Google search asks to enter phone number

So Google has allegedly registered unusual
traffic from your network and now begs for your phone number for some reason.
Does it want to date you or what? This is quite popular in the Russian sector
of the internet, and has nothing to do with the legit Google road block asking
you to solve a captcha. This cell number asking page is malware, scamming
you into paid SMS subscription or other shit like this, and has to be cured
with fire. Four remedies are available at your disposable.
If you like to do everything manually, an antivirus forum offers all necessary
instructions for you to act. If this seems too complicated, a script is
available for download on the same page. You have to download a free antivirus
named AVZ, run it, open the script in it and let it do its magic.
Even simpler solution is TDSSkiller app from Kaspersky labs. Just run it,
wait until in scans your PC for rootkits, mark them for removal and reboot the
PC. If nothing helps, you can always stick to
ultimate solution – reformatting your hard-drive with complete reinstallation of
Windows and all the programs. You may wish to try UEFI boot mode if you’re planning
to have a fresh Windows install anyway.
When you PC is finally clean, do not forget to change all passwords in social
networks and other sites where you enter a password. Most probably, your old
login credentials were stolen while the virus was active.

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