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Genesis G80 and G90 | Bluetooth Phone Operation | Genesis

In today’s world it’s important to stay connected no matter where you go. That’s why your Genesis
allows for seamless pairing and operation of your Bluetooth device. Pairing your Bluetooth
device is quite simple, but you must be in park and
no other Bluetooth devices can be connected to the vehicle. When you are ready to pair your device, select “Home” and then select “Phone”, if no devices have been
paired the pairing process will begin automatically. If you already have devices
paired to the vehicle then select “Add New Device”. Follow the on screen
prompts to pair your phone. First, go to your mobile device’s
Bluetooth pairing screen, search for and select the
vehicle name on the screen. The default name will be the
model of your Genesis vehicle. Authorize the registration
on your Bluetooth device. You may need to enter the
authorization passkey. A message may pop up requesting
access to the contacts and call history on your
device, you can choose to deny or allow this. For non-Apple devices
another message may pop up requesting access to the
messages on your device, you can choose to deny or allow this. However, you must allow
this to enable access to the messaging features in the Genesis. For Apple devices you
must enable notifications inside your device itself. Please consult with
your device manufacturer for instructions on how to do so. To make or receive calls
you have several options. On the left spoke of the
steering wheel you’ll find the call answer button
and the call end button. These can be used to answer
or end incoming phone calls. You can also use the navigation
to answer incoming calls, when a call is incoming the
popup message will appear on screen, here it
presents you with options. “Accept” will answer the call, “Reject” will reject the call. Non Apple devices may
show a message option. “Message” will reject the
call and allow you to send a preset message of your selection. The message popup screen
gives you a choice of four predefined messages you can send. Select the desired message and press send. Depending on your device
messaging will be supported in different ways. For Apple devices that
support Apple car play, simply hook up the phone
to the car via a USB cable to the media port. Consult your owners manual for information on which USB port is the media
port for your Genesis model. Messages will then be conveyed
via the Carplay application. For all other devices ensure
that you allowed access on the device to your messages. In addition, if your device
has a setting that allows you to show or not show notifications, select “show notifications”. When a message is received
a notification will popup on the screen, here you
can view the message if you are not driving. You can also have it read
to you or close the popup. Messages will remain in the
message folder until read. Once the message is read
to you or you have read the message, you can respond
to the message with a voice to text message. Press the microphone button
to dictate the message, you can also send one of four
preset messages as a reply. Select reply then you will see
a choice of four predefined messages you can send. Select the desired message and press send. The predefined messages for text messages and rejected calls can be customized. To do so make sure the vehicle is parked. Go to setup, then select Bluetooth. Then Predefined Messages. Then select either Text
Messages or Rejected Calls. Then select the message
you wish to modify, then you can type in your new message. As you can see, the phone
and media device interface in your Genesis is very
versatile and customizable. For more on connecting,
disconnecting, and using your Bluetooth device with your Genesis consult your owners manual.

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