100 thoughts on “Google’s Most Helpful Phone | Pixel 4”

  1. No WiFi 6… No under screen fingerprint scanner… No 4K 60fps… No dual front facing speakers… And seems no unlimited Google photos storage (Original quality) as well

  2. I am disappointed that it still can’t record video at 4K 60fps. Apple makes better video quality cameras on the phones and even one plus 7 pro can shot 4K 60fps.

  3. Everything is fine, except, it has no ultra-wide camera. I use this new len as often I use the normal wide len. I'm using S10 and I do love the ultrawide and I don't use Telephoto len much. Why dont u add Ultra wide instead of Telephoto? The survey from users on GSM Area proofed people use UltraWide much more often.

  4. Phone decoration is AWESOME. ❤️. But why small size battery…? Why no 4k @60…? Base storage is 64…sucks….😡

  5. I liked my Pixel 3. But the battery problems I have after about 6-7 months kinda turned me off. Going back to Apple for now but I look forward to what Google keeps making nonetheless.

  6. I've been an avid Google Nexus follower/supporter for the past 7 or 8 years since the days of the late Nexus S, great phones and near flawless hardware every time, until Google decided to do an "Apple" and kill the battery of the Nexus 6P, it was a living hell, until I realized it was just a shortcut to make people buy the new phones, that's when I decided to leave the Pixel series behind, I now simply enjoy the software "Android One" on a less amazing phone, Not a very bad experience to be fair, pity I had to go through it in the first place.

  7. Was so looking forward to ordering the pixel 4 until the confirm specs came out. Pretty disappointing compared to Iphone 11 pro in terms of photo and video capabilities.

  8. 😳😂🤣 Wow! It’s safe to say this iPixel 4’s yet another Pixel flop! It’s almost as embarrassing as Android dummies that think Google didn’t shamelessly rip-off last years iPhone 11 leaks. It’s as laughable as Pure Borrowed Android 10. 🤣🤦‍♂️

  9. Give us full screen we dont want any bezel now in 2019 and you still continued the bezels why Google???
    That's why the people not like Google phone.

  10. I'm sorry, but releasing that phone with that bezel right after the OnePlus 7T or 7T Pro is …. let's say … quite brave. There is absolutely no reason to pay more than 600 for a phone.

  11. Top phones in 2019:

    1. Note10+ & pixel 4
    2. Huawei p30 pro
    3. Samsung galaxy S10+
    4. OnePlus 7 pro & 7 McLaren
    5. iPhone 11 pro Max & pro

  12. Google you a st..id like hell, only 2800mAh and only 3700mAh in bigger version of your phone. Now normal is to have min 4000mAh and 45000mAh-5000mAh battery in bigger phones mehh google you FAIL again.

  13. As much as I love this, why don't you put 8gb of ram why don't you include earbuds like the pixel 3 and why is the black one glossy fingerprint magnet and the other 2 are matte? Also a huge square camera on the back that's a bit of a blight can't even take 4k 60fps video? Why do you hold back Google? You can certainly afford it…

  14. make the pixelbuds 7 hour battery instead of 5hour and include a hard case and pixelbuds 2 in a new box design for pixel 5, and 4000battery is minimum for all size variants. then you are allowed to price the mobiles at 1000 1200+

  15. Apple blocks people from commenting on videos because they don't want people to expose the overpricing when a consumer is deciding if they want to buy the iPhone while watching the iPhone video

  16. Finally, Instagram leaks are real.
    Pixel 4 is super ugly (except it has cool features).
    Since Pixel 2 XL, Pixel Series hasn't been cool anymore 😭😭😭

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