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  1. Does this mean a criminal only has to get hold of a single password in order to have access to almost everything you store online?

    Doesn't sound safe to me. If you did have this problem, have you ever tried to contact an actual human being at Google for help?

    It's such a big company it's impossible to find anyone to talk to if you're just a small guy. What do they care if you lose everything? As long as they can make advertising revenue out of you, they're happy.

  2. what does this have to do with my google and u-tube account?

    how can alive person to talk to me i just want my accts back


  4. Every time I do a search on Google, it really gets on my nerves when everything I Google show up in my mailbox as advertisement or on my social network pages I think that is very annoying and there must be some way to block unwanted solicitation on every time you turn on your pc. If you goggle something you found the info you need thanks that's good but I don't want a trail of every thing I goggled on every site I visit .

  5. This guy will be found dead in the next week. You fuck with google and it's game over for you buddy.. we're everywhere.

  6. Boycotting Google until they start to pay their UK taxes! What they're doing may be legal but it's totally immoral.

  7. How do I go about discontinuing and getting totally out of google+.
    Pls. be step by step in your details.
    thank you.

  8. Change your name on your Google Profile. Basically going to the +Kelly link in the upper left corner of Google's homepage.

  9. How do I retrieve Google HTML code that appears on my website pages and posts? I had it and then I lost it. Thanks.–G

  10. Agreed. Not to mention their disgusting lenience on child pornography. The total arrogance & audacity of Google. "Don't be evil" indeed!

    Have you stopped using Google-owned YouTube, too? (I'm aware this is a useless question if you have). (: I've found other ways to stop their advertising infiltrating.

    ….I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt & presume they won't practice their heavy-handed surveillance tactics in this case, by not spamming/censoring this post. Let's see, shall we.

  11. If you have nothing to hide? What's the problem? They will be here and no one can do anything about it! Why are you so worried? What's the big deal? They are just doing their job which is searching for DATA. That's why they are called "A SEARCH ENGINE" imagine that!

  12. Tired of playing google games. They lost my photo again today. What's on here is the last account photo that they claim to have misplaced about four months ago. 'Data', 'products' –I'm not a corp exec they are pitching to, I'm just a user of only Youtube, with no cell phone (can't use some of their 'products' like 'inactive account manger' with out one. I have things gouped together on my IP internet account and don't need google or facebook trying to corrale me.

  13. I wanted to post comments to YouTube using a different public name than what I use for my gmail. By using Google+ to enter a new YouTube name, I changed my gmail name at the same time. What the H….? Now the documentation indicates I can't undo the new name without probably destroying my e-mail account!

  14. A easy evil***is not to know where you are going***until you have gone! Slow down and think about your future! Instant gratification is not always as good as as it seems…

  15. I don't like it and I want my iGoogle dashboard back with the moon guide and the little fish that you can click on and make them jump. Phooey on all this.

  16. Its just NOT ACCURATE, this video. For god sakes, Google, are you too busy taking advertising money to update your video? When I log in to my Google account the word/link "settings" is NOT THERE. One must go to the email account first, then click on the gear icon, then click on the word "settings"… Three additional steps. Why have a directional video if the directions are incorrect?

  17. google dashboard is a place once a hacker gets into he has access to EVERYTHING about you. needless to say the NSA will have full access to your dashboard since its a known fact google is a huge provider of information to them. how can anyone in their right mind see this as a good thing?

  18. What I want to know is how to get rid of that waste of fucking space that's recently appeared with the ' guide ' and ' upload ' thing. HELP !

  19. Not only is this very old but there is no video showing. And I came here from Chrome to learn how to recover my passphrase which I never knew I had.

  20. Je trouve ça hyper-pratique et grâce à google dashboard on à une vue d'ensemble sur tous nos comptes google vraiment je suis un fan de vous GOOGLE ! et vous encourage dans votre lancée 

  21. In the last few month summary activities over gmail dashboard doesn't count my youtube activity. 
    Viewed videos
    0 0 

    How to fix this? Before was all ok.

  22. i lost my android phone, i don't know the imei number, and to try to find the imei number from my gmail, my gmail account was blocked and the only hope i got is i logged my gmail account on a friends android phone, is there a choice for me to see the imei number on his red me 2 android mobile.????

  23. Could you update this video please as Google have changed things apparently because I'm unable to find any of the things you talk about in this video? Thank you.

  24. My smartphone has been stolen Red mi 3s prime. I do not have both the email ID and password. But I have an IMEI number. So please tell me how can I find my mobile?
    Please please please😢

  25. what a crock I dont see anything like this when I go to google home page even when I sign in THIS IS SO OUT OF DATE

  26. Though I love complex but if I won't like myself I will not do it also flexible open but true core I run my business uniquely.

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