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Google Voice – Phone routing

Google Voice – Phone routing

>>Based on who calls your Google number,
you can decide which of your phones ring. To apply phone routing to a whole group, go
to “Settings” and then to the “Phones” tab. Click the “Edit” button for the phone you
would like to customize, and choose if you want all callers or just a select group to
able to reach you on this phone. To personalize forwarding phones on an individual
level, select a contact and click the “Edit” button.
You can apply a group setting or click “Custom Settings” to choose which phones ring.
You can also send calls straight to voicemail, the Spam folder, or block them all together.
Once you are done, click the “Save” button.

11 thoughts on “Google Voice – Phone routing”

  1. @kaychieh Hey I have 3 invitation as of today. If you comment on my article (which is a review of Google Voice) with your email, I'd be glad to give you an invite, if it's still available though.


  2. Google Voice is just a junk. I have registered for one year, and I haven't found it useful or convenient. The app on Andriod doesn't even have a menu to setup the call forwarding number. It can not forward calls to international number. The voice menu has some non working options…

    Any major VoIP application is much better than Google Voice.

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