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Go Live on YouTube with your Phone – PRISM Live Studio

Go Live on YouTube with your Phone – PRISM Live Studio

Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back
to Gal in this video I’m showing you have to stream high quality video on
your mobile device using this new app called PRISM Live studio now before I
jump in to show you guys the features I’m going to show you guys the setup I
use to make it look more professional and high quality with the app of course you can hold it
vertically like this but then your hand might get tired after some time that’s
why I prefer to use a tripod with my mobile device so you can see here I have
the Joby Gorillapod mobile rig which allows you to attach your phone in both
a vertical which is like this or horizontal fashion so if you’re doing
vertically you’ll just put it in position and then you just screw it on
the back to keep it in place so you can use that to make it more steady and now
you have a hands-free setup so what’s really great about this Joby mobile rig
is that they have gorilla arms that you can attach different things to so it can
be a microphone or a light and Joby actually just came out with a new beamo
light that looks like this that you can screw on the arms and it comes with a
little diffusion as well so these lights are rechargeable by a USB and they’re
brand new and Joby just sent them to me so you can put them on here like this
and you can turn them on like so just to illuminate your face to make it look
better and let me just turn on the app here so you can see what the difference
is before the lights and after so those are the lights I’ll put a link
in the description if you guys are interested you can also put them
together to create a bigger lights there’s lots of cool things about them
they’re waterproof too so go check those out so that’s lighting that’s a tripod
what about sound let’s say you’re streaming in a kind of louder
environment and you want to isolate the sound I’d recommend using a lavalier mic
and I’m actually using a lavalier at the moment and it’s by Comica and it works
with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as phones it’s just a little mode
switch that you go from camera to mobile phone and I have a kit with me here it
comes in this nice little pouch and it comes with two transmitters and one
receiver so you’ll just hook it up to your phone and connect the lavalier to
yourself and you just have a better sound quality rather than kind of a kind
of muddled sound that you might get so those are my tips for a high quality
stream without further ado let’s go ahead and jump into the app and I’ll
show you some of the features so let’s go into the settings first let’s hit on
the profile photo in the upper right and then you can click on your name and from
here you can choose the destinations so more often than not I’m probably going
to stream to YouTube that’s my main platform so what you’re going to do is
click on stream destinations that you can stream to multiple platforms at once
it doesn’t have to be just YouTube so you can stream to YouTube twitch
periscope V live Naver TV Afreeca TV I haven’t used those other platforms but
apparently they’re here so you can stream to them if you use them which is
great so you just click on each social platform and it will connect it another
thing is that you can choose the video settings the resolution now by default
it goes to 1080p streaming quality which is higher than YouTube’s default so
there is a benefit from streaming to PRISM or start streaming from Prism
because you can stream in 1080p of course you can reduce that if you like
you can go down to 720p even 360p if you want that so those are the
settings now let’s go back to the main page here and here you can click on the
little ellipsis and what’s really cool here is that you can make sure that the
mic is turned on and you can choose view screen fit so you can see you can expand
it or make it smaller I’m going to fit the entire screen another really cool
thing is that you can flip the front facing mirror so by default it kind of
flips your face when you’re recording like when you’re doing it on Instagram
but in this case you can make it more realistic by flipping it naturally so if
you actually the show something that has a word on it it’s not going to display
the text backwards so if I turn it on the default you can see Joby is spelled
backwards here if you turn that on it’ll be natural and you can read the text
which is really cool and you can also turn on say the video after streaming so
you can save it to your camera roll and always have it as a backup which is
really cool and of course you can flip the camera if you want to go the other
direction or you want it to be the front facing camera you can do that as well
now if I swipe to the left this is a pretty cool feature let’s say that you
want to show something on your camera roll while you are recording or show a
video or play some music or even show a website you can add that while your live
stream which is really cool I’ve never seen this before on any other app so if
you wanted to show like a recent thumbnail photo that you have saved to
your camera roll you can just click on photo and add it to your studio and I
have this thumbnail right here already added and now I can make it any size
that I want this was my most recent video here at music video effects and
then of course you can just hit X to exit out and then of course there are
very cool filters and overlays that you can add in PRISM so if I click on this
little filter icon in the lower right you can see I can add in different
filters different looks kind of like on Instagram to give it a different look
depending on what you’re going for and if you click and hold you can adjust the
intensity of that look so if I like that look and with
exit out and then of course this is the cooler part it has augmented reality
filters so you can add like sunglasses on some hats some weird stuff stickers
it’s really cool so let me show you what that looks like so I can go here one of
my favorite ones is this kind of VHS effect so you can see I have these like
old-school glasses on and some like VHS effects overlaid there’s all sorts of
cool things here these are my most recent uses but if I go on the mask here
this is where you can go through the ones where you can wear a hat so if I
put on this Ranger hat it looks pretty cool so you can play around with these
filters and have some fun while you’re streaming there’s also different scenes
so if you’re doing like a Christmas episode you can have a scene of
Christmas around the border which is really cool so you can have different
themes there’s emoji so you can have different
emotions overlaid which is really cool there’s now this is one of my favorite
features they’re kind of like stickers but they’re animated so if you wanted to
say hey you know be sure to give this video a like you can you can click on
like and then tap and it will have the animation display while you’re recording
which is really cool there’s other ones here like welcome back okay thank you – let’s see
what the thank you looks like some of them just take a second to load and then
just tap on the screen thank you super cool and of course you can add some
doodling and some text on screen just like what you’re probably used to with
Instagram story so that is how you stream and then once you’re ready to go
you just hit ready and then it will ask you to set your destination if you
haven’t yet so you would just set your destination whichever one you want to
stream to in my case it would be YouTube so that’s it for this video if it helped
you out be sure to give it a big thumbs up if you liked this video it helps the
channel out it helped share the message it helps shares the tools all that free
education that I provide on this channel I really appreciate your guys support
and if you want to check out any of the gear I showcase just a reminder it’s
linked in the description below that’s all for
this video you guys and I’ll see you guys next time bye oh but it’s actually
the Jobi mobile rig it’s the Joby mobile gorrilla pod Joby
mobile Joby gorrilla mobile rig this video I’m showing you how to stream high
quality video from your mobile mobile device using the PRISM Live studio app
before I jump in to show you all the features on the app I’m going to show
you guys this

19 thoughts on “Go Live on YouTube with your Phone – PRISM Live Studio”

  1. Thanks so much for this! Do you know if it’s possible to schedule livestreams ahead of time in YouTube (i.e. setting it up from a laptop or desktop) and then have the scheduled livestream show up in Prism? I need to post the video link to my community ahead of time, and then they join live at the scheduled time.

  2. In the case of FB or Instagram can you livestream to them using the app or would you use the app to create the video then post it to FB or Instagram

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