a little bit here so I’m going to unsnap
it, get that home button perfect, and then snap it back down again. The home button will
be your main guiding point with that bottom side of the screen. Get the one little Phillips
head screw back into the charging port right next to the headphone jack. Press everything
down into place. Earpiece is now sliding in. Getting that little tiny circuit board at
the top in the little groove. And that vibrating motor back into its little circle. Here’s
the battery again. Make sure there’s nothing underneath the battery when you put it down,
like that little 4G wire. Press it down into place and then snap the motherboard onto the
charging port connection that’s on the back of the motherboard right there. It’s like
a little Lego; you feel it connect. It’ll be pretty solid. Get that home button and
LCD with the earpiece all snapped in. And the front facing camera; snap that way back
into the motherboard. And then the last one I do is the battery just to make sure there’s
no power going through the board as I’m working on it. Getting the Bluetooth wire
pressed into place along with the 4G cable. I’m also going to press the wires down into
the little grooves that are right next to the board, just to make sure that when I put
the back frame on it’s not going to pinch the cable in any weird way and disconnect
it so I won’t have service any more. Here I’m lining up the charging port with the
back frame. Sliding that screen into place. And clipping it all around that frame as well.
It’s not going to fit perfectly just yet because we don’t have the screws holding
it down into that back frame, but we can test it now that the power button is lined up with
the little contact pads on the motherboard. Everything appears to be working so I’m
going to go ahead and screw all these screws back in. Once again your back panel should
come with its own adhesive, but if it does not, grab some double sided tape and then
lay that down. Peel up the back of the tape. And then you can set your back into place.
But normally they’ll come with their own adhesive and they’re pretty cheap. I will
link those in the video description as well. Pinch the phone shut and you should be good
to go. No one would be able to tell that the phone was even opened. Worked out pretty well.
I’m going to go ahead and test the phone really quick to make sure everything’s working.
Plug in my braided cable…looks like it’s charging. It’s got the fast charger connected
and we should be good to go. I am going to do a durability test with this phone. I will
link that here. So if you’re curious to see how durable this phone is, go ahead and
click that link. I will have that up as soon as it’s done. Once again it does help me
out a lot if you subscribe to my videos. Don’t forget to “like” if this helped you. Hope
to see you around. Thanks for watching.

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