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Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN

Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN

100 thoughts on “Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN”

  1. In his definition of a soul, he does not make a difference between a synthetic soul and a spirit soul. The syntetic soul is made up by the Controlers before incarnation in this low realm called the physical reality. When he says it is created FOR you, he might be unaware that he admits that someone made it for you.
    The Spirit- soul is created by Spirit who is the real yiu. The real You. The Source. The Spirit does not need to grow as Oprah is saying. The Spirit is already perfect and complete. No need to grow. Therefore, the Spirit -Soul is simply experiencing life in different forms. Again, no need to grow.

  2. I hope you can have Sadhguru on the show. I would like to see Sadhguru , Oprah and Gary Zukav in a show.

  3. What a load of total malarkey! Lemme tellya wot's the problem: People cannot accept mortality. That Ded is Ded: period. Heads have been filled since childhood with fables, myths, and stories, most of which get left behind. But religious belief gets perpetuated institutionally with advertising practice or other institutional means in support for its sponsoring entities. Selling God is clerical business. There are dumb customers a-plenty for religion, just like for other rubbish products. We can be smart as well as stupid. Stupid offers good market opportunities for predators. Sorry, believers: that's you!

  4. It amazes me how rich people have nothing else to do, but talk about religion…and try to tell us how to behave. I know what is sacred

  5. Wonderful! 🙂
    BUT.. I have to say from Norway… that Gary should know better than pointing fingers…

    for Gary to say that Trump administration is Fearmonguering, is absolutely rediculous.
    Trump is the least fearmonguering president Europe have ever seen in the US ever!!
    .. the other administrations have been HORRIBLE (unless JFKs and Reagan being the least) lead you into innumerous wars, – you have been in war since 1776 for Gods sake!
    Trump only want to protect the US from the FreeMasonMaster Kalergi Plan, organized Mass invation of asian and african muslims from the 3rd world to Europe, and illegal mass invation from central and south america to the US – to break down boarders, free nations and western culture, to implement free nations under one world government through Agenda21 (global) Agenda 2030 (local) – under the UN, already being run by the finance ins$titutions.
    One should see the broader picture, and understand why The Bilderbergers powerful members own all media today, so they can spread fake news and fearmonguering about Trump big time.
    M A G A <3 – Hillary would have had the WWIII going strong already, – your former administrations have been rund by Deep State… I notice that they dont like Trump because he messes with their agenda…. good thing 😉

  6. So full of herself. She starts by saying something intelligent and always ends up with herself, how it made her soooo great!!


  8. Oprah this is one of your best tapings. You and gary fit together well in your dialogue and information. I return to this to refresh myself about love vs fear. I loved the show with baby Ryan, it reminded me of my great grandparents who were 99 and 96, I knew them till I was 4 or 5 when they passed. There spirits touched me so then, and then they were gone. I adored my grand parents to especially my grandma. She comes and visits me sometimes as does my sister, and I'm always so happy to see them! Thanks for a great [email protected]


  10. I bless the hurtful feelings I’ve experienced from the actions of others. Spiritual advancement requires the endurance of BOTH physical and emotional pains. It is not the actions by others that hurt us emotionally, but our perceptions and INTERPRETATIONS of them as being lies, hurts and betrayals. Could it be that others are actually playing their parts in our spiritual advancement? No pain, no gain! Should we not welcome the pain, and for that, we should be grateful? Are we actually receiving that which we have been pursuing, yet also sabotaging our efforts by the negative thoughts of anger, resentment, jealousy, envy and “getting even” that we project? Is this the case of what others do TO us? Or is it what they do FOR us? Instead of harboring the feelings of betrayal and jealousy, we must project love and support for those who “hurt” us for what they have done for us (yes. FOR US), even if they were not aware that they were actually helping us at the time.

    Are the unpleasant emotional experiences, actually attacks and offenses against us, or are they opportunities for us to grow and learn? Therefore, what is there to forgive?

  11. It is narrated on the authority of Amir al-Mu'minin (Leader of the Believers), Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), say:

    "Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended. Whoever migrates with an intention for Allah and His messenger, the migration will be for the sake of Allah and his Messenger. And whoever migrates for worldly gain or to marry a woman, then his migration will be for the sake of whatever he migrated for."

    Related by Bukhari & Muslim

  12. I love Oprah. I watched her for many years. I agree with most of her beliefs. I applaud her for bringing to light many topics of discussion that people avoided talking about throughout history. I respect her very much & wish I was more like her. AND it really bugs me when she interrupts the people she's interviewing to "O-SPLAIN" what they are saying!!!!

