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Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus – Video Camera Test!

Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus – Video Camera Test!

Today I’m going to do a camera test on the
Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 6s Plus. These were the most requested phones that I did
on my Twitter poll. If you don’t follow me on Twitter head over to @ZacksJerryRig
and you can vote in the next one. Both of the phones are stabilized on this little rig
so it will hold them equally as I go around filming stuff. Let’s get going. Something
interesting to note is that the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge have the exact same
cameras. But the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus do not. The big difference between
the 6s and the 6s Plus is that the 6s Plus has OIS image stabilizing. So as I shake the
image back and forth it’s going to compensate for the image physically as well as electronically.
It has dual layers of stabilization, where the iPhone 6s only has electronic or digital
stabilization. So we’re still filming in 4K right now. We’ll test a little bit out
with the sun flare. One thing that I really like about shooting in 4K is the ability you
have to zoom in on things. Check out the moon at 800 percent. So you might be wondering
why these two different windows are different sizes. The iPhone 6s Plus front facing camera
only films in 720p. The Galaxy S7 Edge camera films in quad HD which is 4 times the resolution
of your standard HD. That’s why the windows are different sizes. The Galaxy S7 is literally
that much bigger. So all of the resolutions are proportional. So as you watch this video
pay close attention to the quality of each camera cuz I need you to tell me down in the
comments below which camera does better: the Galaxy S7 Edge or the iPhone 6s Plus. As far
as I know neither of these cameras have stabilization on the front facing camera. They’re not
like the Lumia 950XL or the HTC 10 which both have stabilization on the front facing cameras,
which is pretty nice. One thing I’ve noticed with the Galaxy S7 is that building behind
me is completely washed out on the front facing camera, but with the iPhone 6s Plus you can
still see the building a little bit better. That’s interesting. The front facing camera
of the Galaxy S7 has more in the picture though. I’m holding the phone at an arm’s length
away and you can see a lot more behind me with the Galaxy S7 than you can with the iPhone
6s Plus. That’s interesting. You know those YouTube Vloggers that just walk around all
day talking to themselves on camera? I look like one of those fruitcakes. Except for…I
have a lot more cameras. So we’re still filming in 4K. Check out the definition of
the grass, and then we’ll auto focus on my hand…back to the grass. Filming in 1080p.
The stabilization should be a little bit better because now both phones have OIS and the EIS
is working at full capacity at 1080p. So check the image stabilization and the overall quality.
I’m going to run for a second. Still filming in 1080p. The Galaxy S7 technically has a
slightly larger sensor size and usually that coincides with slightly better image quality.
We’ll have to see. These are smart phone cameras so the sensor is going to be pretty
small anyway. So now we’re going to film in slow motion. The iPhone 6s Plus and the
Galaxy S7 both film in 240 frames a second at 720p. So the slow motion test should be
pretty equal since both the frame rates are the same. So this sunset shot will be the
perfect segue into our low light shots. All the settings are still on automatic and we’re
still filming in 4K resolution. So it’s completely dark outside. Both phones are shooting
in 4K on automatic settings. We’re testing out the lowlight capabilities of the cell
phones. So both phones are still on auto. There’s a street lamp up there, the building
in the background, and then we’re going to come down here on my truck. You can see
the front bumper and my light bar up on top. So now I need your help deciding which phone
wins, the Galaxy S7 Edge or the iPhone 6s Plus. Which phone was better? Let me know
down in the comments. You can also respond to this poll question up in the corner. After
that and you still want to see more camera tests, I have the Galaxy S7 vs. the HTC 10,
the iPhone SE vs. the Nexus 5s, the Nexus 6p vs. the Galaxy S7, and the Lumia 950XL
vs. the Galaxy S7. Together we can find out which is the best smart phone camera in the
world. Thanks a ton for watching. Hit that subscribe button. Give me a thumbs up, and
I hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Plus – Video Camera Test!”

  1. I have to give it to the iPhone here, Great, awesome dynamic range on that front camera! Makes the S7 edge look like a cheap, old vga webcam!
    Also the iPhone's white balance was spot on, while the S7E's was off all the time.
    Well done!


  3. hhhmmm wow i really watched and my opionion ifone the clarity more crisp but respone time on 7 was quicker the fountain scene looking at the droplets 7 faster but look at the numbers bro if there correct i thin someone fudged speed hhhmmm

  4. Creo que te equivocaste de lugar de video, imposible que el 6S plus grabe de esa forma, tengo un iphone 5S y graba mucho mejor

  5. Sometimes I wonder about these videos, not you personally, but the individual units being tested. To my eye, the iPhone wins hands down in your video, but this is the first comparison video I've seen where I have come to that conclusion, and I've watched a lot of em. Obviously, your rig means it would be the S7 unit that might not be up to snuff. I have the iPhone 6s Plus, and love it, but am considering switching to the S7. Based on yours alone, I would stick with the iPhone.

