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Girls Swap Phones For A Day

Girls Swap Phones For A Day

– I’m scared for you to have my phone. – Who do you think I am? Like- – I know who you are. (laughter) (soft jazz music) – She’s married and I’m single. I think Jake’s gonna know. Don’t you think? – He might. – I mean, you guys text regularly, or not? – Yeah. – Like, what do you guys text each other? (laughter) – I don’t know. – I’m a straight girl.
Taylor is a lesbian. – Probably get some,
like, messages on Hinge and Tinder and Bumble. – I can’t think of a better friend than a friend who helps you get laid. (record scratches) – What? – Oh, it’s on. – No, I’m not ready. (hysterical mumbling) – I just have to delete a couple texts. – Oh, my God. (soft jazz music) – Oh, man. I’m gonna change your life. – I’m gonna change your life. – We are on hour one. – I’ve already matched with three ladies. – I think 99% of the texts
have had some sort of emoji, and that is making
people believe I’m Sarah. – I’ve probably told her
husband that I love him about five times today. – Jenny is officially
trying to ruin my life. I just got on my Facebook on my laptop. Jenny checked in at a gas station. “Thinking of growing my hat collection.” (soft jazz music) The only solution here is
to fight fire with fire. (woosh) – While I was at the gym,
Taylor went a little overboard. (record scratches) You asked my Facebook friends
for anti-diarrhea medication. How is that okay? – Her own husband does not know. – No one caught on. – No one caught on. – There’s probably gonna
be a lot of messages on Hinge and Bumble, a
little bit of Tinder. – I am so efficient that
last night I had a dude ready to come over immediately. “You’re pretty fine *eggplant*” – My goal was to get Jake to
ask Morgan out on a nice date. – Oh, I like that goal. – I didn’t accomplish my goal. (laughter) – Oh, dang it. – I found some good matches for you, and I hope you keep talking to them, so – Thank you. – You’re welcome. I
hope you continue that. I’m unmatching everyone
you matched me with. (soft music) – I wouldn’t do it again. – No, we would not do this again. – I guess we both care, like, what people think about
us a little too much. – Yeah – I don’t want this ever again. (kiss) – Did you really set me up on a date? – Yes. 100% – I see. You have seriously-
– Drinks on Saturday night. – It’s a double date, though. – It’s a double date. – That’s so awkward.
– I know. – Do you even go on double dates?

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  2. If you like pranking your friends then you should go to the general settings then go to shortcuts.
    After that you should turn the word yes to something like Cucumber or no to Tomato.
    Use words that they use everyday.
    This is my one use for autocorrect lol.

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