  13. If life is also for us to learn and become better human beings, may be Baby Ryan has taught the family what they needed to realise or learn and luckily we all can also reflect on this. I sense only love for ever in the family's heart not really pain.
    kavita G

  14. Profound command to master our authentic power and understand choosing love to be living in the now!

  15. Oprah's little boat is headed strait for hell. She is so lost. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Repent and believe the gospel. One way to God. That is through Jesus !!! ( God in flesh) God bless….. Read the Bible.

  16. He is so good at articulating things that feel so natural but I never had words to describe. Wow, thank you, Gary! I am buying his book right now! I can't believe I have not read it yet!

  17. He is so good at articulating things that feel so natural but I never had words to describe. Wow, thank you, Gary! I am buying his book right now! I can't believe I have not read it yet!

  18. When I first read Seat of the Soul, I said, "This is the New Bible. I put scriptures threw out the whole book. Seeing the simple way Jesus spoke; to the higher meaning it has now. The extension of the Bible that Jesus said people in his day weren't ready for yet. Amen to this great book.

  19. Living emotions to the fullest we call it in Buddhism “ Vipassana Meditatiin”.
    If it is a negative emotion, let go. If positive act upon it if it brings a good result.

    In order to be in Vipassana mode of meditation, your Samadhi which is mindfulness should be at its peak !

    Life will be a sail as not be disturbed by any emotion! Here’s a bedside book if you want to mind train :-

  20. Sorry, Gary, o mag is a capitalist joke…..who has that kind of money and vanity.??? Everything else is true. Love you Gary

  21. Now you're really getting some place, Oprah. I've followed your journey for years and years, and now I see you following in the wake of your mother ship. Thank you for blessing our iives with the Truth. I love you.

  22. Heaven is real xx Life after death most certainly exists and our beautiful God desires to speak with us all this day xx Please join us:

  23. what do they think of jesus or malcolm x- not walking away and self-destructing, or being rageful, both for love, to advance the vulnerable?

  24. Profound! I see myself following the mother ship. I come in and out of the fear because of life circumstances. It is no excuse. I have a different way of thinking than most. I get those odd look, rolled eyes, and looks of "she's crazy". However, I will embrace that to look back at those who are negative and see that they have no mother ship to follow. They live in the moment and provide no service to anyone except for themselves. It use to sadden me but no more. I smile. My journey is ever growing and moving and never sees the end. This kind of life gives me purpose every day.

  25. that all in the Quran.
    I wish people could study the Quran.and I wish one day oprah will study the Quran too.

  26. Ok, I am on the same page. But there are a two-parts we seem to miss in the soul as Gary explain, it is your personality, expression of one's self of the soul to my way of thinking is the spirit and the body, together they are one.

    If we take the body and separate it from the spirit we will see the same picture of you standing with yourself face to face. The body and the spirit make the soul one with the Mother ship a greater and higher reality.

    Remove the spirit the body dies. Remove the body the spirit lives on. The very example Gary gives in his grandmother funeral. Each and every one us is unique and different from one another there isn't one person that is the same as the next.

    But united we become one and a better world to live in creating love and harmony. To get to this is why the creation exists we were given this opportunity to understand for ourselves. The right to choose, to feel to experience to fall down to get up again and start over to experience death and life. to come to the understanding. Understanding that we were made in his image in every aspect of the word, First, there was the word before it was physical. everything was spirit before it became manifested physically. Not many people understand the soul or why it is so important to our human nature.

    So yes Opera you are an instrument in his hand a reason for your being, as is each and every one of us. Words are only words if you do not act upon them. Yes, Gary, your work is important as is the next, the smallest of the small to the greatest of the great we all have to come to our own realization. But thank you for speeding up the work it is of great importance especially in this day and age.

  27. The highest ethic is love. God will allow certain things to happen. Even death. So that we can TRULY understand LOVE. Everything on earth revolves around this one: LOVE. They didn’t mention God in the examples on Oprah, but that’s how you don’t bring religion on TV. But it goes back always to God. That Mother Ship is God. We need to align ourselves with God, then things will flow.

  28. The Ad How to Cure loneliness about lack of touching is because in the West the empires were built on hate, slavery and conquest. Just saying….

  29. One of the most Beautiful analogies I've ever heard. So very profound, this was what I needed today 💜

  30. Thank you I service People..I Heal Them on THE spot with No side effects so thy can Life a pain and sickness Life NAMASTE

  31. Thank you I service People..I Heal Them on THE spot with No side effects so thy can Life a pain and sickness Life NAMASTE <3

  32. the Holy Bible should be the most important book for you Oprah…!!! The Holy Bible should be the book next to your bed!

