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Google Voice – Forwarding phones

Google Voice – Forwarding phones

>>To add a phone that will ring when your
Google number is called, go to “Settings,” and then to the “Phones” tab.
Click on the “Add a new number” link and enter the phone number.
You can add a descriptive label and phone type.
By default, your number will ring for all callers, or you can set it to only ring for
a specified group, like your friends. When you are done, click the “Save” button.

9 thoughts on “Google Voice – Forwarding phones”

  1. It looks like "Ring for" has moved. It's now under the "Groups" tab as "Forwards To". The phones that ring are now within the context of the group the caller is a member of, rather than vice-versa. Makes more sense this way, as you're likely to have more groups than phones.

  2. Now that Google removed "Rings for" I cannot figure out how to ring one number for only one specific number and never ring it for the others.. Any suggestions?

  3. Here is a question for you:

    What would happen if one were to add one's home phone to the pool of numbers that ring when your Google number is called and then forward said home phone to the Google number? Would the caller ever get through to either number or would it create an infinite loop that eventually tears a hole in the space time continuum?

    Just a question.

  4. Dude………………… try the "Interactive Transcript" button. It's next to the "flag as inappropriate" button….

    you're welcome:)

  5. OK, so what do I do when I try to save my cell number and it says "Country of the Forwarding phone DOES NOT MATCH YOUR COUNTRY" wtf? I thought this was the whole point… combining phones from Canada and the UsA for sure? pft…………….!!

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