  6. OMG I can't make up my mind on which phone to buy. The S7 has better color reproduction, focus and audio but the iPhone has better HDR and OIS! Apple seems to have a better software, but Samsung has better hardware.

  7. Iphone handled exposure and white balance much better, however the Samsung video was noticeably sharper and clearer. If i had to pock i would choose the S7 as i like the clarity and exposure can be altered in camera.

  8. its quite hard to choose which one the galaxy is better at night, colour and quality but the Iphone has great stabilization. They're both quite similar cameras.

  9. Personally, I prefer the S7 edge. Yeah, iPhone has more realistic colors, but I like the saturated ones better. Also, iPhone's mic is awful.

  10. Still very very satisfied with my 6s plus. S7 has nice image too.. But having touchwiz and android is a no go for me, also samsungs are known having higer % of return for repair ratio's.

  11. The next thing for camera improvements should be low light conditions. Samsung advertises with it but it is still poor.

  12. Imho, 4K cripples the camera on the S7 Edge a lot in very specific scenarios (very sunny & dark)!
    Personally I keep my S7 edge during the day on HDR (forced HDR) and at nighttime I put it on auto-HDR. This has given me by far the best results and is also very logical, hence why even my anti-tech mom knows this.

  13. Sadly I think the iPhone wins in the getting rid of the glare, and I like the more saturated photo quality, I'm still getting the edge though

  14. Well I own a 6S+ and I am surprised to see far more crispier image generally on the edge but especially on the slow motion… Makes me suspicious that moisture may have been caught on 6S+ lens… The image is really blurry I don't think that's normal…

  15. S7 obviously better in pretty much all use case scenario but 6s plus excels at image stabilization. If Samsung offer stock android version I will ditch my iPhone in a heart beat.

  16. Does anybody gets why the slow motion bitrate on s7 edge is twice as much than 6s Plus while they had everything the same? If you check other scenarios 6sp always had bigger bitrate I found this very interesting

  17. S7 over saturates the picture, which is pleasing but sometimes is a weak spot when it comes to natural coloring in photos.
    Both cameras are great, hard to pick between the two. can't wait to see if the iPhone 7 will destroy the s7.

  18. Best camera comparison ever. Please do more.
    Overall S7 wins. Only thing better with the iphone is the image stabalization.

  19. the ois of 6s is better but not that much. on the other hand the quality of the video and the voice in the s7 are better
    so i choice the s7

  20. I don't know but for real world usage, I prefer iPhone's camera because it's more realistic and natural colors stands out compared to s7 edge which is somewhat over saturated. Also I hate the front camera of Samsung s7 the shot is always on beauty mode even though i turned off that mode. face always blown out of details especially in low light.

  21. iPhone appeared to be better with handling light, and had the ability to handle a larger variation of light and stay true to color. At night darks don't get light washed either. However the edge was much better with slow motion

  22. Right now, I'm a Samsung user. I'm pretty impressed with the stabilization of the 6S+ and the clarity of its front camera (although this front camera apparently has size issues?).
    The colors on both phones can be altered, so whether you like more saturated colors or more natural colors, you can change those in the settings.
    When it comes to the slow motion, S7 definitely takes the cake. Also, I think the S7 takes crisper photos, so if you're up for that clarity, you'd probably want it.
    S7 doesn't seem to do well against harsh light, it seems?
    Also, I heard that in portrait mode (?) the 6S+ auto-blurs the bg, making photos look pretty stylish.
    All the butt hurt fanboys (from both sides) here are pretty idiotic and irrational, so for the people who don't like stupidity and immaturity that can be compared to those of 11-year-old boys, here's a warning.
    None of the cameras displayed in the video are bad; they're both very impressive, actually.
    That's all

  23. Everything looks so much more natural on iPhone. Samsung always seems to boost colours unnaturally. But the sound is far better on Samsung.

  24. Almost a year ago. Interesting note; I used a Panasonic OIS lens on a Olympus body with image sensor stabilization. The results were the same as the Samsung S7, Mello Jello. At first I could not figure it out. It dawned on me, the Oly sensor stabilization was actually working against the Pany lens OIS. Hence; mellow jello. Thanks for the test!

  25. I have both of this phones and if you are watching allredy captured picture or video side by side more chances are that you will like samsung better, but everytime i'm holding them and watching area and subjects what i am capturing iphone is far more acurat and closer to reality. Other than that both are amazing cameras you can't go wrong with any of them

  26. S7 edge has a better rear camera but iphone 6s plus has better front camera atleast stabilization wise. Overall, ill take the s7 edge

  27. If you have any iphone 6 to 6s plus and u want better color like the s7 just put your contrast higher than usual on camera settings

  28. I am a nuetral guy so honest review……….
    Iphone has a little better colours
    But they dont look natural
    On the other hand Galaxy the most accurate alomost equal to dslr camera

  29. Daaaaaamn the stabilization and the front facing camera dynamic range on 6S+ though… 🤯🤯🤯
    I’m reconsidering my decision to buy S7edge, wow holy sh!t thanks for the video.

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