  33. Fascunating story of dr weiss the past life regressionist losing his 1st child at 4 days ..whuch changed his medical direction of learning a matter how short on earth can chng us

  34. 25 years ago, “The Seat of the Soul” also changed my life. Then, Marianne Williamson’s book, “Teaching on a A Course in Miracles,” and then, “Anatomy of the Spirit,” by Caroline Myss, followed by many others that have inspired my entire way of being alive on planet earth. Thank you Master Z for sharing your wisdom with all of us.

  35. sad to see how the masses in the USA and other first world countries can be sucked into these intriguing theories about life that are just gushing rubbish, are people so gullible and desperate, yes they are because they living meaningless material lives (gorging consumerism what can never satisfy) and that leaves such a void in their lives, so desperate spiritually and so lazy to do self research "temet nosce" into these matters that they can even watch a show like Oprah as lessons for life, hacks and living, yes this little diva Oprah has made a huge fortune by tapping into this nonsense and spewing it like vomit into the moronic mindsets of tens of millions of UN-creative slave psyches. Marcus Aurelius would be nauseated. but woop, woop she has helped many many many underprivileged, well done Oprah, fascinating and wonderful how GOD can use the devils children for good. ..the likes of This High priestess Oprah and the slick High priest Joel Osteen etc. CHRIST weeps for our souls. but turn up your TV's, dive into your news channels and sitcoms, and debauched series engross your selves, no worries Oprah, Joel etc. are here to help you. No rather turn all the rubbish off in your life, be quiet, read biographies of the great selfless persons of the world, read ancient spiritual texts, search out all things from all perspectives, find something in life which takes effort and keeps you present, enjoy your self, be your own friend and entertainer, you don't and wont need Oprah, Joel, food "gluttony" and substances to temporarily numb the self inflicted pain and toil of your being. you will become a healthy creator rather than a lazy numb and sad consumer following THE MOTHER SHIP of personal emptiness .. .. One Love People. P.S. remember if you part of the mass your not OK, history of mankind has shown this over and over, the greatest people went against the tide of mass stupidity, but were murdered for their selflessness, goodness, great contributions to mankind and truth . …

  36. Urantia foreword paper: — The personality of mortal man is neither body, mind, nor spirit; neither is it the soul. Personality is the one changeless reality in human experience.
    Personality is the bestowal which the Universal Father God makes upon the living and associated energies of matter, mind & spirit, which survives with the survival of the soul.

  37. I came to this conclusion some 10 years ago after the tragic death of 2 young men in a car accident, I decided that day that the soul makes the decission through negotiation with the universal divine to leave this realm as it does to come into this realm.

  38. Aligning of the personality with the soul is called conquering of the naffs in Islam, Islam considers that the prophets did and therefore got supreme wisdom from the universal divine.

  39. Choose unconditional love ❤️…. Practice unconditional love ❤️… I would love to attend this kind of session if there are available in the country I am currently lived in… My perspectives of things in life starting to change.. this soul session gives me hope everyday to love those who hate.. because compassion can lead us to do great things in life… Thank you Oprah to make this available to anyone in the world to watch and thank you Gary for information you have shared with us… And thank you both Oprah and Gary for opening up to us about your personal experience with us. As it helps us to not be afraid to talk more about our feelings and matter of our hearts, that used to be sealed because we are so afraid or fear of what society judge us on those feelings and our vulnerabilities. Much gratitude and appreciation ❣️🙏

  40. This saved my life today. I know who why I have been suffering so long. Gosh..what an epic moment in my life. Grateful. Thank you. Now I can stop being angry and expecting things that are not in my ego space.

  41. More true now than ever: "the ONLY way to change the world is to change yourself". We ARE the planet and our situation is a reflection of our consciousness. As we become more conscious, more aware, more loving, then the world will be that, as well. We need to harness love. Period.

  42. Why does Oprah feel she has to re-explain what Gary Z said all the time? he explains everything perfectly, in an easy way to understand. She does not need to do so, it becomes just repetitive. And she should interrupt less also.

  43. What Oprah is saying there is information now that you can not introduce to the World because the world is not ready for it… The world is full of people who are not ready for the Truth… Thank you Lord!

  44. oh my dear ones give forth your passings to be earning the animation of the all of your means be caution there is ancient ones fear is not to be left in the never mind theory that binds your love feAR IS OLD TOUNGE 3 FORMS OF LINGUISTIC SPEECH BE HERE TOLERANCE IS HERE DONT BE FOOLISH OF NOT BELIEF to BE WISE BUT BE NEEDFUL TO THE YET OF YOUTH YET TO FOLLOW YOUR PASSINGS THE WORD FEAR IS TWO MARGINS OF DIRECTION FREE WILL GAVE DIVISION OF THOUGHT BETWEEN TWO MARGINAL EFFORT


  45. Community do not bring people together. A community which does not exclude anyone… in a multi dimensional universal human being

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