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Galaxy S7 Edge – Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn Test

Galaxy S7 Edge – Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn Test

Whats up YouTube. Today we have the Brand
New Galaxy S7 EDGE on the table. We are going to see how durable this thing is, and what
situations you will have to watch out for in every day life. Lets start with the scratch test! Like always…
I have a set of picks that help me determine where the hardness of the screen falls on
Mohs Scale of Hardness. I gradually increase the hardness of the picks until I can see
scratches on the screen. Now… Normal glass would fall around a level 5 on Mohs scale.
Tempered glass, like on this Galaxy S7 Edge is a tad bit harder. You can see that a level
six makes a mark, but a level seven leaves a deeper groove. This is pretty on par with
most major cell phones these days. Except for the Droid Turbo 2, which has a plastic
‘shatterproof’ screen that scratched at a level 3… You can watch that video if you
are interested. Lucky for us, Samsung continued with the GLASS
camera lens. This means that the lens is much more scratch resistant. Unlike the plastic
lenses on the Blackberry Priv, And the Sony Z5 Premium. Give the Galaxy S7 Edge a thumbs
up for a glass camera lens. Now the little heart rate sensor and flash off to the side,
are protected with a plastic covering. Definitely not as important as the camera lens itself…
but at least now you know. It was the same way with the Note 5. If these get scratched
up… its not a big deal. The side of the phone is solid aluminum. So
it wont chip or discolor like the older Notes or the plastic Galaxy S5. Now the back panel of the phone is glass as
well. And the Samsung logo is printed on the underside of the glass, so you wont have any
issues with that rubbing off or chipping out like on the Lumia 950, or with the older Nexus
6. The back glass does scratch a bit easier than the front glass. You can see that my
razor leaves some marks on the back, but that same razor leaves the front unscathed. They
do sell clear protective covers or skins, so you can protect the back if you are into
that kinda thing. Lets jump into the burn test. This one is
always interesting to me. When some phones are burned with a flame, the pixels turn black
and shut off while the flame is in place. Other phones… like this Galaxy S7 Edge,
will turn white, and never quite recover. Look how reflective that screen is. Its definitely
fingerprint central. Speaking of heat… it will be interesting to check out the internal
‘liquid cooling’ inside this device during my tear down video. Ill slice open that heat
tube open to see the guts inside. So check out that video. Before we do the bend test, make sure you
are subscribed, ive tested 15 phones now, 12 of which survived my bend test… and 3
of which… snapped in half like very expensive crackers. Lets see how the S7 Edge holds up. Bending from the back holds up pretty well.
When I flip it around and press on the screen though, you can see the back panel lift up
just a slightly from the frame. Once that seal is broken on the back cover it is definitely
not water resistant anymore. BUT The phone itself still does NOT break. No matter how
I bend it. It is a solid beast of a device. SO if you’re a heavyset, skinny jean wearing,
individual… I would not recommend putting this phone in the back pocket of your skinny
jeans… because it could compromise the water resistant seal. But other than that… This
phone is stronger than Donald Trumps hair spray. And thats sayin’ something. It really
is one of the strongest, most durable phones I have tested so far. Zero complaints on my
end. I post behind the scenes stuff on Instagram
and Twitter. So follow me there for updates! Thank you so much for subscribing! You guys
make tests like this possible. I appreciate it a ton! Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Edge – Bend Test, Scratch test, Burn Test”

  1. I'll be so glad to have that Samsung galaxy S7 edge phone but unfortunately i doesn't!
    One day my wish comes true!

  2. Been with my s7 edge since it came out and cant complain about the hardware. At the start of the year my screen finally cracked after so many falls but i live with it as i cant afford the screen repair at the moment. Might as well save a bit to buy a new flagship.

  3. Thank you so much!I checked many videos for comparing Donald Trump's hair and I couldn't find any…. luckily u saved me…I can't thank u enough.

  4. The camera lens exploded on mine… now i have to get it repaired but the problem is that it's an manufacture problem and not my poor care. Now i pay the price :(((

  5. I dropped my last one on my guitars tuning pegs, and completley shattered, which in turn broke the amoled display a few days later. I have a new seccond hand one which is quite old, so the cooling system isn't the best but it's a pretty solid phone. My most hard wearing phone is deffinatkey the s5 though, every time something happens to a phone that one is always there, still working

  6. Skinny jeans is not my love it's just a pair of very skinny pants!
    The jeans are very thin!
    Skinny jeans very thin very tight all year round
    He He He!

    Now sing this in your mind!!!!!!!!

  7. ,men i love all your phone testings how i wish i have one of those phone, because i my self stuck with my old phone Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 hoping one day i cant afford those nice phone you have..

  8. Hey man love ur vidoes, ?, can I reuse the ip68 adhesive around the camera/flash while I replace the back glass, or should I buy another off ebay

  9. My S7 broke after 1 year, but guess how? by pressing with the finger (I was trying to glue a car magnet on the back). No matter what you see in this video, all Gorilla Glass properties will go away after 1-2 years (very convenient for Samsung – but I guess is just a coincidence).

    Jerry please take all Samsung phones from 6 to 9, older and used more than 1 year, and re-do the tests.

  10. whenever i get a new phone i immediately check these videos. thanks bro, now i can buy a s7 edge with no worries at all

  11. Good phone, but screen protector is a must. The screen costed me €270 to replace after a two foot drop on a wooden floor.

  12. and trust me that this phone is hard, i have dropped incountable times from considerable height, and 1 out 5 gets a scratch
    I have also throw it with all my strenght(dont ask why) against a tv(bye tv) and against the floor, minimal damage and still working totally properly

  13. Should have watched this video before trying to do it transparent scratching the back panel to hell and eventually cracking it

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