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Getting Started with Square Loyalty

Getting Started with Square Loyalty

Meet Square Loyalty. It’s an easy, convenient way to increase
customer visits and sales, and it works with the rest of your Square tools to keep everything
in sync. There’s no extra equipment required, and
customers don’t need to download an app to earn rewards. Today, Square Loyalty offers three ways to
reward your customers. By visit By how much they spend Or, by purchasing specific items. Every time a customer spends money at your
business, they earn a point toward a reward you set. Like a free coffee Or 20% off a purchase How easy is it to get customers signed up? This easy. At check out, customers opt in by entering
their phone number directly into your Square Point of Sale app. Your customer’s points and rewards are managed
automatically and saved in your Square Point of Sale for easy lookup. So there’s no holding up the line hunting
for paper punch cards. Customers get text messages when they earn
a reward — like an extra reminder to return to your store. When it’s time to redeem, simply enter your
customer’s phone number or use the code from their phone and ring up the reward they’ve earned. You can set up Square Loyalty in just a few
minutes, and completely customize it for your business. Square Loyalty collects your customers’
email addresses so you can keep in touch. Because Square Loyalty integrates with customer
and sales data you can track key metrics and the impact on
your bottom line. And here’s a little reward for you – right
now, you can try Square Loyalty free for 30 days. For more information visit

7 thoughts on “Getting Started with Square Loyalty”

  1. why do customers have to enter their phone number, can't you just track credit card numbers and tally them up once they reach criteria to get rewards?? its a big hold up on a foodtruck.. might have to drop square loyalty and go with something more streamlined.

  2. does this work with the Square Terminal? I'm assuming yes, but Square doesn't mention a word about it, and I'd think they'd want to let people know that. So I want to know before I shell out $399.

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