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Girlfriend Swaps Phone With BOYFRIEND For Day!

Girlfriend Swaps Phone With BOYFRIEND For Day!

Previously on RCLBeauty101. [MUSIC PLAYING] Wake up! Give me your phone! We’re filming a
boyfriend swaps– Who is this? –phone– Now Rachel’s fighting with
like eight other people– –with girlfriend video. RACHEL: Issac. ISAAC: I’m not interested RACHEL: Isaac. ISAAC: I didn’t agree to this. RACHEL: It’s for a video. You have some explaining to do. [STATIC] Now I’m using your
phone for the day. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys! It’s Rachel. And I decided it would be
a fun idea to do a video where Isaac AND I swap
phones for the day. I already uploaded the
boyfriend swaps phone with girlfriend video, so
if you want to see that, click right over here to Isaac
using my phone for the day. Let’s see how this goes. [STATIC] I wonder if Isaac’s
going to switch my phone case with his little
brother’s phone case, because him and
his little brother have the same phone case, that
way he doesn’t have to have a pink phone the entire day. Daniella! Yeah? Will you film me for this video? Umm. I mean, that depends if
you’ll get me food later. I just broke the case. The video just started and
I already broke something. You think this
is, like, fixable? We both don’t really have
anything on our phones, I don’t think. Like, I’m going
through his texts. Is that bad? Is it bad that I’m
going through his texts. Yeah Isaac really
doesn’t text that much. He has this app that texts
him the weather every day. Maybe it will get more
interesting later. Our refrigerator
literally makes me sad. Let’s see what songs he has? Why does he have so many apps? I don’t even know the
symbol for Apple Music. Oh, found it. He has good songs. I feel bad that I have terrible
songs, I just realized. He’s probably listening to old
High School Musical right now. DANIELLA: That’s an
amazing soundtrack. Today is a really exciting
day because I have nothing that I need to do. I’m trying to figure out how I
could change the autocorrect, because I want to change the
word wya– like, where you at, because Isaac says, where
you at all the time– to I have been studying frogs
for countless years now. It’s becoming a very
interesting hobby of mine. This is for future Rachel. He’s not even going to
notice this for so long. OK. Shortcuts. I’m so bored. In Isaac’s phone, my
emoji is a watermelon. I’ve always wanted a
heart eyes next to it, but I can’t just
take his phone and be like I’m going to add
a heart eyes emoji. Now I can. Oh my god. There are so many emojis. [GASP] This is most recent. There we are. I just beat his high
score in this game. Right now, I’m
driving to the mall. Still have Isaac’s phone. And I’m going to go
meet the person that was supposed to film me earlier,
but was busy– which is cool, because now I have someone
to hang out with at the mall. Ooh, parking spot. There she is. I’m taking pictures
on his phone, so that I can give him
an artsy Instagram. [GASP] I just guessed his
password, and it worked. Yes! VSCO Cam is downloading. Already started up
his Instagram theme. [PHONE VIRBRATING] His mom’s calling. (DEEP VOICE) Hello, Isaac. [LAUGHTER] OK, yeah, it’s Rachel. [LAUGHTER] I have to text Isaac that his
mom wants him home for dinner. I’m making myself his
Woman Crush Wednesday. ALYSSA: It’s Friday. Shhhh. It’s OK. But, first I’m going
to like all my pictures that he didn’t like. None of my selfies
looked good, so I’m just going to use this picture. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. The only text that he got
today was an order confirmation from GrubHub. Maybe I should get
him a card that’s like, sorry for
taking your phone. Can I borrow a pen? He uploaded an Instagram. I guess I can’t be
that mad about that because I like uploaded– he
changed my profile picture. He ruined my Instagram theme. He has like a lot of selfies
holding barbecue meat. He’s such a good boyfriend,
that this is the worst thing that I found on his phone. I’m going to pretend
for like five minutes like, when I get back, that
I found something really bad on Isaac’s phone, and
see how he reacts. I’m just taking random
photos from his camera roll. I wish I could convince him to
pursue this Instagram theme, but I don’t think he can. I took a picture to show my
friends, like, my outfit, so I could be yes or
no, and I don’t have any friends in Isaac’s phone. My phone’s so close. Actually, I don’t think
I really need you to, like, film this part, because
he already has someone in there, like, filming. Give me my phone. I have yours. I don’t need it anymore. Wait, but what if I don’t
want to give it back? You changed my Instagram
profile picture, Isaac. Give me my phone back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, thank God. Oh, but you have some
explaining to do, Isaac. There’s a few people that
you probably shouldn’t be texting that you’re texting. I have no idea what
you’re talking about. I’m just kidding. [LAUGHTER] But I felt bad taking
your phone, so– Aw, but you’re never going
to have my phone for a day ever again. Oh, God. What did you say to Chloe? Isaac’s phone was fun. You don’t even
text people, Isaac. I don’t like texting. You don’t do anything on it. But anyhow, you should
follow me on Instagram. Oh yeah, you guys should
follow Isaac on Instagram, because, you know, he’s going
to have an Instagram theme now. Comment down below what other
videos you want to see Isaac and I do. I’m going to try to solve
this fight that Isaac started with everyone. If you guys enjoyed
this video, if you didn’t see my previous two
videos, click those down below and subscribe right
over there if you’re not subscribed already. OK. I love you guys so much.

100 thoughts on “Girlfriend Swaps Phone With BOYFRIEND For Day!”

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